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Characters / Judging Amy

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The Gray Family

  • Adorkable: When she's flustered by the attention of the opposite sex... which leads her once to declare that she is done with men. doesn't stick.
  • Brainy Brunette:
    I'm smart — I went to freaking Harvard!

  • Adorkable: As with her daughter, when flustered by the attention of the opposite sex.


  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: So... Maxine's wedding isn't about herself and her fiance? It's about society and social statements?
  • The Resenter: Has definite shades of this around the fifth season.

  • Pursue the Dream Job: He wants to be a writer. He's writing but struggling in the first episodes, but lands a publishing deal for his book of short stories. He also teaches a creative writing class.


    Kyle Mc Carty 

Supporting Characters

    Bruce van Exel 
  • The Confidant: For Amy, to the point where he sometimes gets more information than he wants (particularly regarding her boyfriends).

    Donna Kozlowski 

    Sean Potter 

Recurring Characters

    Michael Cassidy 

    Zola Knox 

    Lily Reddicker, M.D. 

    Stu Collins 

    Heather Labonte 

    David Mc Claren 

    Ignacio Messina 


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