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Awesome / Snow White and the Huntsman

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Snow White's escape sequence, which starts with her ripping a nail out of the wall and slashing Finn when he tries to rape her, then has her baseball slide into a sewer to evade the guards, and ends with her jumping into the sea and swimming to safety.
  • The Huntsman flat out impaling Finn against a broken tree trunk after finding out that his wife was raped and murdered by Finn.
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  • The one prisoner who grabs a knife from a nearby guard and stabs Ravenna. Too bad it didn't work. Still a damn good try.
  • "You can't have my heart." after Snow White uses the move the Huntsman taught her to stab Ravenna in the heart.
  • The Huntsman and William fighting in sync during the final battle.
  • Ravenna's utter indifference to Snow White's attempts at fighting her. Given how most evil sorceresses tend to handle combat, it was a pleasant surprise.
  • "Do you need a bowman?"
  • Snow White in full plate armor (sans helmet) leading the Duke's men to retake her father's castle while the Queen watches from her tower. Snow White catches sight of her and gives a long Death Glare as she advances.