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The Plumber is the resident Physical God of the Ratchet & Clank verse.
  • Come on, he's almost always two steps ahead of the boys, and shows up in some very weird places. The most impressive of which being Clank's subconscious. And how else could he know the significance of six minutes?
    • A little weird that he would be short 400 bolts for an escape ship ride in the first game...
      • Well, he probably can't use his powers in ways that would be obvious to the mortals.
      • He could have merely been waiting there to give the pair his infobot. The 400 bolts was just For the Lulz.
    • I thought the whole "six minutes" thing was a joke referring to the time limit in old Mario games, considering the amount of Mario references in that scene. But it works both ways.
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    • This troper decided that he was less of a Physical God and more of an Author Avatar for Insomniac. He's influenced by them in order to show up when and where the plot requires it and by extension save Ratchet and Clank's butts by providing items and/or advice.
  • The Plumber is obviously a Time Lord.
  • I always thought he was a guardian angel.
  • His son, Gary, clearly has some sort of space-time mystical powers.

The Plumber is a Plumber.
  • Proof: He obviously has a lot of useful items on hand like the hexagonal washer, works as a plumber, but seems more useful than that, and regularly converses with alien species.

The Lombaxes' technological prowess was due to them having more fingers.
  • Almost everyone but the Lombaxes (even the human-like Captain Qwark) has two sausagey fingers and a thumb on each hand, not exactly the dexterous and nimble digits required for working with complex electronics.
    • I'll accept Word of God here, but have we seen Lombaxes without their gloves on? In Going Commando, it's clearly shown that people make five-fingered gloves for three-fingered species.
      • Its canonosity is questionable, given that it's a skin, but... Bancho Ratchet?

Related to the above, the reason Ratchet keeps crashing ships is that the controls are designed for three-fingered hands.
  • Lombax hands seem to be fairly large in relation to their bodies, and despite the dexterity required for most gadget-tinkering, it's entirely possible that the reason he keeps crashing his ships is that the controls are built around the more common three-finger scheme and he keeps hitting the wrong button with "extra" fingers (remember, even the ship he built himself at the start of the first game was made following Gadgetron plans). Alternatively, perhaps Lombaxes in general are poor pilots (despite similar skills being needed in controlling any craft, including land vehicles and low-altitude hovercraft), and their poor skills necessitated Aphelion and similar ships have their own AI to compensate.

Mega-Corp sent Angela to Grelbin to "erase" her.
  • She says her house there was part of Megacorp's "generous bonus package". However, Grelbin is pretty much THE definition of a Death World, even by the standards of the series: The surface is an arctic wasteland utterly INFESTED with Demonic Spider Y.E.T.Is, the caves are filled with lava (and contain enormous dinosaur-esque skeletons, implying even WORSE things used to live here), the few outposts are patrolled by rogue robots that will shoot anything that moves and the only method of communication is Galactic Greetings. Why they would send her to live there of all places certainly arouses some suspicion. Furthermore, Angela is the only scientist who worked on the protopet (that you know of) who wasn't killed by it. Judging by what she was capable of doing with her inside knowledge, it makes sense Megacorp would have wanted her out of the way.

The next Big Bad will be the Lombaxes.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can, check. Well-Intentioned Extremist, check. After fleeing through the Dimensionator, the lombaxes grew bitter over their defeat by Tachyon. Soon, they became angry with the entire galaxy for not bothering to aid them. The next game/saga/whatever will revolve around the now very PO'ed lombaxes coming back to demolish any and everyone they believe has wronged them. Why? They're cat-people. Cats are vengeful little fluffballs on their own WITHOUT the super-powered arsenal they've gotta be packing. Plus, if Azimuth was a gauge on the average Lombax personality, ("Don't hesitate! Act first, ask questions later!") then they may not listen to reason.
    • Although, Azimuth was anything but mentally balanced. He was blinded by guilt, since he unwittingly played a large part in the destruction of the Lombaxes. I do feel the Lombaxes would feel pretty pissed about the fact that nobody tried to help them, however.
    • I would SO buy that game.
    • To add to the drama: Ratchet's mother leads them.
      • This troper doubts this, as Azimuth very nearly cements the idea that Ratchet's mother died in Tachyon's initial invasion.

