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Fridge Logic

  • The "looped video" bit is best when not examined too closely. The signal is broadcast by the news van, but the original video feed (coming from the bus camera) is theoretically still broadcasting - Payne should have had some visual interference with two signals coming in to his monitor at once. The movie didn't say anything about the police disabling the original video feed from the bus, but Payne having a backup plan for everything you would assume either he had a system for setting off the bomb if the video was tampered with, or the police didn't want to tamper with it for fear Payne would set the bomb off himself.
    • Just after they pull the looped video trick there's a shot of Payne leaving the bathroom in his flat, so presumably he missed the interference of the two signals while he was in the bathroom (granted, it's still a Contrived Coincidence).
  • Why was Payne, an ex-cop specializing in bomb disposal (and thus, had likely been up close with negotiation and ransom delivery procedures), surprised to find his money had been tampered with? You don't even need to be an ex-cop to figure they tend not to just pay up and let you walk away.
    • I don't know exactly when they introduced dye packs as an anti-robbery device, but since Payne is retired they might have started using them after he left the job, so he might not be aware of them.


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