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Awesome Music / Nick Bertke

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Let's just go out on a limb and say that all of Pogo's music is Awesome Music. But, here are some specific examples.

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    Channel Tracks 
(Do note that some tracks missing in this folder are also in the "Album Tracks" folder, since they were also released on some of Pogo's albums.)

  • Kadinchey. The ambiance, the Cold Open, the throat-singing bridge, the entirety of the track does a very good job at capturing the essence of Bhutan.
  • Hermione Mix. Everything from the dreamy, nostalgic beat to the flow of the samples of Hermione's voice is just pure, undiluted awesome.

    Non-Channel Tracks 
  • Stop what you're doing right now, and listen to Can O Woop Ass and listen to Nick's voice. This is almost entirely acapella, mind you. And there's The Planet.
  • The Phatty. Nick sure was having fun with that synthesizer.

    Album Tracks 
Weave and Wish



  • In four minutes, Go Out and Love Someone manages to tell a love story more enthralling than most feature-length films have told.
  • Precious Things is essentially the orchestration of a fine, bright morning.
  • Take some subtle elements of world music and combine it with a mystical and ethereal sound, and you get Spiritus.


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