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The Anime

  • Speed defeating Cumulus and his copy of the Mach 5. Cumulus' car has a nuclear bomb attached to it, as he threatens to blow up the city. Because the nuke slows the Mach 5 clone down, Speed is able to catch up, and after commanding Trixie to take the wheel, he jumps into the Mach 5 clone and fight Cumulus, resulting in Speed throwing him out of the car before he has a chance to detonate the nuke.
    • Spritle and Chim-Chim averting a full-scale nuclear war by destroying the console controlling the missiles, said war would've resulted in all nations surrendering to Cumulus.
  • “The Royal Racer” arc is a big one for Spritle. When the Racers go to the land of Saccharin to deliver a special miniature race car, Spritle is unwittingly mistaken as the heir to the throne, Prince Jam, who looks almost exactly like him. To complicate matters, Minister Omar Offendem is trying to dispose of Jam and install his mentally-challenged cousin Sugarin as the next king, effectively putting himself in charge of the country. When Offendem’s team of ninjas nearly kill “Jam” during the Baby Grand Prix, he tries to pin the blame on Pops building a faulty vehicle. Fortunately, Spritle, Chim Chim, and a bunch of kids who’d entered the race capture one of the ninjas and learn about Offendem’s scheme. Spritle hatches a plan to stall the coronation ceremony by pretending to be Jam while the other kids go to save the real prince and Speed (whom the ninjas also captured). The ploy works for a while, and even gets Pops and Trixie out of the dungeon, but the plan backfires when it’s revealed that Spritle lacks Jam’s clover-shaped birthmark on his left biceps. Fortunately, Speed and the real prince escape the temple that the ninjas held them in and get to the coronation mere seconds before the crown touches Sugarin’s head.
  • Speed's defeat of the villain in "Man Behind The Mask". He and Dr. Fantasti take down the guards in the lab where they're being forced to work with the backblast of a rocket engine. Then Speed grabs one of the guards' machine guns, and with Fantasti in tow proceeds to shoot his way to the villain's missile base so that Fantasti can use the villain's own missiles to blow the place up.
  • Speed winning the Round the World Grand Prix in the Grand Finale "Race Around the World".

