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Comic Book / Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet

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Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet is a 2018 Marvel Comics Star Wars Expanded Universe mini-series written by Robbie Thompson and illustrated by Leonard Kirk.

Taking place during the three-year Time Skip at the beginning of Solo, the story picks up shortly after Han Solo escapes Corellia by signing up for the Imperial Navy. Being a former street thief Han is finding it hard conforming to the Empire’s military discipline. Will he be even be able to make it through basic training, or will Han’s Solo’s dream of flying amongst the stars be grounded forever?


Tropes featured in this comic include:

  • Foregone Conclusion: The audience already knows that Han will get kicked out of the Navy and reassigned to Mimban by the end.
  • Interquel: Set during the three year Time Skip that occurs early on in Solo, starting from Han joining the Empire on Corellia and ending with his reassignment to the Infantry on Mimban.


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