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Tear Jerker / No More Heroes

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  • "Sorry, Jeane. This hurts me too." It was a hard, annoying fight to be sure, but...
  • Burying Holly Summers. It's made even worse as Travis himself didn't want to kill her, not knowing what to do as Holly placed the grenade in her mouth and killed herself right in front of his eyes. He immediately hugs her and whispers for her to forgive him. Her attitude toward him drives it home; she states that she could 'accept defeat' from the likes of him, and that she also 'felt his embrace' when he hesitated to kill her. She even thanked him for letting her die like that... (sniff)
    Holly: Academics like to dream too, you know? (smiles as she bites down one on one of her grenades)
    Travis: Wait, Number 6! NO!!!
    (The grenade explodes, taking Holly's head and one of her arms off. Travis stares at her for a few seconds before gently embracing what's left)
    Travis: (solemnly) "Forgive me, Number 6. I never meant to shame you..."
    • Her last request? "Open your eyes and never look back. Promise...never forget me."
  • "The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything", the song sung by Dr. Peace just before your fight with him.
    • The title, while appropriate, does absolutely nothing to convey what you will feel listening to this song. It must be heard to truly understand.
      • In fact, the song perfectly encapsulates Jeane's character and motivations perfectly, and as noted elsewhere, her entire life's story is one big Tear Jerker.
  • Bad Girl not giving up until Travis tells her she won. She gives a contented little giggle and a nice smile before dying.


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