  • Ask yourself: Why does Lawrence tolerate Nefarious's abuse, obnoxiousness and stupidity? Simple: Lawrence himself is the brains behind Nefarious's schemes, but he keeps Nefarious around because he needs his expertise of creating superweapons. Lawrence lets Nefarious believe that he's the boss because he knows that a megalomaniac like Nefarious would never be content to be a mere subordinate and he lets everyone else believe so as well so that Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and the Q-Force will target Nefarious instead of him. That way, he has ample time and peace to plot everything behind the scenes.
    • According to the Qwark Vid-Comics, Nefarious himself used to be an organic being. So why does he hate squishies? Because Lawrence installed that mindset onto his new brain! (Possibly while attending to the soap opera glitch).
    • At the end of A Crack in Time, the autopilot on Nefarious's ship supposedly malfunctions, resulting in Nefarious's death while Lawrence escapes. The truth is, Lawrence deliberately sabotaged the ship because at this point, Nefarious had outlived his usefulness. How so? Lawrence had spent most of the game in the Great Clock spying on Clank and if you speak to Lawrence while disguised as Nefarious and ask him where he is, he will say that he is inspecting the Orvus Chamber. Who's to say Lawrence didn't find a way to duplicate the time changing abilities of the Great Clock while he was there, thus eliminating any need to risk the universe or keeping Nefarious around. Which means that at the end of A Crack in Time, Lawrence is still at large and has everything he needs to construct a new time machine...
      • For what it's worth, it has been confirmed by the upcoming comic book series that Lawrence managed to teleport himself and Nefarious off the ship, and both are still at large. I assume Lawrence got Nefarious back in working order - possibly restoring him from a system back-up?
      • Which really just supports the theory. Why would Lawrence rescue Nefarious without some ulterior motive?
    • It's pretty likely that Lawrence is up to something. It's possible he may have something to do with the events in the upcoming All 4 One game. In any case, I imagine he'll either be the one to finally off Nefarious or at least usurp control of the Dr's next big scheme.

Lawrence was really working for someone else the whole time.
  • It's not entirely out of the question that various galactic authorities or even other evildoers would've wanted to keep an eye on Nefarious. To do so, one of them sent in Lawrence. He would be the perfect spy due to Nefarious' Genre Blindness, able to report the Mad Scientist's schemes to his superiors or just sabotage them without being suspected at all.

Ratchet has a crush on Talwyn.
  • The only explanation I can think of for his thoughtful expression when "President" Qwark brings up Talwyn in the upcoming comic series.

Nefarious doesn’t consider Qwark his arch nemesis anymore
  • In “Unnecessarily Evil Initiative Omega-91” and “Five Bolts Wasted” it’s implied that Nefarious knew Qwark was “Nurse Shannon” the entire time (which, to be honest, would be hard for a sentient being with the IQ of a candle not to notice) and either a) Didn’t care enough to do anything to get rid of him or b) was planning to use this to his own advantage, later on. In the latter cutscene, when the doctor is talking to Ratchet and Clank he references Up Your Arsenal by saying “Thanks to you...and your dimwitted friend here, I found myself drifting through the cosmos”. It’s unlikely that the “dimwitted” part is referring to either of them, which leaves Qwark. Comparing this to the way Nefarious referred to Qwark in Up Your Arsenal leads to the aforementioned conclusion.

Ratchet and Clank's retirement was influenced by Alister's death
  • In one of the preview images of the upcoming comic, Alister’s wrench is visible hanging up on the wall of the garage on Veldin (for those of you curious, the “But just once, can’t the universe take care of itself?” panel). Later on, when Qwark’s asking for help, Ratchet refuses, but is noticeably concerned for Talwyn’s well being. Incorporating another WMG: Ratchet doesn’t have a crush on her, but doesn’t want another friend of his to get hurt or die and since they worked together in Quest for Booty, it might just be too close to home for him. This could be why he and Clank retired in the first place— not just Talwyn, but for all of their friends. Good examples are when Ace Hardlight shot Al in Deadlocked, or the ending of Tools of Destruction in its entirety.
    • Confirmed when Ratchet is holding Alister's watch later in the comic, discussing with Clank his wish not to get involved in the disappearing planets case.
      Clank: Replacing a busted warp capacitor never saved someone's life.
      The next panel is a close-up on Alister's portrait inside the watch.
      Ratchet: Maybe - but it never took one, either. Do what you have to do, pal. But I'm staying here.

Kaden Orchestrated All of the Events in Every Game.

