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Awesome moments in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Red and Blue

  • Red is so awesome, he foiled Giovanni's plan before it even started.
    • In Mt. Moon, the Rockets were trying to resurrect powerful fossil Pokémon. You stop them there and take one yourself.
    • At Celadon and Pokémon Tower, they were trying to use the Silph Scope to catch Ghost-type Pokémon. You stop them there and take the Silph Scope, rescuing Mr. Fuji.
    • At Silph Co., NPCs say that Giovanni is after the Master Ball, which can catch any Pokémon. You stop them there and get it yourself.
    • Giovanni is revealed to be the Viridian Gym Leader and possesses the Earth Badge, which makes any Pokémon obey you. They were trying to weaken and capture Mewtwo, and Red stopped him before he could begin.
  • Blue beating the Elite Four before you and becoming the Champion, taunting you about being the most powerful trainer in the world. And then you hand his ass to him in a battle.
  • Storming Silph Co.
    • The company has been taken over by Team Rocket at that point and it's up to you and your Pokémon to liberate it. So how do you do it? Sneak past the guard while he's asleep and charge in head on. It's hard not to feel like a badass kid hero when you're charging through the biggest dungeon in the game, tossing and destroying mooks and admins along the way, while opening doors to free the workers with the Card Key you found. The fast-paced music helps along the way. Made even better in the remakes when you're allowed to run in the building, to add to the sense of urgency and make it feel like you're raiding the building, and nothing can stand in your way.
      • The final boss battle with Giovanni is awesome as well. He has an extremely strong team, and this is your last fight with him before his gym battle.
      • Even better still if you take a Cubone with you into the fight.
  • The first time you beat the Champion and cement your place as the best trainer in the region.
  • Catching or defeating Mewtwo. Doubly awesome if you do so without the Master Ball.
  • You know that episode of Pokémon: The Original Series where Ash's Pikachu beat Lt. Surge's Raichu by simply using speed and evasion over power? It's possible to do that in Yellow; just have your Pikachu start with Thunder Wave and make it spam Double Team until it's near-impossible for Raichu to attack. Then just keep whaling on it with Quick Attack. It may be a cheap tactic, but name one other time where you can follow the anime like this (except for the whole "using its tail to dodge Thunderbolt" thing, of course; that's something that's only possible in the anime).

FireRed and LeafGreen

The remakes add some additional upgrades and content, such as the Sevii Islands as post-game content.
  • Seeing the updated sprites, art style, and amazing GBA color brings a whole new way to see the world of Kanto.
  • The use of held items and abilities, introduced in gen III, allow you to be much more creative with your team, and brings some more competitive aspects to the game.
  • The Sevii Islands are great additional and post-game content.
    • You're first introduced right after you beat the Cinnabar gym. There, Bill takes you to the Islands and gives you a Tri-Pass to travel between them. There, you can see Pokémon from other regions, as well as many other great areas to explore and discover.
    • There, if you have max happiness with your starter Pokemon you can teach them the ultimate move of their type which can only be learned by starter Pokemon: Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant, insanely powerful elemental variations of the move Hyper Beam, a powerful 150-base power Normal-type attack that requires a turn to recharge afterwards. Due to being the same type as your starter, as well as going off their naturally higher Special Attack stats (No physical/Special split meant Hyper Beam was physical), the power difference ends up being astonishing.
    • To make it even better, you can get this move right before confronting a gang of bikers on another island. You can then proceed to wipe the floor with them using your insanely overpowered starter and kick them off the island.
    • After you beat the Elite Four, and have 60 Pokémon caught, you can come back and find that Celio needs your help to build a machine that allows him to establish a connection with the Hoenn region (The game's way of letting you trade with the Hoenn games). You solve a series of ridiculous maze puzzles to find the ruby and sapphire to power Celio's machine.
    • When you find the sapphire, however, you find out that a scientist named Gideon has been trailing you the entire time, and snatches the sapphire before you can grab it, while you're helpless to do anything about it because of Cutscene Incompetence (though he does mention that Red or Leaf is giving him a death glare while he takes it). What do you do in response? You raid the Rocket Base until you find him, using codes you obtained earlier in the game from some mooks and ironically Gideon himself, in "exchange" for stealing the sapphire.
    • To make things better, getting the codes not only allows you to find him by entering the base, where he is hiding, but it allows you to bust Archer and Team Rocket's remnants' entire operation to bring back Team Rocket, and spectacularly foil their plans to wait for Giovanni (who's already said that he would disband Team Rocket).
      • You then proceed to kick his ass in sweet revenge after you've beaten up all of his mooks and Admin Archer. It is quite satisfying to pummel the man that cheated you out of the fetch quest you spent a lengthy amount of time doing.
  • Fighting and/or catching Deoxys on Birth Island if you got the event ticket or used a code to get there.
    • Deoxys's introduction is pretty badass as well. You get off the boat and are greeted by a triangle. One you walk up to it and interact with it, it heats up and moves a few steps away. If you get to it in the least amount of steps possible, it'll move again and get even warmer. Continue this process until it's back in the center. Interact with it again and it will burst open, revealing Deoxys.
    • Same with both Ho-Oh and Lugia on Navel Rock, if you got the event or used a code, minus the theme.
      • Their introductions are no less awesome either. For Ho-Oh, you're on the edge of a cliff after climbing a series of ladders. All of a sudden, Ho-Oh flies down with a cry and greets you. Cue battle.
      • For Lugia, you go the other way and come across a pool of water. There you're immediately face-to-face with Lugia. Once again, cue battle.
      • They're both level 70 as well, so fighting and/or capturing them is no easy task.
  • When you fight them a second time in the remakes, the Elite Four and Blue all have changed up their teams and have even stronger Pokemon with better team synergy and coverage. What do you do? Wipe the floor with them anyways.
    • Their respective teams also become a great deal more awesome as a result of the addition of Johto Pokémon. Lorelei gets a Piloswine to replace Slowbro, both of Bruno's Onix evolve into Steelix, Agatha's Golbat also evolves into a Crobat and she gets a Misdreavus in exchange for her unevolved Haunter, Lance now has two Dragonite and replaced his other Dragonair with a Kingdra, and Blue ends up replacing his Pidgeot and Rhydon with a Heracross and a freaking Tyranitar, the latter of which appears in Blue's rematch in HeartGold and SoulSilver!
  • Entering the Hall of Fame the second time.
  • Capturing your roaming legendary.