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As a hero collection game, Sdorica's got Loads and Loads of Characters. Characters related to the metaplot are described here, while playable characters are divided into their positions, or into "Other" based on their country of origin.

The Watcher

The Player Character. This Featureless Protagonist watches events happening on the continent Vendacti through the Book of the Bequeathers. They've recently lost their memory, but are being guided through their duties by Rei. The Watcher has the rare ability to awaken Character Minerals, the exact nature of which are extremely vague.


The Watcher's true identity and purpose is a major ongoing mystery.



The Watcher's mentor and caretaker. With gentle smiles and encouraging words, she encourages the Watcher to experience the stories presented in the Book of the Bequeathers, and handles the in-game item shop. She freely admits to having secrets she can't share but looks forward to the day she can. And the end of Sunset suggests some of those secrets are bloody indeed.

  • Fantastic Racism: She doesn't like Puggi, or the idea of an entire island of people like him.
  • Mysterious Past: She can't talk much about herself. Is extremely distressed if you bring up the vision involving her.
  • Oddly Small Organization: Mentions in one optional dialogue that she hasn't seen any other Watchers since she started working with you, but alludes to unseen "superiors" in another one.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Rei's dialogue during chapter 17 become distorted and the entire game glitches out, revealing an image of Rei in armour glaring at the player. The game blinks back to normal as Rei finishes her explanation.
Rei: Huh, wait, why do you suddenly look so pale?
  • Relationship Values: Finishing Sunset or starting Mirage opens a daily conversation system. Rei has several branching dialogues that expound on characters, locations and the story. Interestingly, your relationship starts maxed out, and you unlock new conversations by intentionally worsening your relationship with her.


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