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Nightmare Fuel / Snowpiercer

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  • The animated prequel is packed with horrible images:
    • The hope of the chemical ending global warming giving way to despair when this new ice age hits.
    • The fact that the freezing hits so fast that people are frozen solid like statues instantly.
    • The brutal, bloody race by people to get on board the train with horrible fighting, mass chaos, nothing but people at their most desperate dong anything to survive.
    • The train finally taking off and smashing into the now-frozen bodies of people, breaking them like...well, ice.
  • Near the beginning, Mason gives a laborious speech to the tail section, the gist of which is "I am a hat, you are a shoe", while Andrew's arm is hung outside of the train to be frozen and then smashed off with a massive hammer. His crime: throwing a shoe at a front-section passenger. In case you were wondering what kind of world this is.
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  • Paul's existence in the kitchen.
  • After getting to the kitchen car, Curtis finds out what the "protein bars" are made out of: ground-up insects. After throwing up in his mouth a little bit, he quickly decides it'd be better not to tell the rest of his people, likely to prevent a massive freak out that could break the revolt he's started. What's even worse is that right before this, everyone had gotten excited about having unlimited access to their only source of food and started chowing them down.
    • Especially nightmarish when you consider they've all been eating the shit for seventeen years, and that they were probably better off eating each other's limbs.
      • Hardly. Insects and arachnids are a good source of protein and people eat them in real life. If you're ever stuck in the desert, eat spiders. And ants. And grasshoppers.
  • The Axe Gang scene. The music helps the freakiness level.
    • Before the fighting begins, a few of the axe-men show their enemies a large fish that they proceed to bury the heads of their axes into. It is never commented on, but it's definitely a scare tactic that unnerves the tail-section fighters as well as the audience.
    • The fight stops prematurely as the train is about to collide with a wall of ice on the tracks. Everyone gets down low and braces for the impact. There's a very freaky moment when Curtis looks beside him and sees one of the masked axe-men smiling at him with bloody teeth. Turns into a Moment of Awesome after they've passed the ice wall and the fight continues, with Curtis immediately killing that man.
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    • How about when the Axe Gang puts on their night-vision goggles as the train goes into the dark tunnel. Seeing the heroes getting butchered as they stand blinded in the dark is horrifying, meanwhile Mason is gawking at the slaughter with a big smile on her face and her men are frantically taking count of everyone who dies.
  • The classroom car. It's just so disturbing.
    • "Rumble! Rumble! Rattle! Rattle! The Engine will never die!"
  • Franco the Elder's Roaring Rampage of Revenge. This Mook Lieutenant gets pretty terrifying after Yona kills his brother. He fires indiscriminately through the windows of the train and at front-section survivors trying to shoot Yona. This is taken Up to Eleven in the sauna scene, where Franco executes one of his own men for questioning his killing of a front-section passenger (and would have done the same to another had he not run of ammo). He then takes on Curtis and his team by himself and proves himself quite the Hero Killer when he's able to shrug off every wound they inflict on him, beat Curtis into unconsciousness, easily subdue and shoot Tanya, and overpower and kill Grey. It's unsettling to see him stand triumphantly over these Badass Normal characters, calmly smiling and trying to fix his messy hair.
  • The first months of being a Tail Section passenger. Everyone cutting off their limbs to feed others, killing children and the weak to sustain themselves. While there are people who are eating steak and getting their suits tailored cars away.
  • The Egghead smiling pleasantly as he cuts down screaming tail-section passengers with a submachine gun.
  • Wilford, and everything he represents.
  • When the garish, spoiled, tweaked out front-section masses converge on the engine antechamber, trying to kill Minsoo, Yona and Curtis.
  • The way Andrew's son moves to his 'post' and does not respond to Curtis.
  • Just the concept of children being taken away and becoming parts in an engine that never stops, like they were just bits of machinery and not actual human beings.
  • A frightened Yona scratching the floor titles to uncover young Timothy beneath the floor.
  • Near the very end, when an avalanche completely destroys the train, killing all but a very small few on board. Unless you're very optimistic, it looks like the human race is at an end.
  • Realizing that Gilliam did and endured all of that as part of a plan to intentionally cull excess members of humanity, and no other reason.
  • From the books, the ending of the Escape - wherein the entire train is dead - except for one.

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