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DarkChibiShadow, going by DCS, is a webcomic and erotic comic artist, as well as a visual novel creator. They focus on mainly creating Porn with Plot narratives, where the porn is deeply rooted in who the cast are as characters, and the focus is on the main relationship and overarching story. DCS has also been making an ongoing SFW webcomic since 2011, called Space School.

Their art blog is here (link is NSFW). Their page is here.



  • Space School, along with some erotic comics based on the characters.
  • Solanaceae
  • My Master is a Naga
  • WIRES and WIRES2

Video Games:

Visual Novels:


DarkChibiShadow associated tropes:

  • Bright Is Not Good: Their work plays with this, as much of it keeps an extremely vibrant palette even when things go south for the characters.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The titles of DCS's works tend to be this.
  • Signature Style: Their art is very recognizable for their use of vibrant color palettes and particular focus on expressive mouths.