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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Mainline games

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    Up Your Arsenal 
  • Our disposable mooks this time around are the Tyhrranoids, a race of small brained round monsters with googly eyes, who are too stupid to realise that their bosses master plan involves killing them all right from the get-go. And then you go on to assault their home planet of Tyhrranosis and meet the Momma Tyhrranoid, who, despite the name, is about thirty feet tall, has about ten rows of sharp teeth, and has a freakin' rocket launching turret strapped onto her head! Suddenly there is something about the 'Noids which is genuinely threatening.

  • The bit where Ratchet and Clank encounter Nefarious' Bio-bliterator. Ratchet comments that his biggest gun wouldn't even be able to dent the weapon. Clank responds by indicating a huge anti-spacecraft turret: "Then we shall just have to find a bigger gun." When the pair get inside the turret, Clank hacks the weapon as Nefarious rants at him over a monitor:
    Clank: After all those holo-films, there is one thing you should know by now: do not mess with Agent Clank! (*BOOM!*)

  • As Ratchet approaches the final boss arena he is suddenly confronted by several of the toughest robo-mooks the game can throw at him. When it looks like these guys might finish him off before he can even get to the boss... the usually cowardly Galactic Rangers warp in and start blasting the mooks apart. "LET 'EM HAVE IT, RANGERS!" "YEAH! YOU WANT SOME A' THIS?!"
    • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Captain Qwark does the same thing in the battle against Nefarious, marking his change from Villain with Good Publicity to a comedic hero with a side of The Atoner.
      Qwark: (coming in, guns a-blazing) YEEEEEEE-HAW!
      Nefarious: NO! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!
      Qwark: Believe it, toaster-head!

    Tools Of Destruction 
  • Meta example: when you started the actual game play for Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, you were impressed by the clarity of the backgrounds and the detail on the models and characters—truly like "playing a Pixar movie", indeed. It's more Visual Effects of Awesome than a moment, but it still counts.

  • The Space Pirate battle at the Verdigris Black Hole. Starts with an ambush by Pirate Fighters, followed by Ratchet piloting Aphelion through a Pirate outpost on an icy asteroid (And destroying it, too!) and ending with a boss fight as you pilot through a black hole. "Incredible" doesn't even begin to describe it.

  • The climax of the game. Ratchet's spent the entire adventure trying to learn more about his race in the hopes of possibly reuniting with them, and Tachyon taunts him with this by opening a portal to the Lombax dimension, sadistically offering him a choice between rejoining them or staying in his universe and remaining the only Lombax, possibly forever. Ratchet looks back at his friends and allies, and in a tone more sincere than he's ever been before, firmly chooses the latter in order to to protect the people and universe he cares about. Cue final boss battle.
    Ratchet: If I leave you with the Dimensionator, no one will be safe. Not the Lombaxes, not my friends... I'm not going anywhere until it's destroyed.

    A Crack in Time 
  • Clank's fight with the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler. It's one of the few boss fights in the entire series where Clank does NOT turn into Giant Clank...and yet he still scraps the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler.
    Clank: One Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler...scrambled! (chuckles)
  • It's shown that, despite getting tricked and captured by Dr. Nefarious, Orvus still managed to screw him over in some regard— he went so far as to erase his own memory to prevent Nefarious from probing him for info on the Great Clock and the Orvus Chamber, and manages to hold back the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler before he disappears. Yes, Nefarious was still able to track down and kidnap Clank, but thanks to Orvus' trickery it took him way longer to control the Clock for himself.
    • And as Word of God has stated, Orvus survived the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler with Nefarious none the wiser. Up yours, doctor!
  • Ratchet's mid-air rescue of Clank on Vapedia.
  • The "six minutes" scene, which crosses over with heartwarming. When Alister Azimuth kills Ratchet and attempts to get control over the Orvus Chamber for himself, Clank manages to beat him to it in the nick of time and shut out any entry. When staring at the Great Clock's control switch, Clank recalls Orvus' and Sigmund's warnings about the Clock's sacredness as they conflict with his friendship with Ratchet. Until he remembers the Plumber's odd advice: "I wouldn't risk any more than six minutes." Clank then turns back time six minutes, and promptly saves Ratchet, with time and space none the worse for wear.
    • Sigmund also gets a much-understated one: in both timelines, his first instinct upon seeing Azimuth going berserk is to face the "scary demon Lombax" head-on, and just about gives Clank enough time to save Ratchet in the original timeline. In the altered timeline Azimuth manages to beat him before Ratchet and Clank can arrive, but it's still a satisfying moment considering how he spent half the game hiding from both danger and his own inner sadness over Orvus' disappearance. Seeing him come into his own is enough to show you why he earned the role of Senior Caretaker.
  • The RYNO V. The deadliest and most awesome weapon in the known universe so far, with missiles and bullets galore to utterly decimates the competition, and it plays the 1812 Overture to boot. You will be satisfied upon finally getting it.
  • It's heavily implied via Space Radio news that Max Apogee is indeed alive following his ambiguous fate mentioned last game. How would he have disappeared, you ask? Why, only by jumping dimensions to save Angela Cross' life from Tachyon! And the WildStorm comics pretty much confirm it!

