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  • Kogarashi from Kamen no Maid Guy makes a cameo appearance to beat the ever-loving snot out of a Reversed Liam in an absurd Curb-Stomp Battle that so one-sided it's not even funny, essentially no-selling his best shots like they were love taps. Except that it is pretty funny. Doubles also as a Funny Moment.
  • The (unfortunately) non-canon showdown between Ian Vaner and Damon Ark. Read it here in all its glory.
  • Whenever Hyakuzor is called into play, it is almost certainly awesome. It doesn't matter if its against a rival robot, a criminal organization, Mazin-freaking-kaiser itself, or a dark god threatening reality itself, Hyakuzor will rise up and kick its ass - or at the very least do some major damage before going down.
    • Hyakuzor versus King Kaimu, round 2. King Kaimu has gotten severe upgrades, whilst technically, Hyakuzor is the same. The students proceed to get around this by using their powers on giant robot scale.
  • Selene Frostfire is the resident Ojou of the site. However, before a certain point, she wasn't that much of an asskicker. However, when the Heartless invasion came along, she realised a very key, very simply fact: That she has a giant dragon at her command. Cue roasted Heartless.
  • Seth Rouga facing down a previously nigh-omnipotent (within a limited space) being, and shooting it in the head. Boom, Headshot!
  • Meglumar Odai versus a Star Spawn. At first, Meglumar is struggling to maintain his very sanity in the face of a small scale Eldritch Abomination. Then he sees Star crying. Cue OCTO-WIELDING, and the Star Spawn is dead before you know it.
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  • Robyn Firraro gets a small one when Crow, being the forward and perhaps not too fully aware guy he is, tries to enter her bedroom. Robyn proceeds to hold up her energy gun, calmly telling him that if he takes one more step, they'll gladly be able to test out the effectiveness of Robyn's powers, and the one method that might kill Crow. Badass.
  • Jennifer Chase. It doesn't matter if its an alien predator specifically designed to kill every living thing on a planet. It doesn't matter if, aside from some rather attentive eyes, she has next to no powers. If something threatens her friend, she can and WILL do everything she can to stop it. Whether it throwing a car engine at it, driving at it with a forklift, or stabbing it in the throat with a crowbar!
  • For both the character and the roleplayer, see Tsubame delivering a rant on proper medical care. And given that this is Tsubame of all people, shows even she has some standards.
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  • Damon lays out here that, he will not tolerate loner acts that could likely get them all killed in an Arcadia mission.
  • Its not just player characters who get to be incredible. Take for example, Stravas Frostfire, father of Selene Frostfire. At this moment in time, Phantom Thief Kuroki Souta had kidnapped Selene, and made his way into the Frostfire headquarters with her safety as leeway. However, when he gets to Stravas himself, and thinks that the older man is just gonna cooperate, Stravas subverts the usual Genre Blindness by explaining how, he can either just destroy Kuro, or Kuro can hand himself over and Frostfire Industries uses its resources to find Selene anyway. Check here.
  • And a leap back in time, to Season 1. Hiro Tsukasa delivers a pretty stirring "World of Cardboard" Speech against Cain during Arcadia's final confrontation against the Get of Cain, a villain who had previously tormented him both physically and emotionally. Hiro's comeback and Cain's comeuppance came across as pretty satisfying. See it here.
  • Fated Day. After the immense buildup, the Arcadian team faces with the elder god Cthulhu himself. So what does the team do? It unleashes everything they have and more. Even when forced to deal with their internal struggles, they still rise up and kill a GOD.
  • Jonny Desmond and Seth Ryouga, two of the school's most powerful students, duke it out on the athletic field over Jonny's love life. Awesomeness ensues.
  • Nickle's response to the reveal that the planet apparently hates the human race and got the moon to help make something to destroy them (needless to say, its complicated). Fight the planet. He is utterly serious in this.
  • And before all that, Damon managing to talk the likes of Nickle out of killing the Omnimental, in spite of the paranoia its mere existence was causing them. Given the odds against him, its pretty impressive, and shows you don't always need to duke it out to win an argument.
  • And lets not forget the entirety of the Second Movie, meant to celebrate the site's seven years of life. From a city being attacked by an army of ninjas, to nanomachine-driven copies of all the major past villains, and then cleaving a robot the size of an island in two, it was basically an all around chance for characters to show off.
  • Mare's sacrifice to fight off a cyborg T-rex so that his students could escape, during the Jurassic Journey event. The fact that he's found alive later means that, logically, he won.

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