  • Hear me out—I'm not going to speculate on whether Kaden is alive or not, though it's possible he's alive despite the claims he's dead. Whether he has somehow survived or was killed off, the theory still works. He knew that the Solana Galaxy would be host to a number of critical events, and was able to predict what was needed. Specifically, he was able to tell about Drek’s plan while Orxon was still inhabited. He was able to tell that Veldin was key in Drek's plan, and sent Ratchet there, knowing he'd stop him.
After that, he needed Ratchet to leave Solana for three reasons:
1—He knew Ratchet would slack off.
2—He wanted Ratchet to meet Angela Cross.
3—He knew that Dr. Nefarious was going to be coming, and that if Ratchet was there at the time of the attack, he'd be at risk.
So, he knew that Ratchet needed to go to the Bogon Galaxy. If alive, he could've personally suggested to Qwark a fresh start, or if dead, set up something which made Qwark think of a fresh start. This triggers Going Commando, which gets Ratchet back into action.
When Dr. Nefarious attacks Veldin, it once again kicks Ratchet into action, where he had (once again) began to slack off and was not prepared. Returning, he felt obligated to help stop Nefarious, and would become Nefarious’s main foe rather than Qwark because of it. If Kaden predicted Clank's presence (or is alive and knows of it), he could’ve allowed Ratchet to also be set up as the side-kick to Clank (when in fact it's generally the other way around) so that people would want to eliminate Clank. As demonstrated in both the second and third games, it's easy enough for Ratchet to save Clank, but it's harder the other way around, hence the need for Secret Agent Clank.
When that ended, he set up Gleeman Vox to capture Ratchet—who was slacking off in the Phoenix. This both freed the heroes of the galaxy (which'd allow for Ratchet's work load to be reduced somewhat), and ensured that Ratchet would always be ready, not caught off-guard slacking.
Size Matters is something I'm not as sure on, but it could have happened because Ratchet needed a somewhat easier adventure, while still not slacking off.
Secret Agent Clank, however, is clearly meant to make Clank slightly more capable, preparing him for his eventual independence shown at Crack in Time. (Again, this requires Kaden to either have predicted Clank or know of his existence and be alive.)
With Ratchet now older and more capable, never to be caught off-guard, Tools of Destruction was set off because it was necessary to see Tachyon's reign come to an end in their home galaxy and for Ratchet to basically get set on the trip to find everything Lombax-related.
Since the events of Tools were setup for Crack in Time, he was ready (after Quest for Booty) to continue the journey and re-unite with Clank, while meeting another Lombax, Alister Azimuth. This would allow for Ratchet to know all of his past, and Kaden being able to predict/already know that Nefarious would return, knew that Ratchet would need to stop him.

With everything in rest after Crack in Time, Ratchet effectively chose to retire—and Kaden didn't want that to happen. And that's where Zogg comes in. This darker storyline wouldn't be possible if Ratchet hadn't been aged and grown from who he originally was. His planet was a very important choice. All of this eventually leading up to Ratchet learning more about his fate.
* Furthermore, we know that Kaden wasn't very happy with Tachyon, but that Alister talked him into it. Kaden had the ability to think things through, and Alister was impulsive. Since they were best friends, it figures that they were either very similar or very opposite in personalities, meaning that if Alister was impulsive, there's a good chance Kaden was a smart Lombax.

  • Alister does outright state Kaden was "[as] smart as they come".
  • And it might even be that when they were younger, their positions were reversed—this would explain a lot. Ratchet started impulsive and is just like his father, according to Alister, but he's becoming increasingly less impulsive and thinking things through more. Since he's begun to think things through, he's becoming more like Kaden would have been like.
  • Could Kaden be a psychic? Perhaps he tried his best in order to avert a coming catastrophe, but he couldn't stop it.

Helga used to be/is a Valkyrie
  • Just look at Cassiopeia, Carina and Libra and tell me they aren't the same model (at least, I assume they're robots... Nefarious was getting cozy with Cassiopeia, at any rate, and I doubt he'd bother with a 'squishie'). Helga is a Norse name, and fits in with the Valkyrie theme, and she has that obsession with fitness... I have no idea if there's any official material commenting on this, but that's why I'm putting the theory here.
    • Confirmed by Word of God in The Art of Ratchet and Clank; page 183 mentions that this is Helga's species.

Chainblade is a ex Thugs 4 Less member
  • For one, his Monstropedia entry lists him home planet as Snivelak, and he does have quite a large resemblence to them. He could just be of the same species, but seeing as every other Snivelak resident in the game is a member of Thugs 4 Less, it's safe to assume he has at least some connection to them.

Mr. Zurkon is Clank's REAL father!
  • Seriously? The old energy being is Clank's father. I know he really means Clank's creator, but by the way he talks, I'm not so sure. It makes more since that Clank's father was another robot. It's obviously Mr. Zurkon. That's why Clank is so awesome.
  • Alternatively, Mr. Zurkon was the original base for the robot line that Clank originated from. When Drek was killed, Grummel Prime sued for compensation on account of being the last survivor of his race, and got the rights to the Mr. Zurkon blueprint.

