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  • In the prologue, Lord Locksley is cornered by the Sheriff and his men, and is told to Join or Die. His response?
  • When several refugee farmers make their way to the outlaws' camp, they blame Robin for all their assorted misfortunes - they've lost land and possessions; their children have been injured in the scuffling with the Sheriff's men. He promises that they will forge a new life for themselves, and reclaim what they've lost in an epic Dare to Be Badass speech.
    Man: But what about our kin? The Sheriff's taken all they've got, too!
    Robin: Then, by God, we take it back!
  • In one scene, the Sheriff’s men are seen stealing gold and valuable items from a church against the protests of the friars inside. Suddenly, an arrow hits right beside one of the Sheriff’s men and when they look up, Robin and his men show up. They back down, give back the gold, and Robin utters this line:
    “Tell the Sheriff that for every harm he does these people I will visit it back on him tenfold.”
  • The Plucky Comic Relief Friar Tuck has a few moments in the sun:
    • He cheerfully refuses to surrender when first ambushed by Robin and his men, and gives a good account of himself in the fight that follows. Later, he sincerely apologizes to the "heathen" Azeem for misjudging him, after the Moor's knowledge of medicine saves a difficult childbirth, and proclaims to a rapt audience that the true blessing of wheat is not bread, "which any fool can eat", but beer.
      Robin: Do you yield?
      Friar Tuck: (takes Robin's hand) I'd rather roast in hell! (lunges forward and bites Robin's leg)
    • He catches the corrupt bishop trying to flee a tower with gold.
      Friar Tuck: So... You sold your soul to Satan, your Grace. You accused innocent men of witchcraft and let them to die...
      Bishop of Hereford: Brother friar, you would not strike a fellow man of the cloth...
      Friar Tuck: No, I wouldn't. In fact, I'll help you pack for your journey! You're going to need lots of gold to help you on your way. (shoves more bags of gold into the Bishop's arms) You are a very rich man! This too, and that. (finally throws him a small bag) Here's thirty pieces of silver to pay the Devil, on your way to Hell!
      (shoves Bishop off the tower to his death)
  • Little John's wife Fanny, remaining completely casual in tone while being questioned by a guard... to the point of remaining utterly calm and almost dismissive as her husband comes up behind the guy and dispatches him. "Hello, my lover..." Especially impressive considering she has to hold it together if there's a chance of saving her son's life.
    • Earlier in the movie, during the search for Robin and his men, Fanny lies straight to Gisbourne's face and tells him that Little John died the previous winter.
  • Robin shooting a flaming arrow straight into a guard's chest while barrels full of gunpowder explode and burn behind him.
  • Most scenes with Azeem, especially his Rousing Speech near the end, and his Big Damn Heroes moment where he shows up just in time to slay the witch and repay his life debt. Morgan Freeman (along with Alan Rickman) totally stole this movie.
  • YMMV on this one, but in the final showdown between Nottingham and Robin, the Sheriff completely dominates the majority of the fight, and only loses due to a stroke of luck.
    • Before the fight, we have this exchange:
      Nottingham: (holding Locksley's sword) Recognise this? It belonged to your father. Appropriate, don't you think, that I now use it to send you to meet him?
      Robin: I shall never fear my father's sword.
      Nottingham: Really? (with a flick of his wrist, he cuts Robin's chin) Now we're even.
    • While Marian prudently stays out of the fight for the most part, she still does her best to help Robin and hurt the Sheriff, like tripping him with a bench or pouring hot wax on his chest.
  • In the days before Internet spoilers, the audience reaction when Sean Connery popped up as King Richard at the very end of the film was fantastic.
    • And a Real Life example for Connery himself - as noted on the Trivia page, he was paid $250,000 for that uncredited role, and he donated it all to charity. Not bad for five minutes' work!

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