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Claudio Cardenas Romero, also known as Chincherrinas or Antilope Productions, is a YouTuber from Mexico and indie video editor. He started out with live-action skits and YouTube Poops, but he later achieved fame with Smash Bros. Lawl and The Frollo Show, his two most famous series.

He also has another account for some of his live-action skits and other work. He is also working on a video game for the PlayStation 4, Realm: Walk of Soul.

Has his own website, Patreon page, Fiverr account,Twitter account, and account.

NOTE: Sort any of the tropes relating to those two series into their respective pages. This page is for the creator in general.

Series produced:

Tropes regarding his other works and the creator in general:

  • Author Appeal: He's a fan of the survivor horror genre of video games, such as Yume Nikki, Ib, and Mad Father, which are commonly seen in his videos.
  • Bile Fascination: His other claim to fame is using most works perceived as So Bad, It's Good as frequent source material, ranging from The Room to the Irate Gamer.
  • Colbert Bump: Admit it, you've looked up some of the more obscure sources he's used in his videos.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: See Author Appeal above.
  • Off-Model: The Irate Gamer is a strange example that apply in all of Chincherrinas's series as seen in Smash Bros Lawl, The Frollo Show and Bores Reviews. Originally, he would often changes outfits on the spot for every differents actions he does which was intentional since he tended to change outfit between takes in the actual Irate Gamer videos, but his blue shirt was the most recurring outfit he had up until Frollo Gets Flashed By a Gothic Lolita. Eventually, his black shirt became his only outfit in Bores Reviews and it appeared to also apply to Smash Bros Lawl as indicated by the Lawl Bit in Bores Reviews The Room, so it seemed like Chincherrinas dropped the "sudden outfit change" joke, however in Sheev's Lawl moveset, it looks like he went back to wearing his blue shirt again despite still wearing his black one on his battle HUD and Chincherrinas stated here that he would continue to change outfits at every actions like in early videos even if as far as it was shown in Sheev's moveset, his blue shirt stayed consistent. Later, in the last Frollo Show episode, Bores is back wearing his black shirt again. Basically, whether the Irate Gamer's clothes are intentionally inconsistant or not is inconsistant itself.
  • Pet-Peeve Trope: He states some tropes that, while he doesn't outright dislike them, he'd rather not play straight: Plot Armor, The Chosen One, Improbable Infant Survival, Moral Guardians, and some others.
  • Signature Style: Characters that are animated with masked stock footage from their respective series, much like in Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • Small Reference Pools: Averted, as he uses material from a wide variety of series, some of which aren't very popular as Youtube Poop sources or unpopular outside of Mexico.
  • So Bad, It Was Better: invoked In response to this question, he dislikes Chris Bores' new Puppet Steve series and prefer if Bores went back to doing skits like his "Back to the Past" video, but with his current improved editing skills.
  • Take That!:
    • Many of his jabs are aimed towards a certain video game reviewer he enjoys mocking.
    • Poorly-received media like Justin Bieber and Glee are also common targets.