Clank saving Ratchet with the Great Clock will have some kind of effect
  • Even though Clank was smart enough to heed the Plumber's warning of no more than six minutes, there is likely some kind of consequence that has yet to be seen. While it probably won't be on the same scale as the Sands of Times Prince of Persia trilogy, it's fair to assume that altering history directly with the Great Clock may have unforseen repercussions.
  • Technically, there was; after Clank rescued Ratchet, Alister later died in his place. Of course, that was just the (almost) immediate result of Clank's use of the Great Clock.

Orvus is not dead
  • A Crack in Time does seem to be pretty vague about the entire event. On one hand, Orvus appeared quite weakened, but his disappearance, and the dialogue itself don't quite say he's "dead", just gone. It's possible that because of Nefarious' Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler attacking him, Orvus' natural ability to teleport may have been affected and caused him to be blasted into another dimension.
    • I don't believe Orvus to be dead, either. Besides, he narrates the story, and what he says at the end of the game is clearly not recorded...
      • Confirmed by TJ Fixman on Twitter. It's likely that he escaped back to the native Zoni dimension.

There will be one more trilogy
  • Likely it will be made for the Playstation 4, and will tie up every loose end. It may also involve the unknown alien race Tachyon meets in the comic books.
    • Ratchet's real named (hinted by Tachyon)
    • The real fate of Orvus
    • Whether Ratchet ever gets to reunite with the rest of the Lombax race
      • Jossed (for now)note . There's going to be a reboot.

The Smuggler is a Shout-Out to Moneybags
  • A somewhat-shifty character who happens to show up wherever you need to go, offering something you need to progress for "a modest fee". Though the Smuggler is actually more trustworthy than Moneybags, which is really saying something. Both have worked for the protagonist's enemies at some point: Moneybags for the Sorceress, and the smuggler's implied connection with the Kerchu. (granted, they weren't the main antagonists of the game, but it's something.) Given that both series were made by the same company, this isn't altogether unlikely.

Lombax Heritage
  • As a one off joke in Zordoom prison, the security system mentions a line about prisoners, who are descended from Lombaxes. At first, I was like, 'That's impossible', until I thought about Different genetic rules. Well, here's my idea. If is completely possible for a child to be born of two parents from different species, if one of those parents is a Lombax. For example, if a male Lombax had a child with, say, a Cazar, then the child would be born a Cazar, but with some sort of trait exclusive to the Lombax race, like blonde fur, or similar stripe patterns. However, if the Lombax was the mother, then the child would be born a Lombax, but with traits of the father, such as darker fur. They inherit different traits with different non-Lombax parent. Of course, of the father was the Lombax, you're not a Lombax yourself, thus the same rules don't apply to you, Unless generations of inbreeding were taken into account. This would probably make a good plot device, if Ratchet ever has a kid with Angela/Sasha/Talwyn/All three. Oh, no. I just created about 50 shipping fics, haven't I?

The Great Clock is the reason Ratchet and/or Clank have infinite lives in the games.
  • The Plumber's warning, and the final portion of the game, clearly show that it's safe to rewind time six minutes so Clank can undo Ratchet's death. Now, we know that Orvus must have been keeping an eye on Clank—his final message proves that. He surely would have seen that Ratchet is both a good friend and a valuable ally to Clank; perhaps he programmed something into the Great Clock that would automatically rewind time to undo any death suffered by either of the duo in the games. Due to the checkpoint system at work in the series, it's not often that a death will set you back more than six minutes of gameplay. So every time that Ratchet/Clank has fallen off a cliff, or been shot by an enemy, or crushed by a deadly mechanism he had to walk past, or any of the other myriad deaths it's possible to suffer in the games, the Clock acted on Orvus' programming directive and rewound time so that he DIDN'T die. Voila! Infinite lives. As to why it didn't automatically revive Ratchet when Azimuth killed him...Clank may have disrupted it by being in such close proximity to the Chamber. Alternatively, it could be that Orvus had some limited knowledge of the future (he is the smartest Zoni, after all) and knew Clank would be able to handle that specific situation.

None of the News Updates in ACiT can be trusted
  • Let's face it, the series doesn't have the best history with news anchors. Darla Gratch was arguably the most competent of the bunch when she wasn't being devoured by ameboids, but Dallas and Juanita were a thinly veiled Take That! at biased news stations and didn't hesitate to snipe at one another or lie on air instead of doing any actual reporting. Pepper Fairbanks and Kip Darling have a dynamic that's suspiciously similar to Dallas and Juanita; Kip explicitly calls Pepper out on being unprofessional and Pepper doesn't have any qualms about doing the same. Some of the information that they've relayed has been contradicted by the other games and the comic, and, on occasion even Word of God. Granted, that last one isn't worth much, all things considered, but that lends credence to the theory in and of itself.

