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If not the art or the characters, the best element of the visual novel may be its soundtrack. Every song may be awesome in its own right, but they still deserve a list of their own.

Note: Some BGM tracks from the original games have been titled by the composers; in this case, titled BGMs will go by both the title and track number.

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    Vocal Tracks 
  • The songs that played in the promotional videos for both games.
  • At Last, Koujaku's good ending theme in RE:Connect is also noteworthy. Since this is sung by Kanako Itou, it should be expected that this would make it into the list. With that, there is Tears, Koujaku's bad ending theme played in the first game, and By My Side, his ending theme from the anime adaptation.
  • Immer Sie, Clear's theme for his bad ending is eerily beautiful, and if one pays attention to the lyrics, can also be tear-inducing. Again, this is no surprise since the singer also did Koujaku's ending songs. Crystalline, Clear's good ending theme is just as beautiful, holding a strange kind of sadness that just makes it more pleasing to listen to.
  • feel your noise, Noiz's bad ending theme, is an eerie electronic-guitar piece that does an excellent job in embodying the pure horror of the ending while sounding fantastic at the same time. Keep in mind that the singer is the one who brought you the opening and ending themes of sweet pool.
  • Sandy Weeds, Mink's bad ending theme, which consists of pure heavy metal, is yet another awesome piece. The acoustic version is just as good. Then there is the theme for his good ending, Milky Way, which is a very pleasant and emotional song. The contrasting tunes of both endings perfectly reflect the substantial change in Aoba and Mink's relationship from the first game to RE:Connect.
  • de SLASH, Ren's bad ending theme, moanings and gruntings aside, is a very glitchy piece of awesome Electronic Music. Even more so on this performance of the song, which was performed a year prior to DMMD's announcement.
  • The new vocal tracks from RE:Code. These will stay in your ears.
    • RADICAL MAT, the opening theme of RE:Code, is a catchy piece. While it sounds very similar to the opening theme of the first game, most of the lyrics are rewritten in Japanese, which makes the entire song less narmy than its original version. "High Grade Monkey" is still present, though.
    • FORM SWEET FORM, Mizuki's bad ending theme. A perfect song to end a solid route.
  • All the ending tracks of the drama CD are this as well.
    • Scarlet is a sweet and cheerful song, which is definitely needed after knowing exactly what Koujaku had gone through in the past, and how his relationship with Aoba is slowly mending his grief and guilt.
    • Voyage Lucid is a beautiful theme that shares a sad undertone, like Crystalline. But it remains touching, and the entire lyrics are very symbolic of Aoba and Clear's love, ill-fated it may be.
    • Angel is a powerful song, and may even be more so than Milky Way. But it remains extremely heartwarming, for the title and even the lyrics imply that this is from Mink's point of view, and that he sees Aoba as an angel.
    • Holding on is a very light ending theme, but it definitely makes one happy for Noiz, and how far he has come because of Aoba.
    • ENDE=NEU is another great techno piece by GOATBED. As the last vocal track of the drama CD, and the game franchise as a whole, this is a splendidly catchy song that you can't help swaying your hips to, and serves as a proper farewell to the fans.

    BGM Tracks 
  • T-B-P-T (Track 1), the track that plays during the awakening of Sly Blue and Toue's defining moments of evil. A piece of music that is both cool and haunting.
  • Whodunit Howdunit Whydunit (Track 22). This plays when Aoba carries Noiz out of the collapsing Oval Tower. It is also played every time Aoba gets powerful.
  • GASH, the track in the anime adaptation that plays during the second episode's recap of the Drive-By Rhyme battle, when Mizuki begins to lose his mind, and when Aoba battles Toue in Rhyme.
  • All three variations of the anime's Jellyfish Song. The original version of the Jellyfish Song counts as well.
  • DRAMAtical Murder, the track that plays in the sixth and eleventh episodes of the anime adaptation is also worth mentioning, as is the more upbeat version, DRAMAtical Murder S, which is played during the anime adaptation's first trailer (and on Aoba's first Drive-by Rhyme). Purely awesome techno goodness.
  • Both the game version and the anime version of the track "Dye Music".
  • BATTLE, the track from the anime adaptation that briefly plays during the end of the first half of every episode, and when Aoba flees Oval Tower after it begins to collapse.


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