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Thanks to over-the-top characters and an increasingly stranger arsenal, our favorite Lombax and robot (along with their assortment of allies and foes) sure have a lot of yuks to give. Fair warning: you might be here for a little while.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Games with their own pages:

Mainline games/media:

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  • All of Captain Qwark's crayon-laden mission briefings, as seen in Up Your Arsenal, Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time.
  • Introduced in the Future games, we have: the Groovitron. Nothing (not even the final boss) is immune to it, and every enemy must and will break down and dance to it. It is one of the most humorous achievements to get.
    Tachyon: Don't go anywhere, I intend to kill you just as soon as this song is over.
    • On that note, the small section in A Crack In Time where Ratchet disguises himself as Dr. Nefarious, mostly because you can give multiple Jerkass commands to your minions, including making them dance. Even with the Groovitron, you're mostly focused on blowing shit up, but when you can just repeatedly order your minions to "GET DOWN AND GET FUNKY!", the effect really starts to hit you.
  • In general, getting and/or upgrading your RYNO can make some of the otherwise harder or more dramatic fights in the game pathetically easy and quick enough to be funny. Using A Crack in Time as one example, you have the dark climax of the game with Ratchet and Azimuth fighting over the fate of time itself... only for the upgraded RYNO V to get it over and done with within thirty seconds, and turning the foreboding final boss theme into the triumphant 1812 Overture as a bonus. Who needs courage (or intelligence) when you have... a RYNO?

    The WildStorm tie-in comic 

  • When fighting rampaging warbots, Ratchet runs out of ammo, so he resorts to throwing his gun.
    (Gun bounces off warbot)
    Ratchet: Well, I've got nothin'.
  • One moment that sticks out in particular is the beginning of Ratchet and Clank's conversation after being locked up in the Vartax Detention Center:
    Ratchet: That's it. I'm going to kill Qwark.
    Clank: You say that at least once a year.
    Ratchet: And I mean it every time!
    • And it comes back up in the last place you would expect. When Ratchet's being corralled out of the prison's dining hall with the Agorian he'd just fought with, this is what we're treated to:
      Clank: Ratchet!
      Ratchet: Everything's gonna be fine, pal! Just do me a favor!
      Clank: Anything!
      Ratchet: Kill Qwark for me!

  • "We will die with honor!" "We will die with garbage."

  • This exchange:
    Ratchet: What is this thing anyway? It's been down here for years.
    Clank: This is a GrummelNet Flux Compression Generator. It emits a supercharged blast of radiation at a radius of fifty kilocubits.
    Ratchet: Holy crap!
    Clank: Indeed, it is a quite powerful device-
    Ratchet: No, I mean, "holy crap, I didn't know what this was and almost used it to make pancakes last summer." We really need to start labeling stuff.

  • Clank's solution for keeping Qwark safe in the last issue: taping him to a chair with duct tape. This was probably less to keep the Captain from getting hurt by Zogg and more to keep him from hurting himself. Qwark's reaction is great, too:
    Qwark: Not cool, Clank!

  • The fate of the villain; Zogg ends up on the same chunk of rock Tachyon was seen on. The two end up bickering over who's going to be ruler over the rock.

Side games:

  • There's one conversation in Size Matters that happens to be a direct Call-Back to one of the first scenes from the original game:
    Ratchet: There's Luna, let's get her!
    Clank: Ratchet, do you notice anything strange about Luna?
    Ratchet: Well, she does seem to have an unusually large door coming out of the back of her head.
    Clank: And why is that?
    Ratchet: Because she's... uh, a robot?

  • From Secret Agent Clank:
    Clank: (confused) Ratchet? Is that REALLY you?
    Ratchet: Oh, it's me alright! Big floppy ears, big green eyes, big hands, big- (bends down)
    Clank: RATCHET!
    Ratchet: (pulls up one of his feet) -feet. What?

  • All of Qwark's levels in Secret Agent Clank involve him dictating stories of how he saved several planets from various threats for his autobiography. The funny part is that they are all increasingly obvious bullshitting contests.
    Qwark: ''(while fighting a shoddy Space Asian knockoff of Godzilla) Did I mention he was tall as a building and could shoot laser beams from his eyes?


  • Most of the games' subtitles. Going Commando? Up Your Arsenal? Size Matters? A Crack In Time? Full Frontal Assault?
    • For anyone confused by Rift Apart, swapping the F and P will give you "Ript Afart". Silent but deadly.
  • Clank is voiced by David Kaye. While Kaye has also voiced powerful robots, such as Optimus Prime and Megatron, he's also voiced Sesshomaru. Knowing that last fact will make it impossible to take either character's voice seriously.
  • From Mike Stout and Tony Garcia's Let's Play/Director's Commentary of Going Commando, whenever they talk about User Testing:
    What's the safest thing to do?
    Hit it with the wrench!
    • Whenever they talk about anything innovative in the game:
    Tony: I'd like to think that [insert name of popular game known for certain type of gameplay here] took an example from us for our [insert type of gameplay here].
  • From Mike and Tony's Up Your Arsenal Let's Play, where Tony describes his 72 hour stay at the office to clean out bugs from the game:
    Tony: By the end of [the 72 hours] Ted Price came up to me and was like "How long have you BEEN here?" and I stopped for a second and was like, "What day is it?" and he's like, "Go home. Go home right now."
  • Ratchet & Clank: Life of Pie is one laugh after another.
    • When the heroes are stealing the Portalizer from Dr. Nefarious;
    Ratchet: (To Clank) Less talky, more escapey!
    Nefarious: There is no escapey! (Confused) Wait, is that even a word?
    Ratchet: It is now! (Creates a portal in the floor) See ya later, suckers!
    (Ratchet takes Clank down the portal)
    Ratchet: Ha-ha! (Zoom out to show they are back in the showroom, with Nefarious pointing a blaster) Annnd we're back.