9th grade Biology was Dr. Nefarious's Start of Darkness
  • Qwark's brutal bullying of Nefarious caused Nefarious to hate Biology, and by extent all organic life forms.
    • I have to agree on you. Many villain get a Start of Darkness thanks to being bullied at school.

The next Big Bad will be Tachyon and Artemis Zogg.
  • Yes, the two of them are trapped in that other dimension, but who's to say they won't find anything else in there with the means to cross back to the main universe? To make things suitably epic, maybe they'll find a whole army they can bring with them, or something powerful enough to threaten all three galaxies. That way everyone would have to get involved in stopping them, including Nefarious. We might not get lucky enough to have him playable again, but having him as an ally would still be amusing...

Nefarious will pull a Heel–Face Turn in his next appearance
  • Come on, you saw that video at the end of him with that photograph, right?

The Plumber is Mario!!!
  • Suddenly the whole "Six Minutes" line in A Crack in Time makes perfect sense. It turns out Mario looks like that because there are some pretty wierd mushrooms in the Ratchet & Clank universe...

Qwark bought a LOT of Stunderwear
  • Ratchet casually mentions that Stunderwear is a big seller on Umbris, a world in the first game that is home to Qwark's base. If what I think is true (that Stunderwear is a weapon) and with what Qwark usually adds...
    • Alternatively: Qwark bought mass quantities of Stunderwear in an effort to perfect a certain device's -ahem- effectiveness. The result? Why, The Happy Platypus, of course!
      • The original poster would like to point out that he was kidding and that he added this guess as a joke... and would like to add that... how does stunderwear work, exactly? Does it have to be charged separately or is it one use only? Wait... that would explain why it's a big seller...

The crystals from Going Commando are related to the Zoni
  • They served pretty much the same purpose, gameplay-wise: fixing a trashed ship. Maybe, since the Zoni inhabit robotic bodies in order to exist in one dimension, the crystals are part of their shells.

The High-speed-inter-planetary-transportation-gizmo was inspired by Qwark
  • Part 3 of "Behind the Hero" claims that, after being imprisoned, Qwark "Flushed himself to freedom" in a scene at is A) absolutely ridiculous and B) strangely similar to the Plumber's exit in Tools of Destruction. Unlikely though it is, it's also kind of a hilarious thought.

There's a reason why Ratchet's so short compared to all other Lombaxes
  • Whoever acted as his caretaker in his childhood (if he even had a caretaker) didn't know the dietary requirements of Lombaxes, and fed him inappropriate food for years. As a result, Ratchet never received the nutrients a growing Lombax should receive, and his growth was permanently stunted.
    • Jury's out on whether Grimroth is canon to the original continuity, but given how cantankerous he is I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case for reboot!Ratchet.
    • In the case of Ratchet reaching the Lombax dimension in some future game and reuniting with his family, I can see them making a Running Gag of "haven't they been feeding you right?"
  • Alternatively, Ratchet's still an adolescent, Lombaxes live for centuries and don't reach adulthood until they're 50.

The Plumber just appeared on the Starship Phoenix II
Or rather, Zurgo in disguise did. The Plumber couldn't have been invited, because then the actual Plumber would have known about it. One day, Zurgo just appeared onboard, and nobody questioned it because they know what the Plumber is like.

The Dimensionator is the logical conclusion of the Hat-Conomy.
  • The world of Team Fortress 2, whether as a game or a thing that really happened, exists in the far, far past of the R&C universe, and sometime in that far past, it has arrived at the design singularity of merging hats with weaponry and gadgets. Hence the ridiculous size of Dimensionator when unfolded - it contains every hat and weapon ever made by TF Industries.

Into the Nexus will be a Halloween episode
  • It's set for release near the end of 2013 and is apparently going to be a slightly scarier game. So, I'm calling it. Captain Slag will return with Space Pirate Ghosts... and Space Ninja Vampires

Courtney Gears is really a spoof of Koda Kumi
  • The only thing I see that Gears has in common with American Pop is her name being a parody of Britney Spears (and sharing a quote with her). But looking at her appearance and music video brings J-Pop to my mind, instead. Particularly after I've played Final Fantasy X-2 for the very first time.

