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Heartwarming / Spaceballs

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  • While Vespa is having initial wedding jitters, her father tries comforting her by saying that it may be the law, but she is going to be fine as Valium's wife. Even when she runs off with the best ship, he hires Lone Starr and Barf to rescue her first, maybe keep the car intact if possible, but keep his little girl safe. 
  • At first, Lone Starr and Vespa get a bad first impression of each other. Vespa understandably thinks that the rescue mission isn't going well since she and Dot have been banged around. Dot tells her that surely the rugged man who rescued them must be good-looking if his voice is sexy. Meanwhile, Lone Starr thinks accurately that she is a Spoiled Brat that caused a lot of trouble for her family and is making incessant demands. Barf reassures Lone Starr that Vespa is beautiful enough to make up for the "spoiled" part. Then they actually confront each other in person, and they're stunned by how the other looks. It takes a few moments for them to get on with the bickering.
  • The whole "without love" scene in the desert, which is also Vespa and Lone Starr's bonding moment. Lone Starr is sympathetic about the reason that she ran away, telling her about his Orphan's Plot Trinket.
    • For her part, Vespa also begins to see Lone Starr in a better light.
  • Vespa faces a Sadistic Choice while captured; she's strapped to an operating table, and without anesthetic, Dark Helmet's surgeons will operate on her and return her former nose job. At first she gives a Big "NO!", as does her father. Then Vespa realizes that if her father gives in, all the people on Druidia will suffocate. She tells her father that she'll sacrifice her nose, if that means he's alive. Her fainting kind of undermines it, but it shows how brave she can be when not spoiled. 
  • A disguised Lone Starr and Barf reveal themselves to the captured Vespa and Dot, with everyone getting hugs.
  • When trying to get the van open, Lone Starr lends his gun to Vespa to hold off the guards, saying he trusts her. When she ends up doing the job, you can tell that he's impressed— and a little scared given she mowed them all down for damaging her hair.
  • Yogurt's voice telling Lone Starr that he doesn't need some ring to use the Schwartz — it's already within him. Also, he got the ring from a Cracker Jack box.
  • When Yogurt reveals to Lone Starr that he's a long-lost prince and gives his ship some extra fuel to get back to the wedding on time.
  • The fact that Lone Starr refuses the million dollar reward money he was promised because he couldn't accept reward money for saving the woman he loves.
  • The actual wedding at the end. Valium falls asleep when Lone Starr comes, dressed in a white suit we haven't seen at all during the movie and says that Vespa does not accept Valium as a husband. He reveals that he is a prince and eligible to marry her proposes to her on the spot, much to her delight. Vespa knocks down a conked Valium and tells Lone Starr to get up on the altar! 
  • The priest happily accepts Barf as the Best Man, merely asking for his full name since "Barf" isn't dignified. 
  • The bit at the end after the crusty, though understandably miffed Priest finally marries Lone Starr and Vespa. His genuine smile was very nice to see.
    • Not to mention Barf getting teary-eyed.
    • There's a nice meta level to that too: the priest was played by Ronny Graham, one of the co-writers of the movie, so that moment could be seen as him enjoying seeing the characters he wrote get to be together and happy.