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Nightmare Fuel / Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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  • The opening scene with the dungeon. Having your hand cut off? Being burned alive? Sentenced to execution? In a family movie rated PG-13? Yikes!
  • The fate of Robin's father. Attacked one night by a KKK-like mob with torches led by the Sheriff of Nottingham, and left to rot in a crow cage.
  • The fact that poor Duncan had his eyes put out.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon sounds funny if you don't actually stop to think about it and even Sheriff George of Nottingham's justification of it, the fact that it is dull and thus will hurt more, can cause some rather nightmarish thoughts. It almost sounds like he has done it before when Sir Guy of Gisborne was not present, and the fact that Gisborne would think of a faster solution, something sharp like an ax or knife, illustrates a key difference between the two: Gisborne is not as cold-blooded as Nottingham.
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  • The attack on the woodland settlement. So much fire... so much wood... and a lot of escape routes cut off by either the flames or the Sheriff's men. It's hardly surprising that there are so few Merry Men left at the end - the others who survived only did so because they were captured.
  • The witch. Especially with that white eye.
    • Consider that in the extended edition, she reveals that the Sheriff is her natural-born son, and yet that she has been seen as a 'freak' all her life (probably due to the complete heterochromia), so it's very likely that she was raped by someone who despised her. When she finishes explaining, with that tremor of emotion in her voice, you could almost feel sorry for her.
    • Mortiana actually killed the real son of the House of Nottingham and replaced him with her own. She actually killed an infant.
  • Marian is threatened with rape at least three times during the course of the film: Once when the Sheriff's men come to take her away (one soldier pins her down and notes "I've never seen the breasts of a noblewoman before"), again with the Sheriff himself, and he almost actually does it during their "wedding."


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