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Characters / Beany and Cecil

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    Major characters 


Jim Mac George (1962)

Marc Lawrence Hildreth (1988)

The little boy in a Beany copter.


Irv Shoemaker (1962)

Billy West (1988)

The green sea serpent.

Uncle Captain Huff 'N Puff

Jim Mac George

He is Beany's uncle and sailor.

Dishonest John

Irv Shoemaker (1962)

Maurice LaMarche (1988)

The main villain of the series.

    Minor Characters 

Beepin' Tom

An alien from the planet Saturn who speak in rebus puzzle ballons.

Stogie Bear

A Detective bear who helps Beany and Cecil with hunting gangster bears. His name is a play on Yogi Bear.

Edgar Allen Poe Shadow

Hal Smith

A shadow man who works at the haunted mansion museum. And sounds kinda like Elmer Fudd.

Double Trouble Bubble Beast

An underwater creature who blows a bubble on top of his head.

  • One-Shot Character: He only appears in Ain't that a Cork in a Snorkel and Makes a Sea-Serpant Sore!

So What and the Seven What-Knots

A Dixie jazz band that performed at the What-Knots cottage jazz club in Lost Wages, Nevada.

Snorky the Sea Serpent

Irv Shoemaker

A character in the Musical Episode, The Tale of Snorky the Sea Serpent (AKA There's No Such Thing As A Sea-Serpent).


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