We will finally find out what happened to Max Apogee in Into the Nexus
Insomniac has kept us in the dark about this long enough. Considering Talwyn is confirmed to be in the game, this could be the perfect opportunity to touch upon that subject.
  • Jossed.

Clank is related to Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot.
Clank is known as XJ-0461. Jenny was XJ-9, so her soul was also created by Orvus.

Clank is a Time Lord.
I cannot believe nobody has typed this. Just look at his role as a time keeper in A Crack in Time!

Ratchet is The Doctor.
Sometime in the future of Doctor Who, The Doctor's memories were erased, and he was turned into a Lombax. Before, he believed that he was the only Time Lord left until he found out that Gallifrey may still exist. Now, he really is alone as a Lombax. He believes that he is seeking the rest of the Lombaxes when he is actually seeking the rest of the Time Lords. His Omniwrench is his sonic screwdriver.

Qwark and Nefarious are Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
If Tuvok and Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager can become Tuvix, then surely Qwark and Nefarious can merge and become Quark. Either that or Quark was split into them, with Qwark getting the name, albeit misspelled, and Nefarious getting the voice.

Thugs-4-Less are Zorgons.

Quark's Heel–Face Turn is due to his amnesia
As in, he was a lot more despicable before he lost his memories and by remaking his mind with the Vid-Comic he experienced an accidental Heel–Face Brainwashing.

Orvus's permission to let Clank do what he wanted was a case of Blue-and-Orange Morality
Orvus is ancient, possibly timeless. He describes a period of 3000 years as "short". A few decades (i.e. the lifespan Ratchet has left) is nothing. Orvus has no problem with letting his son faff about with his pet mortal for a while; he'll pick up his duty once the organic's dead.

The film / remake game is going to take place not as a a reboot but a simultaneous timeline
The film will just tell the standard story of the first game / Up Your Arsenal (Nefarious is in the movie) and the game will have a longer plot that takes place just after Into the Nexus in the main universe - the film!verse will be where the Lombaxes fled to, one where Tachyon never started his empire, and Ratchet's backstory will be different!

The retelling of the origin via the 2016 game and movie will be explained by time travel.
There was time travel in A Crack in Time, after all. Someone will use the Great Clock to go back in time and change the timeline to what we will see in the PS4 game and the movie.

All Lombaxes are capable of fancy feats of jumping.
Ratchet can Double Jump, and Azimuth can jump over things In a Single Bound, so I don't think it's far-fetched to assume that all Lombaxes can do things like this.
  • Well, Lombaxes are cat-like creatures so it wouldn't be surprising.

Shellshock and Captain Qwark are the same alien species.
We know Shellshock was a cyborg and not a robot. Assuming his mechanical body was designed after the look he had when he was still fully organic (a humanoid, Top-Heavy Guy with three fingers per hand and no visible nose), it's not that much of a stretch to assume that he and Qwark possibly hail from the same world.

Kaden may appear in the beginning of the 2016 movie.
Probably as a Fanservice. Fans may be able to hear his voice finally. And maybe Ratchet's mom could also appear along Kaden. However, this scene will be tragic since a father says good-bye to his son, so people cannnot be just excited of seeing Kaden.
  • Jossed. He's not even referenced.

Grim saved Ratchet from Tachyon
Grim hails from the Polaris galaxy. What if he was a friend of Kaden's who fled to the Solana galaxy with a young Ratchet at Kaden's request and has been raising him ever since?
  • Likely jossed as far as the movie is concerned—Ratchet says that he "crash landed" on Veldin as an infant (a la Superman or Goku).

The reason Ratchet isn't a Jerkass in the reboot is because he had a parental figure in the new timeline
In the later games in the original series it's implied that Ratchet grew up by himself on Veldin, whereas in the new continuity Grim definitely raised him (there's a picture of Ratchet as a baby next to one of the workstations in the PS4 game). He also didn't have any friends of any kind until he met Clank. So, by growing up with someone familiar he became less of an impatient brat compared to the original game.

The new setting is possible via Time Travel
In a new timeline Ratchet and Azimuth successfully traveled back in time and prevented Tachyon from betraying the Lombaxes and driving them into another dimension... except it was a Bad Future since Ratchet never stopped Drek from destroying planets. Seeing as it was the lesser of the two evils Azimuth prevented the change to the timeline and allowed Tachyon to nearly wipe out the Lombaxes, but did make a positive change by helping as many people flee from Tachyon's empire into a different galaxy including a young Ratchet. This is why Fungoids and Tharpods, races native to the Polaris Galaxy, and why Cora, a Markazian (same rule) has a symbol of the Tachyon empire on her forehead.

