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  • A lot of Minsoo's ... informal language comes up as a Running Gag.
    • The translator translating his curseword.
    Translator: "Yes, I'm listening. Fuck."
    • The translator failing to translate his rant about how his name isn't "Nam", but "Namgoong", and that Namgoong is his last name and Minsoo is his first name.
    Translator: (in Korean) "Unable to translate speech. Please try again with appropriate words."
    • Minsoo warns Curtis about something during the battle against Wilford's soldiers. Yona promptly produces the appropriate translation:
    Yona: "He says you guys are fucked."
  • Minsoo and Yona asking Curtis for Kronole every time they get to a new train car becomes a bit of a Running Gag as well. Very funny since Yona is always smiling cheerfully when she asks, and Curtis is always annoyed by their addictions taking precedence over his cause.
    • Edgar goes on a two minute rant at Minsoo at one point, cursing him and his addiction out in a delightfully annoyed way. Minsoo meanwhile snarks right back at him, just fanning the flames. Curtis looks this close to slapping both of them.
  • The Faceless Mooks suddenly stopping the fight when the train crosses Yekaterina Bridge, as reaching this place indicates a new year has begun. Why do they shortly stop fighting? To loudly wish a Happy New Year!
    • Not just to wish a Happy New Year. It is all previously planned: after the bridge, the train will go through a long tunnel. The "Happy New Year" is both to pump them up and remind them to remember to whip out Night Vision Goggles and retaliate.
    • Just after said scene, Edgar complaining about getting old.
    • Likewise, the brief halt in fighting while the train breaks its way through several barriers of ice, automatically causing everyone to either grab hold of something or be thrown around like peas in a can. Nobody moves until one of the soldiers officially declares "safe passage". It's obvious that it's so deeply ingrained in absolutely everybody that nothing — not even a violent rebellion — can go on until the all-clear. The fact that all of them momentarily snap from anger to annoyance just makes it better.
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  • Tanya's reaction to being able to eat sushi in the aquarium car.
    Tanya: (to Mason) "Hell yeah, line that shit up!"
  • When Mason starts to speak to the tailenders, the translators repeat what she says. Mason shuts them up by telling them not to bother, as they only got 7 minutes until Andrew's arm is frozen. It's some great Black Comedy.
  • Curtis forcing Mason to eat a protein block while the rest of them dine on sushi. The curious "huh.." look on her face while she chews is priceless.
  • While constructing their means of escape, Edgar runs up behind some guys rolling three barrels with a board yelling, "Out of the way!" Not because of anything urgent or dire, mind you, but just so he can ride the board over the barrels like a surfer. It's endearing to see one of the few moments where Edgar gets to act like a carefree teenager.
  • Yona is a major source of Funny Background Events, but a highlight has to be the classroom car, where she follows the students in making a Wilford "W" with her fingers and looks at it utterly confused.
    • Later, after getting through the party car, Yona passes out from getting drunk and high.
  • Tanya cracking her egg on the top of the bratty girl's head.
  • There's a dark but funny Cutaway Gag when Wilford says, "Heaven knows we've got enough crazies on this train," and the film immediately cuts to Franco the Elder, who is revealed to have survived his fight with the Curtis and co.
  • The children in the schoolroom car cheerily singing "We all freeze and die," call-and-response style to the question "What happens if the engine stops." It is dark but funny.
    • Not to mention Mason's gleefully singing along.
  • Edgar's thick accent also provides laughs for this troper.
    [about Namgoong] He's high as a fookin' kite!

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