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Heartwarming / Space Balls

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  • The bit at the end after the crusty, though understandably miffed Priest finally marries Lone Starr and Vespa. His genuine smile was very nice to see.
    • Not to mention Barf getting teary-eyed.
    • There's a nice meta level to that too: the priest was played by one of the main writers for the movie, so that moment could be seen as him enjoying seeing the characters he wrote get to be together and happy.
  • The whole "without love" scene in the desert, which is also Vespa and Lone Starr's bonding moment.
  • When Yogurt reveals to Lone Starr that he's a long-lost prince and gives his ship some extra fuel to get back to the wedding on time.
  • The fact that Lone Starr refuses the million dollar reward money he was promised because he couldn't except reward money for saving the woman he loves.


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