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No spoiler tags allowed on these subpages! Read with caution!

Funny moments in Pokémon Red and Blue.

  • Your first conversation with your mom. "All boys leave home someday. It says so on TV."
    • The movie she’s referencing, and the movie on the television? Stand by Me.
    • In the remakes, if you play as a female trainer: "All girls dream of traveling."
  • "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" This single line spoken by a trainer has spawned a whole lot more "shorts" trainers.
    • "HEY! You're not wearing shorts!"
    • Even a girl in B2/W2 who says that her dress is comfy and easy to wear.
  • The Rocket who asks you if you'd like to join the team. "We're a group dedicated to evil using Pokémon!"
  • The unassociated Rocket who accuses you of betraying Team Rocket despite having absolutely no connection with them.
    Rocket Grunt: (After defeating him) You traitor!
  • The fact that you can name your rival whatever you want... The poor guy...
    Oak: That's right! I remember now! His name is Asshat!
  • Defeating Blue can feel like this. He is all cocky and so sure you're going to lose, only for you to hand his ass to him.
    • His desperate attempts to save face are pretty funny as well. When you beat him for the last time before the league, he claims that you still need practice. That's right, dude, I just curbstomped your entire team and I'm the one who needs practice.
  • OH NO! I dropped the lift key!
  • The remakes lampshade how ridiculous it is to pay 500 currency for a Magikarp.
    Player paid an outrageous ₱500 and bought the Magikarp...
    • In the Japanese version, real-life yen is used instead of the fictional Pokémon Dollars, and 500 yen roughly equals 5 USD. Taking this into account, the narrator seems to imply that five bucks is an outrageous price for a Magikarp.
    • Gets even funnier if you have a Gyarados before you'd obtain the fishing rod.
  • If you interact with a TV from the side or back, it tells you "Oops, wrong side".
  • While looking around inside the Celadon Game Corner before traveling to the secret path into Team Rocket's HQ, you can randomly come across the Gym Leader's aide playing the slots.
    Aide: They offer rare Pokémon that can be exchanged for your coins. But, I just can't seem to win!
  • The remakes add a phone to the Rocket HQ. If you examine it, the game says, "It's a phone. Better not use it."
  • In Yellow, Pikachu's reaction to Bill stepping out of the teleporter is priceless.
    • Also in Yellow, after fishing, if you talk to Pikachu, he'll have a bucket on his head.
    • If you talk to the Jigglypuff in the Pewter City Pokémon Center, its singing will put Pikachu to sleep. Its reaction when you wake it up is priceless.
  • The fact that the developers put the Saffron City Gym next to an actual gym, both of the buildings look the exact same, except that the Pokemon gym says GYM twice.
  • Since FireRed and LeafGreen are remakes of Gen 1, with mostly the same Pokémon, if you attempt to evolve any Pokémon with an evolution introducted a later generation such as Golbat or Chansey into Crobat or Blissey before obtaining the National Pokédex, the evolution will suddenly cease with a humorous reaction to the occasion afterwards. This never occurs in any other remake, but it is hilarious when it occurs, even moreso when it happens to people who played through Ruby and Sapphire expecting a Crobat.
  • If you complete the National Dex, Professor Oak lets out a hilarious yell that is juxtaposed with what he says before and after.
    • "Truly, this is a fantastic feat! Wroooooooaaaaaarrrr! Thank you, Player!"
  • On the S.S.Anne, you can see the contents of the sickly captain's wastebasket:
    YUCK! Shouldn't have looked.
  • Due to a quirk in his AI, Blaine (who's supposed to be the second-to-last Gym Leader) will sometimes use Super Potions... on full-health Pokémon. Artificial Stupidity doesn't end there: "good AI" trainers will always use Super Effective moves in battle, regardless of if those moves actually do damage or not. It's possible to render trainers like Lance useless by sending a Fighting or Poison type against them, forcing them to spam Agility and Barrier.
    • Due to this AI combined with another glitch in the way stat changes due to burn/paralyze work, Twitch Plays Pokémon actually beat Misty's Starmie with a Kakuna and a Magikarp after burning it with their Charizard. For some reason, the halving of Attack due to burn is reapplied each time a stat change is made on the turn of the opponent of the burned Pokémon; e.g., when Kakuna used Harden. This meant that by the time Magikarp was sent out, Starmie's physical attacks could do next to nothing. But because Magikarp was a Water-type and thus resistant to other Water-type attacks, she opted for Tackle over Bubblebeam despite Bubblebeam being the superior choice even under normal circumstancesnote  and succumbed to burn damage before it could finish off the Magikarp.
  • Pitting a Weedle against another Weedle. Just watch them use Poison Sting against each other until one of them faints... a glitch in this game will always falsely identify their attacks as "super effective" due to the way dual typing works. Mundane Made Awesome, anyone?
  • In the Celadon City Hotel, although you have to speak to each of them separately:
    Girl NPC: I'm on vacation with my brother and boyfriend. Celadon is such a pretty city!
    Her brother: My sis brought me on this vacation!
    Her boyfriend: Why did she bring her brother?
  • Fixed in the remakes, but the game plays up the mystery of who the final Gym Leader is. Even your coach in the Gym doesn’t know. What’s on the statue right next to him, even before you beat the Gym Leader? "Leader: Giovanni", of course!
  • On Route 12 (south of Lavender Town), one of the Fishermen says before battle: "The FISHING FOOL vs. POKéMON KID!"
  • In the Gen III remakes, at Bond Bridge on Three Island there's a single swimmer who claims a Pokémon damaged her swimsuit and can't leave the water. While amusing in itself, what really makes it funny is that despite her obvious embarrassment, she'll always be ready for a rematch when using the Vs. Seeker. Gameplay and Story Segregation, or Skewed Priorities?
  • A Silph Co. scientist says he betrayed the company for Team Rocket because they assigned him to the Tiksi branch, deep in Siberia on the Arctic Ocean's coast. Of all the traitor scientists, he's the only one who had a decent reason rather than doing it out of greed.
  • If you access a PC and store your Pokémon in such a way that the only ones you have left are fainted ones, once you log off the PC and walk about three steps, you'll inexplicably faint, creating the hilarious mental image of a seemingly healthy person just randomly keeling over. Since Pokémon Centers have PCs, this creates the even funnier image of collapsing in what's basically a medical facility and then having to pay half of your wallet just to walk a few steps to the entrance with healthy Pokémon, a service that would've been free of charge if you had just enough stamina to walk over to the counter and have the staff nurse your team that way. Later games have a safeguard against this by preventing you from boxing your last non-fainted Pokémon.