The movie

  • The opening race at Thunderhead is quite a sight to behold especially when the "Ghost" of Rex and the Mach 4 show up. Seeing the Mach 6 practically dance with it's predecessor. And really the fact that Speed has the entire race memorized to the point where he can imitate his brother's moves and knows the exact time when to slow down just to keep Rex's record intact.
  • Pretty much the entire final race is one big one for Speed, especially the last lap after he restarts the car with pure determination and hot bloodedness. He then flies down the track at speeds approaching a low-flying jet fighter, moving from last to first in the course of one lap, and actually manages to throw his final opponents into the walls so they crash into each other just short of the finish line. By the end of it, his car is smoking, the paint is peeled off the sides, and the TIRES ARE MELTED FROM THE WHEELS.
    • Earlier in the movie Pops asked Speed "You think you can drive a car and change the world?" and in the end that's exactly what he did.
    • It's not just Speed's driving, but how everyone reacts to it. The crowd and press go wild, Royalton has his Villainous Breakdown, and all of it capped off with the one lady reporter absolutely losing her shit reduced to screaming in incoherent excitement. Furthermore, Speed's victory is implied to be an influencing factor for Taejo, despite his earlier retraction from the deal with the Racers and Inspector Detector, to testify against Royalton during a later (not-on-screen) trial for race fixing, leading to his conviction and incarceration.
    • The start of this moment is actually kickstarted by Spritle, who sees Speed restart the Mach 6 and understands, before anyone else, what Speed is about to do.
      Spritle: He's gonna do it.
  • How could the Mach 6 get any better than the final race moment above? How about the fact that the Racer family built it in 32 hours? According to the Supercharged bonus material, this was concept to car. To reiterate, the Racer family went from not even having so much as a frame to having the best car on the track in 32 hours.
  • Heck, getting Speed into the Grand Prix itself is an awesome moment of My Rule Fu Is Stronger than Yours. Royalton has been burying the Racer family under legal issues and using underhanded methods to ensure Speed never even qualifies and Taejo has backed out of his deal to turn over evidence of Royalton's crimes in exchange for Speed's help in the Casa Cristo race. Basically, at this point, Royalton's won and the only bump was having to pay a higher price for the Togokahn merger. Then Haruko walks into the Racer household with an invitation to the Grand Prix that they are, according to WRL rules, absolutely entitled to. Royalton tries to protest it, but Inspector Detector is right there threatening, with full authority, to shut the entire Grand Prix down to conduct a full, and extremely costly, investigation. Royalton has no option but to withdraw his complaint because, for all his money and influence, he absolutely cannot handle the public backlash that shutting down what is apparently the biggest sporting event in the world short of the Olympics would create.
  • For the movie in general, the best scene in cinema history is possibly gangster viking car racers shooting beehives at each other.
  • Speed hitting his jump jacks and using the Mach 5 to take out one car in mid-air, which then ricochets away to take out a second car and save Taejo's life, before it bounces back down to the ground and continues driving, all without missing a beat. Even the two commentators are utterly aghast, with one of them asking in disbelief, "Did he really just do that?!"
  • Pops shows off his wrestling skills to some ninjas, then says a cool Bond One-Liner.
    Trixie: Was that a ninja?
    Pops: More like a non-ja. Terrible what passes for a ninja these days.
    • Especially because that implies he's fought ninjas before and often enough to be completely blasé about it.
    • The only explanation we get for Pops's wrestling skills? A close-up of a ring on Pops's finger that clearly reads "Greco-Roman Wrestling State Champions". A split second of footage that explains his abilities better than any ten-minute flashback ever could.
  • The entire second act of the movie. The whole movie is fantastic, but it's the Casa Cristo race that gives us what we all wanted: Speed driving in the Mach 5 with all of the classic gadgets. This is more in line with the anime, with Speed and Racer X tearing it up across various landscapes and environments, right down to Speed wearing his anime outfit. The whole thing is solidified when, at the end, Speed cements his victory by leaping from the Mach 5 and striking that famous pose.
    • During the desert portion of the race, it should be noted that Taejo, X, and Speed's driving is entirely defensive. They never use any of the gadgetry on their vehicles to do anything but escape, disable other drivers' gizmos, or set them up to run into each other. The only offensive move comes from Racer X, who hops up toward one of the Viking drivers to give him a knuckle sandwich. In midair. At over 200 mph.
  • The entire Racer family (except maybe Sparky) has one during the fight scene in the snow covered mountains. Pops flattens multiple attackers while being the only character who doesn't end up using a firearm. Because he doesn't need one.
  • Spritle and Chim-Chim aren't just Plucky Comic Relief. First of all, during the aforementioned battle in the snow-covered mountains, it's them that save the family by Spritle shooting a man with a slingshot and Chim-Chim throwing poop at him. Then, during the actual fight, they keep one man from getting a gun by Spritle clapping on the man's index finger, kicking him in the nuts, poking him in the eyes, and then Chim-Chim knocking him out with a monkey wrench.
  • The way Speed takes down Snake Oiler. Snake uses an oil slick that sends Speed off a cliff, but Speed uses the jump jacks on the Mach 5 to launch to the opposite cliff, then uses the tire spikes to drive straight up the cliff face, something even the announcers are in disbelief over, and launches right back on to the road behind Snake. Then, when Snake tries to pull the same trick again, Speed spins the car around 180 degrees just shy of the slick, almost casually flips down to the road below him, and this puts him IN FRONT OF Snake. And when Snake pulls a gun and tries to shoot Speed, he closes the cockpit, lets him waste his bullets on the bulletproof material, and then rams his car off the cliff.
  • Pops beating the stuffing out of a ninja and then kicking the guy out of a window.
  • The scene where Speed and X race on Thunderhead—a T-180 track—in the Mach 5 and Shooting Star, cars that are very much not T-180s, including making Dreadnought Jump. They're such Badass Drivers that they're able to drive a full lap through an infamous track not even designed for the cars they're driving!
  • Racer X's introduction, going one-on-one with the Mammoth Car.
  • Peter Fernandez and Corrine Orr both appearing with the former playing an announcer and the latter being the Grand Prix's English announcer!