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DRAMAtical Murder may be a Boys' Love Visual Novel, but it doesn't mean there aren't any moments of badassery.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.


  • After being completely curbstomped by Noiz in a Drive-By, Aoba's alternate personality surfaces and returns the favor in kind, ending the match in barely a minute. He isn't known as Sly Blue for nothing.
  • Every time Aoba successfully uses Scrap on any of his love interests, particularly in their greatest moments of distress. This also applies when he uses it on other characters.
  • With the exception of Mink's route, Sei gets an Offscreen Moment of Awesome by triggering Oval Tower's destruction near the climax of each character's routes.

Noiz's Route

  • Aoba, despite being heavily injured himself, carrying a severely wounded Noiz out of the collapsing Oval Tower.
    • Noiz shielding Aoba from the falling debris beforehand. And in a strange way, one of the new CGs in RE:Code showed that when this happened, Noiz was smiling, showing that he enjoyed both the pain and the fact that he's helping someone else apart from himself. Simply put, it's awesome since this scene showcases his Character Development.

Mink's Route

  • When Aoba, Mink, and the entire team of Scratch is apprehended by Akushima and a hefty number of policemen, some of the police suddenly turn on Akushima and point their guns at him, since Mink bribed their superior beforehand. And in an ensuing shootout, Mink prevents them from using their guns any further by filling the entire warehouse with flour, since flour can act as an explosive gas.
  • A villainous moment for Sly Blue when he comes out during Mink's route while the latter was assaulting Aoba, and it's very clear that his chilling demeanor and words alone have left Mink utterly terrified.
    • And beforehand, he saves Aoba from being violated by Scratch members, by simply ordering them to stop.
  • No matter what you think about him, but Mink crashing into Oval Tower via a motorcycle is a sheer example of Crazy Awesome.
  • Aoba gaining full control of his ability by ordering Akushima and his lackeys to stay completely still without affecting the members of Scratch at all, compared to the last time he tried doing the same thing.
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  • Mink pulling a No-Sell against Toue's last resort, before striking him down with a knife.

Clear's Route

  • Though it's scary to see him furious, there's Clear giving a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to some yakuza thugs when they harm Aoba.
    • The next time Clear and Aoba encounter them, they try to get their revenge by restraining Aoba and making him watch while their leader pours sulfuric acid on Clear's head... and Clear is completely unaffected.
  • Clear stabbing himself in the head to disable his key lock, allowing him to fight the Alphas with zero restrictions. And if the right choice is made, he lands the finishing blow by singing the Jellyfish Song, which shuts down the Alphas for good.

Secret Route

  • In Ren's route, all the main characters fight against the rogue AllMates in the Rhyme field. Mink and Clear put up a good fight only with their fists; Koujaku does well with his sword alone; Noiz and Aoba also help clear the field with their AllMates, curb-stomping their enemies like it was nothing, which only makes sense since Noiz and Aoba are extremely powerful Rhyme players.
    • An overlooked one, but keep in mind that the Rhyme field was locked since only Aoba and Ren were supposed to be there. Noiz managed to hack himself and the rest of the gang into the same field, and from the looks of it, it seemed like barely a challenge for him.
  • Aoba and Toue having a Rhyme battle via their respective AllMates Ren and Usui. And Aoba wins.


  • Crosses over with heartwarming, but there's something awesome about the fact that everyone gets their happy ending in the anime. Koujaku reconciles with his past and his feelings of guilt and regret, Noiz is now able to feel pain and begins learning how to properly interact with others, Mink avenges his family and lives on instead of dying like he originally intended, Clear embraces his humanity and resolves his identity crisis, and Ren comes to grips with what he is and remains by Aoba's side. Not to mention, Sei gets what he wished for and finally dies at Aoba's hands.
  • In the drama CD, when Aoba gets kidnapped, Ren searches for him. He comes across someone who may have answers, and said person indirectly insults Aoba by pointing out how carelessly stupid he was to get in trouble with the police. This immediately incenses Ren, who then strongholds him and asks for Aoba's whereabouts, and growls that he tells him every little detail. Yes, we all know that Ren is a badass in Rhyme, but this scene shows that he isn't one to mess with no matter what.
    • In the following track, when he finally finds Aoba, he sees the latter being molested by his kidnapper. Although he was told to stay still, seeing that pushes him a little too far that he shouts Aoba's name and charges at the bastard, tackling him to the ground in an instant.


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