The 2016 game and film are actually a new continuity, despite Insomniac's claims, and Going Commando never happened in it.
In the original game, Captain Qwark was disgraced after his siding with Drek became public knowledge and he concocted the plot of Going Commando in order to regain his good publicity. In the film, he only needs to apologize (a lot, but still), and in the game, despite the fact that he's in jail, he doesn't seem too peeved about it, and neither does the public. Without the disgrace, he wouldn't need to find "a new galaxy, with a new fanbase, so [he] can rescue them from a new disaster", meaning that the well-intentioned Abercrombie Fizzwidget never gets locked in a closet and would probably listen to Angela Cross when it comes to the Protopet's violent tendencies, and fix it before the Protopet gets released to the public. Problem solved!

The Zoni and the Nethers originally came from the same dimension
.It sort of makes sense. Both species require protective metal suits in order to survive in Ratchet's dimension. And there is a connection between the rifts that the Nethers are using and the Great Clock that is clearly mentioned in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. Perhaps the Nethers forced the Zoni to flee to a different dimension at some point in the distant past.

The "give or take 50 feet" bit is the reason the Great Clock doesn't work as a time travel device.
Sure, the Clock falling apart due to Azimuth trying to use it as one could be chalked up to the clock getting overwound and breaking that way, but just the same result could occur when the Clock's gears get caught on other gears in it and the user just keeps forcing the Clock to rotate and clash against itself. If the Clock was in the absolute center of the universe, it's gears wouldn't clash at all and it could be used as a true time travel device - something that Orvus noticed while building and abused to save on material costs where generating his own materials was inferior to buying them wholesale - before realizing how dangerous true time travel is in the wrong hands, followed by intentionally nudging the Clock just off center enough that it starts clashing against itself in six minutes when rewound, but works just fine as an oversized atomic clock.

The Lombaxes had an authoritarian and/or xenophobic government.
Let's look at the evidence: it's shown that even though the Lombaxes were a part of modern history (having been exiled about twenty years before Ratchet defeated Tachyon), very little is known about their society or culture by the rest of Polaris, even without Tachyon's constant anti-Lombax propaganda. And if this Space Radio broadcast (specific line)  is any indication, it's possible that many Polaris citizens don't even know actual basic information about Lombaxes (beyond "they killed the Cragmites"), as further evidenced by Ratchet being singled out as one by many of the people and enemies he meets—again, even outside of Tachyon's sphere of influence. As such, this goes to show that, even if some interaction like economic trading or political representation occurred (along with Lombax settlements seen on Rykan V, Sargasso and possibly Vapedia), the Lombaxes were detached from the rest of Polaris, even before they escaped with the Dimensionator and even if they had a form of influence on Polaris culture (Meridian City's architecture resembles Fastoon's, for example). And on that note, they were perfectly willing to let the rest of the galaxy believe that they committed genocide on an entire race just to hide their technology (though, to be fair, that race was Always Chaotic Evil). Combined with how they mostly lived on a single planet with a hard majority of them escaping the universe all at once (as opposed to how even a Space Amish species like the Fongoids lives on at least three worlds), it's likely that the Lombax ruling class, even if partially out of a believed necessity, made it so their people's interactions with other races would be limited by law. The "authoritarian" part of this WMG is due to how they very likely had many restrictive systems in place to prevent interspecies interaction (as evidenced by how the Rykan V outpost only needs a Lombax to be accessed).

Many of the Ridiculously Human Robots of the setting were roboticized organics.
Sure, Zephyr might have been going senile or referring to his creator when he claimed his mother was a lombax, but there's plenty of other robots who act ridiculously like organics. For instance the pirates eat, drink (a lot), and use the bathroom, though they obviously don't breathe. And roboticization clearly existed before Nefarious built his Biobliterator, if the movie's to be believed the procedure can be performed by overzealous repair bots.

