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  • The bus jumping the gap in the freeway. Physically impossible, yes, but still awesome.
    • The section when the bus enters the city streets, and Annie must dodge every conceivable obstacle in that area as cop cars and motorcycles race to the bus in full lights and sirens to provide an escort, while the film's score hits it's highest and most frantic tempo. Physically possible and even more awesome for that believability.
  • Pretty much every time Jack (and Annie) keep everyone alive after one nerve-wracking scenario after another. Roger Ebert noted this as a "Bruised Forearm Movie", as in whoever is watching the movie with you will be grabbing your forearm at virtually every intense moment.
  • Harry acts as excellent Mission Control and then goes on his own to stop Payne after having a Eureka Moment and tracking him down.
  • After he discovers his ransom money is tainted by a paint bomb, Payne ascends to the top of the train car in a fit of rage and fights Jack. During the fight, Jack notices another tunnel light heading their way, Jack pushes up Payne's head, resulting in Payne's beheading.
    "Yeah? Well, I'm taller."
  • Jack managing to get himself and Annie off the bus after all the other passengers have been rescued. The music swells triumphantly as they blow the hatch and slide to safety, while the bus finally dips below 50MPH and takes out an empty cargo plane. We waited the whole film for that thing to finally blow and they didn't disappoint!
    • Even better, that was all done in one take with multiple cameras covering the explosion, because Jan De Bont knew they couldn't afford to do it again.
  • There is also the fact that this movie is one blockbuster Hollywood action feature movie where the police are most definitely not useless, but are for the most part being big-league hard driving action heroes to the male protagonist.

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