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A pulp reimagining of The DCU, launched in 2009 with Batman/Doc Savage Special #1. Written by Brian Azzarello, the First Wave universe features reimaginings of classic DC heroes interacting with classic pulp fiction heroes. Notably, no one has superpowers; everyone either is a Badass Normal or has a Charles Atlas Superpower. The setting itself is an intentional Anachronism Stew of Tommy guns and jet planes, dirigibles and Ferraris, computers and walkie-talkies. There will, apparently, also be jungles.

The principals of First Wave are:

  • The Avenger: Richard Henry Benson is back, and according to Word of God, "has issues".
  • Batman: Specifically, the original Batman from 1939 (even though he's still Batman and not the Bat-Man). This version of the Dark Knight is far more playboy millionaire than brooding gargoyle-dweller. Most notably, he's packing heat.
  • Black Canary: Reimagined as an Indian-American teenager named Diyata Dasari.
  • ''The Blackhawks'': The fighter pilots are back. At least one of them is a Legacy Character from the World War II-era team.
  • Doc Savage: Instead of the Man of Steel, we have the Man of Bronze. Appears to be dealing with the loss of his father and seeking a diversion (wanted criminal Batman in his First Wave appearance).
  • Rima the Jungle Girl: Mute Jungle Princess with a distinctly more savage appearance than anyone else.
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  • The Spirit: Denny Colt's city doesn't appear to be screaming anymore. Notably, his version of Ebony White is a girl.


  • The Amazon: Rima is from there and her stories are located within the Amazon.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Doc Savage hands one to the Goddamn Batman.

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