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Headscratchers / Pokémon Red and Blue

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  • How did Blue get "a lot of pages added to his Pokédex" by visiting Bill if the latter only has four Pokémon?
    • He could be exaggerating, which wouldn't be out of character.
    • Bill explicitly says he's bummed the Player isn't going to see his entire collection but he should at least check out "some of his rare ones". Bill has many more Pokémon than just Eevee and its evolutions. The player just doesn't take the time to see them. I believe the Fame Checker even states his first Pokémon was an Abra.
  • If Blue has assembled a team that could beat any type, why does he, as a Champion, have the following Pokémon with such moveset on his team?
    • His team in Red/Blue includes:
      • Rhydon with no Rock/Ground attacks
      • Exeggutor with no Grass/Psychic attacks (could have been taught the TMs Psychic/Mega Drain/Solarbeam), and doesn't even have all its moveslot filled! It only knows two normal attacks.
      • Arcanine with a poor Fire attack
      • Giving one TM move to only his starter (Fire Blast for Charizard, Blizzard for Blastoise and Mega Drain to Venusaur).
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    • His team in Yellow includes:
      • Exeggutor has the same problem as in Red/Blue, though its fourth move is Leech Seed.
      • Still giving one TM just to only one of his Pokémon, only this time, it's teaching Earthquake to Sandslash.
    • A mix of not making the game impossible to finish, and Blue just not being as good as he thinks he is. He managed to win, but that doesn't mean he did it handily.
      • I'd go with this one. Blue's pretty unfailingly arrogant the entire time even though - at least in my playthroughs - he gets his ass handed to him every single time he runs into Red. He probably came up with the "beat any type" boast based on having defeated the Elite Four's myriad types.
    • Also, at least some of it could be chalked up to how AI trainers picked their moves in general in Gen 1. Very few trainers aside of Gym Leaders used TM moves. On top of that, Exeggutor only had three moves in its natural learn set back then, nor could Rhydon learn any Rock/Ground moves by level up. I do question why they wouldn't make more exceptions to the TM rule for the Champion, of all battles, but it makes more sense if you look at it that way.
  • How are unidentified ghost Pokemon able to speak? ("Get out... get out...")
    • It could partly be in the character's head. As in, they're spooked out, so they're only imagining the creepy voices.
  • This is more a question for the Fire Red and Leaf Green versions, but how does Pokemon you're not using in battle get "dragged out"?
    • What? When are they said to get "dragged out"? It could be the context of the scene, depending.
      • Any move that forces you to swap Pokémon involves that phrase when they're swapped in.
  • If Mew was added secretly at the last moment by one of the programmers, how does it have its own sprites? The sprite artist would have had to know about it in order to draw them.
    • Depends on who the sprite artist was. Or - just as likely - since the sprites were "scanned" into the game a certain way, that was designed by one of the programmers, then it would be easy for one of the programmers to add his own sprite using that same system.
    • I think it's clear from looking at the sprites that they were manually drawn, as in pixel art, not scanned or digitized.
    • Given how deformed Mew's Red/Green JP sprite looked, it might not have been drawn by someone who's in charge of spritework.
  • What's with the randomness in some of the Kanto starters' English names? Charmander and Charmeleon are based on lizards, not salamanders or chameleons. They only got the lizard part right with Charizard, which is ironic given that by that point it's more of a dragon than a lizard. Likewise, the Bulbasaur line is hardly a dinosaur; more like a frog.
    • Early Installment Weirdness? There actually was quite an argument a few months ago, with a lot of the fandom being flabberghasted when they found out that bulbasaur line is based on frogs, so many people actually didn't see it before it was pointed out to them.


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