Tachyon's fall to villainy wasn't just due to his Cragmite instincts and loyalty or learning about what the Lombaxes did to them—part of it was due to some bad experiences he had when growing up on Fastoon.
Alternate Character Interpretation is in full force for this one, but hear me out. Even if the fear and hatred towards the Cragmites was completely justified on Polaris' part, it's very likely that Tachyon, as a young child, would have experienced discrimination and the like for being a member of their species, regardless of what values he was raised with or what path in life he would've decided to take. Adding to this is the fact that he may have still kept a fondness for the Lombaxes who'd raised him specifically, given how he took after their inventive nature and kept both of the names that they gave to him even into adulthood. And especially assuming that the "authoritarian government" WMG is true, it's not unlikely that his role as a Cragmite led to his caregivers being shunned at best or even murdered in cold blood at worst for allowing a Cragmite to live. In the latter case especially (which authorities may even have covered up for obvious reasons), it's possible that this is what actually solidified his hatred of the Lombax race, viewing them as pompous hypocrites obsessed with their kind's own superiority—not unlike how the history books described the Cragmites—but also willing to even harm their own people to do what they preach is for the greater good (which isn't too far from the truth considering Azimuth's actions decades later). Over the years, however, Tachyon's egomania regarding his hatred of the Lombaxes and taking back what would be rightfully his became so massive that he lost sight of the ones who were empathic enough to give him a life on Fastoon in the first place, now only contemptuous towards how they "had the gall to pity [him]", essentially becoming the horrible monster of a Cragmite that he was told of in the first place. Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse given everything he did to the Lombaxes and the rest of Polaris, but if this is what his past was really like, it just shows that, for all their reverence as Polaris' saviors, the Lombaxes were ultimately just as flawed in character as any other species.

The Lombaxes were racial supremacists
  • They refused to hand over the blueprints of their technology to anyone who wasn't a Lombax. Their activation-slash-encryption methods for highly confidential information (the co-ordinates doohickey for Rykan V and the door to the Dimensionator beta test enrollment room) consisted of "touch while being a Lombax". This implies they thought anyone who was a Lombax was inherently trustworthy, and anyone who wasn't was inherently untrustworthy. They upheld themselves as saviors and protectors of the galaxy, and the only ones who could get shit done, so to speak. In their opinion the "lesser" races of the galaxy were ticking timebombs at worst and helpless victims to be protected at best. That's why Alister was so willing to risk destroying the entire universe for a chance to bring the Lombaxes back. He held their traditional values, which said the Lombaxes were inherently nobler, better and more worthy than any other race in the universe, therefore risking the annihilation of a few billion "lesser" races was acceptable. Ratchet dodged a bullet by not being raised in their culture.
    • (Also, they were probably sexist, too: "You've travelled far, but to be clear, without a tail your quest ends here." Remember, female Lombaxes supposedly don't have tails.)
    • Sure would give the Lombaxes' catlike traits a new interpretation. Hell, even outside of technological prowess, it's been shown they might have a naturally strong agility (hoverbooting, jumping, etc.), so we can surely add that to the list.

Vendors are actually Matter Replicators
And bolts are not only currency in four galaxies and two universes, but raw materials. The corporations owning the vendors add a convenience fee so they can profit.
  • Emperor Nefarious outlawed all publically-accessible vendor systems in his dimension, hence why the Resistance is reliant on Mrs. Zurkon for their equipment.

The next game after Rift Apart will deal with a threat to the Lombax dimension
Ratchet & Clank and Rivet & Kit were clearly planning to go there at the end of the game. But something will go wrong and something will follow them.
  • Tachyon, either an alternate version who succeeded in wiping out the Lombax or the one from Ratchet’s dimension, having broken free during the rifts.
  • Evil alternate versions of the Lombax, looking to conquer their alternate dimension doubles.

The next game after Rift Apart will have a plot similar to Sonic Forces where Dr. Nefarious has sucessfully conqueroed the galaxy.

Emperor Nefarious Assistant will return as the new Big Bad in the sequel to Rift Apart.
She was able to get away in the end without facing any punishment. She has dreams to conquer the universe as well. She has a score to settle with Rivet. The end credits show that she is being pursued but is able to avoid capture. When she returns, she'll prove to be smarter and more ruthless than both Nefarious' combined.

There are/were two different Nefariouses (in Ratchet's dimension, at least).
This lines up with the "Lawrence controls Nefarious" WMG above. Since Nefarious's debut we are left to assume that he used to be organic and Qwark's classmate-turned-enemy until he underwent Unwilling Roboticization as depicted in the vid-comics...except those vid-comics are hinted to be an unreliable source of information at best and Blatant Lies at worst. Who, aside from Nef himself and Lawrence could witness the villain's transformation, after all?So, it's possible that Nefarious actually dies at the end of Vid-comics 3,and Lawrence decides to start his own evil career. But he doesn't want to draw attention to himself, so he builds Nefarious-2 and lets everyone (including the copy itself) believe it's Nefarious-1. All of Nefarious-2's schemes are actually thought up by Lawrence, and the reason the "good" doctor was fully fixed in Rift Apart and didn't jam anymore? Lawrence was leaving, so he had to make sure Nefarious-2 would not end up losing due to screaming a bit too loud with noone to un-jam him.As for Emperor Nefarious, it may or may not be the same.