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As Ratchet & Clank is a franchise steeped in pop culture and science fiction tropes, there are a large number of Shout Outs, Easter eggs, and references that can be found in all corners of it.

For examples that reference other Insomniac Games or PlayStation titles please see the franchise's dedicated Company Cross References page.

Ratchet & Clank (2002)

  • Ratchet is a mechanic who lives on a desert planet, meets a robot that holds military secrets, and ends up taking out a planet destroying laser weapon. Sound familiar?
    • Upon buying the Persuader in the HD remaster, you will unlock the trophy "These are not the droids you're looking for..."

Going Commando

  • From this entry onward Clank gained a speaking quirk where he (almost) never uses contractions, a characteristic lifted directly from Commander Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. In an amusing coincidence this means Clank even mirrors Data's Early-Installment Weirdness as both characters routinely used contractions before the writers decided to throw in the speaking quirk.
  • Two of the unlockable minigames are retro games recreated in this game: "Space-ish Wars" is a pastiche of Space War starring two sheep, while Sheep Blasters is styled similarly to Space Invaders, starring two Synthenoids shooting sheep.

Up Your Arsenal

  • The Galactic Rangers in the opening stage quote a number of lines from the Alien series, including Stay Frosty and "Game over man!" from Aliens.
  • When Nefarious summons Lawrence halfway through the final boss, he's decked out in rocker gear and claims that he was in the middle of practicing a guitar solo that he dubbed "Bass Odyssey".
  • The Biobliterator's design resembles the Death Star, and Nefarious even built a more powerful second model in secret.


  • Green (one of your combat bots) sometimes yells "Wolverines!" while fighting, a literal Shout-Out to the movie Red Dawn (1984).
  • There's a combat jeep quite similar to Halo's Warthog called the Puma, which was confirmed to be a reference in the comments on episode 20 of Mike Stout and Tony Garcia's developer commentary of Up Your Arsenal.
  • There is one Ace Hardlight as an Exterminator, a reference you might not get unless you're up on your British sci-fi comedies.
  • During a 'slander campaign' by Dallas and Juanita, Dallas refers to Ratchet briefly as "The Butcher of Bogon."
  • At one point, Ace asks Vox what other shows the people could be watching instead of Dread Zone at the moment. One of the suggestions is Queer Eye for the Tyrranoid.
  • Towards the end of the game, on Maraxus, Ratchet is forcibly separated from Merc and Green, and must rescue them one at a time, with the Lovable Coward of the trio rescued last, before a final clash that finishes the planet. This is partly a homage to the Final Boss in Kingdom Hearts, and also to the fourth chapter in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, both involving two members of the Power Trio being captured.
  • Some of the skill points include:
  • Upgrading a weapon to level 10 in the HD remaster unlocks the trophy "Dodge This..."
  • A secret skin only available in the Japanese version is "Saurus Ratchet," which dresses up the lombax in a costume very reminiscent of Godzilla.

Size Matters

  • The Godzilla costume from Deadlocked makes a return, this time being available for all regions as well as being renamed to the much more obvious name of "Ratchetzilla."
  • Getting 8 skill points unlocks a cheat where killing the cows that the Mootator creates will play the sound of a cowbell. The cheat's name, of course, is "More Cowbell."

Future: Tools of Destruction

Secret Agent Clank

Future: A Crack in Time

Comic Miniseries

All 4 One

  • One of the first levels you play through is a training ground monitored by an AI. If you listen to her for more than five minutes, she'll start to remind you of another passive-agressive AI. Once she realizes that the players aren't trainees, but "interlopers", she even tries to deter them by damning them with faint praise and making mostly-useless threats. ("You remember those gold stars I gave you? They're gone now. Try hanging that on the fridge.") On a similar note, more than one villain asks if/how the heroes are "Still Alive"— sometimes several times in a row.
    • Also a different AI, at one point, lies about cake.
  • The Skill Point for beating the game in Grief Mode? "Good Grief".
    • Additionally, there's a skill point named "Judgement day" which you get by launching either Clank or Nefarious into an incinerator.
  • Getting through the laser wall near the end of the game in 45 seconds will get you the "Mission Improbable" trophy.

Full Frontal Assault

  • The very first line is a rather obvious one to Star Trek.
    Qwark: Captain's log. Stardate... uh, let's call it Wednesday.
  • When the Starship Phoenix II gets hacked, what plays over the speakers? The Trololo song.
  • The final boss's Groovitron dances are from Gangnam Style.
  • Purchasing a Groovitron mine for the first time unlocks the skill point "Bring in the Funk...and then Shoot It."
  • A couple of the trophies' names reference other things:

Into the Nexus

Ratchet & Clank (2016)

The Life of Pie Short

Rift Apart