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Heartwarming / Shin Hyakuji High School

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  • As voted on the site itself, inVersion and its aftermath. The elemancers hold little to no grievance towards Erin for what she did under the orange materia's influence, and instead just about everyone swears to find whoever the hell did it to her, and bring them down. True Companions to the end.
    • Eventually leads up to this moment. Erin's friends celebrate her birthday, and show her that she is still loved by all of them. It finally ends with them giving her the first Elemancer Uniform, and showing her that she belongs with them. And that they would always be there for her.
  • While this post with Valentine Enigmata Necroelle Malevelencia might not seem much at a first glance, but considering it's her of all people it counts as a solid Pet the Dog moment. Especially given that up until this point her less-than-generous opinion towards Earth and and its inhabitants however, this one post just comes across as pure heartwarming. If it's any indication of Character Development rather than a one-off thing though, it's vaguely implying that she's getting better after taking the Doctor's Patrick Stewart Speech to heart, and slowly beginning to judge humans more fairly instead of holding them up against her elevated standards, and possibly gaining some new-found empathy and understanding of humanity in the process.
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  • Jonny when he goes to check if Yuki is okay after she bumps her head. Despite a previously tense and/or awkward atmosphere, he prioritises her well being, and almost completely forgets his prior embarassment.
  • Whilst a good chunk of it was more suited to be a series of laughs, the end of 'Off with the wrong foot', with Kaede and Damon sharing a kiss, is pretty touching. Makes for some harsh Mood Whiplash if you then read the current Elemancer plots though.
  • Personal one for me, Chizu. When my book was published on Kindle for the first time, I went on the site to post it after having been gone a while, fully expecting to get just a little bit of interest. Instead, the other members of the site took the link and started spreading it EVERYWHERE. Seriously, best online community I've ever been a part of. I love you guys. Thanks for all your support.
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  • If any proof was needed of the care and affection the members of the community can have for each other, then Pancake Mix's naming a STAR after the site should more than suffice.

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