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Heartwarming / Speed Racer

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  • Prince Kabala of Kapetapek teaching Racer X how to drive on dangerous mountain roads. Racer X himself states that Kabala was kind and helpful to him, and in turn, Racer X repaid his kindness by impersonating as him to keep the borders of Kapetapek safe.
  • Any time Racer X shows up to help out Speed.
  • From the two-parter introduction for Racer X, Challenge of the Masked Racer, we learn that even though it's been years since Rex left home, his family still misses him dearly.
    • After Speed is badly injured from a drive through a storm, he wakes up in Racer X's house, and notices a vase full of white roses, remarking that they're his mother's favorite flower. It's sweet enough that Speed remembers this detail, but it shows that Rex still thinks about his mom and misses her too.
    • While mostly played for laughs, seeing Rex interact with his little brother Spritle is pretty dang cute.
  • In "The Car in the Sky", Trixie gives up her spot in the Mach 5 to Susie, as well as Speed passing on a race to get Susie to her sick mother. Keep in mind Speed and Trixie have only recently met her.


  • Pops telling Speed that he can come home anytime, despite Pops disagreeing with why he's leaving. This borders on Tear Jerker territory when you remember that the last thing Pops told Rex was that if he left, he was no longer welcome in the Racer home. You can tell Pops was adamant not to repeat past mistakes, and it shows.
  • Racer X anytime he compliments Speed, especially the montage at the end that reveals his Secret Identity as the long-thought-dead Rex Racer.
  • Sparky and Speed having their last conversation before the last race.
    Sparky: [I] just wanted to say thanks, for what could be the most exciting moment of my life.
    Speed: Couldn't have gotten here without you. (they hug)
    Sparky: I'm looking forward to that cold milk.
    Speed: Me, too.
    • Note how they're not even questioning whether or not they will win, but are instead anticipating sharing the moment together, as a family. And for all intents and purposes Sparky is a member of the family.
  • The very first race shows Speed racing against the memory of his brother, who set the fastest ever time on that course. As he approaches the finish line, you see the two neck-and-neck until Speed eases off the gas, allowing Rex's record to stand.
  • At one point, Taejo is flipping out at Speed and Racer X for the desert race. Speed reminds him that he was just "saving your ass". Taejo quickly throws a punch at Speed, only for Racer X to instantly catch it. Rex looks out for his little brother, no matter what.
  • When Taejo's sister makes up for his double-crossing of Speed and the C.I.B. and uses Loophole Abuse to help Speed enter the Grand Prix. To his credit, his smile when Speed arrives shows that he has no problem with what she did and cheers Speed on throughout the race.
    • In fact when Speed is announced as the final racer in the Grand Prix just as the camera cuts off you can see him figure out what she did and simply smile.
    • When she arrives at the Racer home, Speed is rude to her. Pops immediately tells him off and welcomes her like a gentleman, regardless of the recent events.
  • Speed and Trixie hitting it off immediately as children, after Trixie punches another girl out for making fun of him.
  • The reaction of what is effectively the entire world to Speed coming up from behind in the finale. To the point that several of the international commentators are reduced to screaming incoherently into their mics as they cheer him on.
    Ben Burns: Come on kid! Move it!