    Rift Apart 
  • Meta example: Ratchet and Clank are BACK. In a full-length, original adventure for the first time since A Crack in Time, and taking place after Into the Nexus. That alone would be enough to appease long-time fans, but the game's premise goes above and beyond the basics: Dr. Nefarious has returned, and he seems to have broken the walls of reality, causing infinite dimensions to collapse on one another.
    • The announcement trailer alone shows Ratchet and Clank being thrown across different dimensions and realities: a version of Sargasso from Tools of Destruction, an unknown world with a mining aesthetic, a brand new city called Megalopolis akin to those seen on Kerwan or Igliak, a version of Torren IV's Molonoth Fields from A Crack in Time, a darker, unknown city that looks akin to Haven City, and finally a version of the Ublik Passage on Ardolis from Tools of Destruction. All of these locations are played through consecutively within the span of a single minute.
    • Then, after Ratchet and Clank are separated by a Kraken attack on the last world, Clank arrives in another dimension that seems to have been conquered by Dr. Nefarious. Clank is certain that they have failed, and he and Ratchet are separated from one another yet again. Cue a brand new heroine showing up—a female Lombax. The folks at Insomniac Games are pulling out all the stops for this truly ambitious adventure, and it shows.
    • And after that we have an in-depth story and gameplay trailer, with even more cool stuff being thrown at us left and right— Rivet, the new Lombax, can wall-run among other cool things, there's world-shifting mechanics and not just portal-jumping involved, and of course... more cool weapons and gadgets for both Lombaxes to toy with. It's the end of the world, and we are feelin' fine.
  • Another meta example: the visuals for this game look absolutely stunning, even giving the 2016 film a run for its money in terms of fidelity. Ray-tracing has been added to Clank's model to make it look even more bright and beautiful than it was last game. Ratchet's fur and clothes are even more detailed and his fur especially flows in complex directions across his body. The level of complex detail and lighting on absolutely everything from the enemies to the lighting to the environments is a sight to behold. To give an example, this screenshot of Ratchet running from sandsharks? That's not concept art. That's taken from the game in real time. If the last game and Spider-Man (PS4) were meant to be Insomniac's showings of what the PlayStation 4 could do, this game is the quintessential example of the PlayStation 5's capabilities.
    • Yet another meta example: the game allows you to do something never seen before in the series... you can jump between settings almost instantly using the dimensional rifts. No loading times whatsoever, just jumping from planet to planet as easily and quickly as you can walk. Another utterly phenomenal showcase of the PS5's solid state drive and what it can achieve.
  • A personal one for Dr Nefarious is, when Emperor Nefarious is complaining about how his seeming ultimate victory just feels empty, Doc points out that because the Emperor has always equated happiness with success, absolute victory robs his counterpart's life of any future happiness or meaning. This marks the first time Emp's becomes truly angry in the game, showing that Doc's statement hit home, and showcasing growth for his character.
    • In a scene during the credits, it shows Doc standing outside of Emp's empty office, representing the power vacuum left behind with the defeat of the tyrant. However, instead of stepping in and trying to conquer Rivet's dimension, one that is indicated to be far easier to conquer, Dr Nefarious turns out the lights and walks away. He's learned from his experiences here and has come to realize that happiness should not be equated with success, since whether you attain it or not, it doesn't end well. He instead returns home to spend time with Lawrence and his family, including their newborn child, having realized that there are other things that can make him happy.

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