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Nightmare Fuel / Speed Racer

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While the series is known for being very campy, it does has it own dark elements that can be very uneasy for some to watch.


  • Any of the car crashes can make viewers unsettled. Even if the drivers do make it out all right, the causes of the accidents are still scary.
    • While mainly nameless extras, racers die a lot in this series. And apparently this is the norm. Because the anime came from the Sixties, depressingly, it actually kind of was.
    • "The Car Hater" has a scene where normal citizens get involved in horrific crashes (sometimes even catching on fire) because some thugs were paid to sabotage many cars.

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  • "The Challenge of the Mammoth Car"
    • The Mammoth Car, as it's very monstrous in its design, as is the sound it makes when it enters.

  • "The Most Dangerous Race"

  • "Race for Revenge"
    • The robot used for the Melange/X3 looks unnerving due to it not being human, and the fact it repeats "Melange still races" in a Creepy Monotone.
    • The way Flash Jr. tries to torment his sister Lily for being a guinea pig for the car.

  • "The Desperate Desert Race"
    • Scorpions crawling on Speed and Kim thanks to the booby-trapped lunches that Ali ben Schemer packed for them.

  • "The Car Hater"
    • Mr. Trotter's behavior whenever he tries to attack something or someone with his whip, especially with his behavior.

  • "Race Against Time"
  • The snake in the palace that later attacks Speed. What makes it unsettling is that unlike the other animated parts of the show, the snake itself is very detailed, which makes it REALLY uncanny.

  • "The Man Behind the Mask"
    • Mark Meglaton the Great. He's very crooked and his mask is very unsettling. The worst part is that he's calm when he has his mask on, but becomes insane when it's removed.

  • "The Car with the Brain"
    • Oh God, the Monster Car. Like the Mammoth Car, it is a very big and monstrous design, and makes a very eerie sound whenever it enters the scene. Unlike the Mammoth Car though, it is not controlled by a driver, but rather an electronic brain, which makes it a lot creepier, considering this kind of vehicle can arrive without any warning.



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