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We'd say "all of The Living Tombstone's music", but that would be too generalizing, so let's take a look at some single examples, shall we?

From his remixes:

  • His first video ever, fittingly, remixing Alex S.'s "Melting Pot of Alcohol", featuring the rantings of our favorite Hair-Trigger Temper Texan, Ghost.
  • His remix of "Song of Storms" is something to behold.
  • This remix of "Spooky Scary Skeletons" is not only fitting for Halloween, but also insanely silly, if a bit mind-breaking for the protagonist.
    • This remix of Alex S.'s "Party With Pinkie" is awesome on its own level.
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    • This. Recognize it? 'Course ya do, it's the remix of "Beyond her Garden" that would become "Beyond her Tomb"!
  • This remix of JackleApp's song "One Trick Pony" is so popular that it has overtaken the original in popularity!
  • His remix of "Smile Smile Smile" is just as upbeat as the original, if not moreso.
  • His remix of Atop the Fourth Wall done for The Movie is awesome.
  • His remix of Eurobeat Brony's Discord has gotten to the point where it's overtaken the original in terms of popularity.
  • His remix of "Don't Tattle On Me" by Caleb Hyles. Tombstone's version has a much more energetic beat, and features a Tattletail and Mama Tattletail with mouths well synced to the lyrics being sung.


From his original music:

  • Living Tombstone made a pretty damn awesome original song for ''Dread X Collection The Hunt', called "Hunters". Not only that, it features some great raps from Dan Bull, Schäffer The Darklord and Izzy Deluxe!

From his Hebrew(!) music:

  • "Fly" is an amazing song demonstrating just how GOOD Tomb is at singing in his native language.
  • The song "Tachles" is a tribute to Kiki Havivy telling her to take out her cancer, in his native Hebrew. She failed, but the song is still beautiful.

From his Video Game Music:

  • His fan song for Five Nights at Freddy's. Catchy, great melody, tons of references to the original game, a great tribute to the game. It, like the game, also got a sequel: It's Been So Long. Great beat, awesome visuals, and a vocalist who perfectly nails the sadness of a mother who has lost her child due to her own negligence.
  • His Sister Location song, "I Can't Fix You", was complimented by Scott Cawthon himself. Sung by the Funtime Animatronics about their situation, it combines his style with Metal, impressive visuals, and catchy female vocals for something spectacular.
  • "1000 doors", an upbeat fansong for the game Spookys Jumpscare Mansion.

From his MLP Fanmusic:


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