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Awesome Bosses / No More Heroes

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No More Heroes, given its boss-centric storyline and gameplay, is loaded with numerous awesome, thrilling, quirky fights.

  • Dr. Peace stands on the pitching mound of a baseball stadium, effortlessly parrying your beam katana with his trusty six-shooters, which he also casually fires at you, while music plays which can only be described as 'Wild West Techno.' And his introductory song, his other Awesome Music can be played here.
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  • Rank 8 boss Shinobu. As the first boss where blindly attacking is a good way to die quickly, the resulting fight is extremely tense and very cool, the majority of which will be spent silently circling your opponent waiting for an opening.
  • Destroyman is a complete psychopath. And he has machine gun nipples, and a crotch cannon. It's no wonder they brought him back in the sequel. The sequel's incarnation, incidentally, takes place in a large warehouse with an upper area, and the boss himself now consists of his two seperated halves.
  • Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii, a stage magician armed with Dual Wielding Laser Blades, death traps, and Interface Screw.
  • Speed Buster, sees you in a Ruins for Ruins' Sake cleared-out street, and consists of you trying to avoid her insanely powerful weapon by smashing your way into abandoned buildings and edging up, whilst fighting yakuza hitmen, and wrestling her giant laser cannon with your katana, to simply make it to where she stands.
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  • Bad Girl from the first game has by far the largest library of attacks in the series (some of which evolve throughout the battle), employs a devious one-hit kill move (which you can turn against her if you know how), summons mooks (by hitting them off of a gimp conveyor belt (!!!), and you can hit them back) and possesses a large enough lifebar for a satisfying battle. She is easily one of the most memorable fights of the entire series,due to both her insanity and her...fascinating visual design.
  • Jeanne is fast to the point of hilarity and can counter your grab moves. She is also one of the only times when charged strikes are really effective.
  • Henry is the exact boss you've been waiting for. A beam claymore, high flying martial arts, plenty of health, and an awesome instant kill. You fight your twin brother as a boss with the same basic attacks.
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  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle has many more incredible boss battles, such as Charlie MacDonald. You arrive in a football stadium and meet up with a bonehead jock and cheerleader cohorts. What kind of fight do you get? A giant fucking robot battle in the middle of Santa Destroy, of course.
  • Margaret Moonlight, an Elegant Gothic Lolita armed with a laser guided sniper rifle dual scythes. Seems they really weren't holding back the crazy in this game. And her Awesome Music, a song insulting both Travis and the average gamer.
  • Matt Helms, a horror movie pastiche, with an flamethrower-axe and molotov cocktails. The battle area seems small at first, but is mostly completely destructible.
  • Mimmy, not particularly the boss herself, but rather the actual fight. You play as 'Mister Sir' Henry 'Motherfucker' Cooldown. You get to play as the Best Boss Ever.
  • The Rank Three, Captain Vladimir, is a former Soviet cosmonaut who had been lost in space for who-knows-how-long with robotic tentacle arms. And a goddamn Kill Sat.
  • The fight against Alice Twilight, features one of the most tragic finales to a boss fight ever.
  • Jasper Batt Jr. is disappointing to some, namely due to being an infamous case of That One Boss. However, looking at a different light, it may be on this list. A Three. Part. Boss Fight. And yet, they cleverly avoided Rousseau Was Right with the revenge theme by making the entire thing ridiculously camp. It also ties into Travis's character development in realizing revenge isn't worth it due to the boss's stupid appearance, as he goes from a tiny dweeb in a flying car to a roided up Superman knockoff to a fucking parade float. Lampshaded by Henry.
    It's not happening, brother. I can't be associated with that travesty. I've got standards for fuck's sake.
  • Rank 7 Ryujii, while the first part on bikes is annoying, the battle itself is amazing. His fight is quite difficult, but it's not unfair and it feels awsome once you finally defeat him.


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