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The Series

  • The Mach 5 has an auto repair function for its tires right? Putting built in jacks makes sense if you take this into account. Obviously you can't just press the "replace tire" button while the car is sitting on the ground and traditional jacks require the driver to get out of the car. So instead of jacking up the car, climbing back in, pressing the button for the auto repair then climbing back out collapsing and storing the jack and reentering the vehicle you press two buttons and you are ready to go again. The extra weight is worth it.
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  • Rex is an incredibly ill-suited name for a racer. after all, what did Rex do? he wrecks.

The movie

Fridge Brilliance
  • Trixie dresses in an eyecatching way around Speed because she knows she needs to get the car nut's attention by jogging his hormones, since otherwise his brain is set to think about nothing but going fast.

Fridge Logic

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