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Helping to sell the novels' sense of grandeur is an epic score that makes extensive use of shredding guitars, ominous chanting and deep reverberating orchestrals.

  • Einherjar Albedo, a rapid and chaotic theme fitting for the deranged speed-freak of the cast.
  • For the fiercely loyal Eleonore, there is Einherjar Rubedo, a blazing rock piece as to the point as she is.
  • Unlike his teammates, Machina has the deep and reverberating Einherjar Nigredo as his theme. A booming and somber orchestral piece, giving the feeling of an approaching wall that's gonna walk all over you.
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  • The game's main theme, Einsatz, a perfect "time for awesomeness" theme. The instrumental version in the anime somehow manages to be even more awesome. A new arrangement made for Kajiri Kamui Kagura turns it into an awesome mixture of metal with traditional Japanese music!
  • Beatrice's Leitmotif, Thrud Walkure, an upbeat rock piece fitting for the Hope Bringing Valkyrie.
  • Walhall, truly Heartwarming Moments distilled into music form.
  • The main theme of the Amantes amantes version and the theme of the true final battle, Jubilus, truly a theme fitting for the clash of three gods fighting at the roof of all existence in front of the Throne.
  • The credits theme, Über den Himmel, truly brings a warm and heartfelt closure to this tale of a divine battle. The instrumental anime version manages to evoke similar feelings.
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  • The trial versions of Schutz Staffel, Mors Certa, Deus vult, Holocaust, and Letzte Bataillon still manage to sound awesome.
  • These fan-made arrangements for already-awesome pieces Holocaust and Thrud Walkure turn both of them into insane(ly awesome) hardcore metal.
  • While the game itself suffers from Schedule Slip, the main theme that plays in PANTHEON's official site is pure grandeur.
  • While the anime can be considered lackluster on many fronts, the music ain't one of them with fantastic arrangements of classic tracks such as Einsatz, Deus Vult and Rozen Vamp just to name a few. The three commanders' themes especially stand out.

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