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Nightmare Fuel / No More Heroes

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The massive amount of blood makes it even more horrific.
  • Travis' Madness Mantra in his speech during the very first boss. "Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit." If you notice it, it very ominously foreshadows that this isn't just a wacky action game.
  • #7, Destroyman, is very subtly unhinged. The cutscene proceeding his fight is rather creepy, as every time the camera zooms in for a closeup on him, a deafening Drone of Dread plays and the camera shakes about. It conveys that despite his casual demeanor, Destroyman is not a sane individual, especially considering how you confront him in what looks like a snuff film set.
    • Even Travis is unsettled upon entering the set and seeing the bodies of random people Destroyman killed.
  • When trying to get the location of the #5 assassin from Sylvia, Travis loses the connection and is left on his own. So how do you find out where to go? Well, you could either look at the minimap like usual or follow the freaking trail of blood that suddenly appears out of nowhere.
  • There's also the time that the #4 assassin gets his eye sliced off, cries because he's scared of the dark, and his "assistants" tie him to a crucifix and cut him in half with a giant circular saw blade. And everyone starts applauding, despite the fact that no one is in there.
  • The cutscene and fight for the #2 assassin, Bad Girl. Of course, most of the game's schtick is switching between lighthearted parody and Nightmare Fuel moments.
    • While he's not one to talk, it's pretty easy to see why Travis is creeped out by Bad Girl, who he calls a "perverted killing machine."
    • Her back story in Travis Strikes Again manages to be a source of Adult Fear, adding a new layer of creepy to her. Imagine learning your child was kidnapped from you and forced through brutal electric tortures meant to make her believe she's going to die. Imagine someone doing that repeatedly to them until they completely snap and become, as Travis put it in the first game, a perverted killing machine. Then you start recieving videos of them brutally murdering people in fights to the death, filmed and sent at your child's request, until one day, you watch the moment they meet someone they couldn't beat and you can't do anything but watch them die. That might be one of the most fucked up backstories to any character in media period.
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  • The Sequel ramps it up about 13 notches. Matt Helms... A distorted Uncanny Valley baby face mask stuck in the most horrifying innocent smile on top of a fat as shit body carrying a flamethrower battleaxe and the most chilling childlike laugh. Like Pyramid Head dressed up as Hello Kitty. That laughter will forever haunt your dreams. Not to mention the entire stage building up to his battle slowly gets darker until you're at Camp Crystal Lake: Silent Hill branch.
  • The housing complex where you fight Alice can be a little creepy if you look at it certain ways. It's basically a New York-looking apartment complex, but there's no music for most of it just a creepy wind. Then you enter the dark, run-down apartment building with broken down hallways and eerie inaccessible areas that trail off into pitch blackness. Then the last leg has an unusually serene, lost-sounding music.
    • And when you finally get to fight Alice, there's the battle theme (starts at 4:19), where a good chunk of the piece is accompanied by an ominous sounding synthesizer.

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