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Curtis shows why It Works Better with Bullets.

  • Curtis believes that Wilford's people have used up all their ammunition, and that the guns the tail-section guards carry are just for show. It's a logical assumption, but there's no way he could know that for sure. Curtis decides to find out for himself when he races to the front of the crowd during count, grabs a guard's assault rifle, puts the barrel to his own forehead, and pulls the trigger himself. Click. It's empty.
  • The plan to stop the four security doors from closing, with the tail-section hauling a chain of interconnected barrels through each door and allowing all of their fighters to get overwhelm the security force in the tail.
    • A Giant Mook is the last man standing and the rebels can't get past him. Grey then races across the chain of barrels, parkours his way over and around the man, and kills him so fast that the man can hardly react.
  • The Axe Gang fight.
    • Curtis goes full warrior in this scene, cleaving through foe after foe with a hatchet as the camera focuses on him in slow motion.
    • Edgar saving Curtis's life by launching his whole body into an axe-man that was about to attack Curtis from behind.
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    • The Axe Gang uses the darkness of a tunnel and night vision to their advantage. To combat this, the tail-section fighters use a match and light several torches to make the fight considerably less one-sided. It creates a very hellish, chaotic atmosphere for the battle.
  • Yona kicking a spear into Franco the Younger's path as he tries to escape. And her father sweeping him away from her with a vicious kick to the face. Especially satisfying since Franco the Younger had just killed Edgar.
  • The greenhouse and aquarium cars are both beautiful to look at.
  • Curtis forcing Mason to eat a "protein bar" while he and his friends dine on sushi for the first time.
  • The Egghead's Nonchalant Dodge of an axe while walking and dispatching people with an SMG at the same time.
  • Grey displaying his Improbable Aiming Skills when he hurls a knife into the teacher's chest as she sprayed the room with bullets. Could also count as a Tearjerker since she was very pregnant at the time.
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  • Curtis coldly executing Mason with a bullet to the head in revenge for Gilliam's death. Then proclaiming, "We go forward."
  • The long-distance shootout between Curtis and Franco the Elder. It's a cool moment when they've reloaded and are standing solidly as they both fire a single shot, only to lower their guns when they realize the train's movement is preventing them from actually hitting each other.
    • The very quick (but very significant) Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene that occurs when Curtis and Franco are reloading their weapons. There is a silent close-up of a beautiful snowflake floating through one of the bullet holes in the window and slowly melting in the air, which Minsoo focuses on. And it's not just for the show.
  • The sauna fight, wherein Franco the Elder comes very close to smashing Curtis and his team singlehandedly.
    • Franco has just knocked Curtis out and is about to kill him. Grey then puts his hand between the knife and Curtis, forcing Franco back with the strength of his impaled hand. Though, this quickly turns into Nightmare Fuel.
    • Minsoo is able to beat Franco back and pin him to the ground. When Yona tries to help by stabbing Franco, Minsoo grabs her wrist and twists it until she lets go of the knife without turning his attention away from his enemy.
  • Minsoo revealing that he's not just a drug addicted Insufferable Genius, but is a Science Hero who has been slowly accumulating all the Kronol he's been given to form an improvised plastic explosive. Why? So he can blow off the door on the side of the train and escape, because he believes the ice age is going to end soon.
  • Seeing Curtis finally beat up Wilford is a pleasant sight, though it certainly doesn't solve anything.
  • Curtis redeeming himself by sacrificing his arm to save Timothy's life.
  • In their last moments, Curtis and Minsoo use themselves as shields to protect Yona and Timothy from the explosion.
  • The destruction of the train (and all the evil it preserved) is as awe-inspiring a sight as it is horrifying.

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