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The battle between Lone Starr and his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

  • The opening shot that parodies the opening of Star Wars, pushing the size of the ship up to 11, all to reveal the bumper sticker "WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY."
    • Even better if you know Brooks's original idea for the movie, albeit one he knew he didn't stand a chance of being allowed to do, was just to shoot 90 minutes of this one gag.
  • Admit it, you all wanted "Spacebawls, da Flametrowah" after you saw this movie as a kid.
    Yogurt: Da kids love dis one.
  • You must admit, the climactic lightsaber duel was pretty cool. Even if it was a spoof of those that came before.
    • So was Lone Starr's backflip while dodging Dark Helmet's Frickin' Laser Beams.
    • And if you pay attention, you can see Dark Helmets almost nonchalant parry of Lone Starr's strike after the whole camera man gag.
  • You do NOT want to shoot at Vespa's hair, you just don't!
    Vespa: My hair! He SHOT MY HAIR! *cocking gun* Son of a bitch!
    • After her impressive display with the weapon, Barf has only one thing to say:
    Barf: (takes in the carnage) HOLY SHIT!
  • Barf turning the tide of battle against the mooks who had the gang backed into a corner during the escape from planet Spaceball. With nothing but a spare venting pipe off the wall!
  • Lone Starr using the Schwartz to reverse the vacuum of Mega Maid. Mind you, this is one man using his power against a massive ship.
  • Lone Starr is an idiot, but he managed to sneak into the self-destruct room whilst taking out two guards and even knowing how to use the code machines.
  • For all the jokes, Spaceball-1's transformation actually looked pretty impressive.
    • For that matter in general the movie had really solid special effects, sets, and makeup/costume work for a comedy/spoof. On the DVD documentary, they explained how they wanted the movie to look as good as the movies they're spoofing.
  • The Awesome Music that plays during the Abandon Ship sequence, minor Soundtrack Dissonance notwithstanding.
  • Even though it's much more on the funny side—then again, what isn't in this film—Spaceball-1 going to Ludicrous Speed so hard that it essentially appears as a freakin' pattern to those not going fast enough is indeed an awesome thing to behold.