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  • This one has a homophobic manager get fired by his boss. Turns out the manager had several discrimination claims against him, and the employee he insulted got his job instead.
  • This is immediate karma in action. A girl who is both blind and hard of hearing turns in a job application, only to get smugly rejected. Upon hearing it, the girl sadly leaves... followed by all of the customers in the store, who leave in disgust at the manager's behavior.
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  • Bad bosses getting owned is truly awesome.
  • In this one, a transgender woman has trouble with an Obstructive Bureaucrat who doesn't even deign to show disgust. Both her friend and the manager helped her while remaining calm, with the manager promising to fire the bigoted bureaucrat afterward.
  • Claw through this, b***!
  • Everyone hopes they get a customer like this.
    Supervisor: You can’t speak to me like that! You can’t give ME orders! I’M the supervisor!
    Customer: Then F***ING supervise, you little s***, or I'll come in there and supervise YOU out of a job. *to me* Doing good, darlin'. Carry on!
  • This guy gives a rude, lazy employee his just desserts.
  • Karma strikes a shift manager who (essentially) fires an employee for being pregnant. Step one: His boss finds out about it, and the firing is reversed. Step two: The manager finds out the shift manager's been Making Love in All the Wrong Places with the coworker who lodged the initial complaint, which gets the shift manager and his lover fired.
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  • This airport staff definitely knows how to make a bad situation better.
  • "Celebrities hire guys like you to stand in front of them and look scary; millionaire businessmen hire people like her if they want real security."
  • An autistic teenager who doesn't like makeup is assaulted by a cosmetics worker who, against her wishes, insists that she try her makeup. With the help of an off-duty cop, the teen manages to get the cosmetics worker fired.
  • Don't mess with the local Mario Kart champ and her little brother!
  • This kid drives their father to the hospital despite not only living an hour away, but having never learned how to use a manual transmission or drive on a highway. A police officer helps them deal with some obstructive receptionists, and later says he won't arrest the kid for driving without a license, as it was "one of the bravest things (he) ever heard!", and he was very impressed that she didn't strip the gears or get into a crash. For bonus points, the girl had broken her leg into two pieces and didn't notice due to the adrenaline and panic; and for even more bonus points, when the girl later turns herself in to the police for her moving violation, the police say they can't ticket her since she wasn't pulled over. It's a brilliant case of Legal Necessity - effectively, Official policy that allows the police to say I'll Pretend I Didn't Hear That in certain cases of Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!.
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  • This woman doesn't take any crap from car salespeople.
  • This security guard got tired of the boss's son sexually harassing people, and duct-taped him to a table.
  • "See? That's what it takes to get a raise around here!" For context the babysitter had run into a burning house, rescued the dog, checked to see if anyone has still in there, checked on the boy who alerted her to the fire, and then passed out from smoke inhalation.
  • In this story, an autistic worker that can't speak is forced by a discriminating manager to answer the phone, which he obviously can't do. He picks up the phone, presses a button over and over, puts the phone down, and leaves while the manager wrongfully fires him for it. Turns out the caller was the worker's brother, who is a Company CEO, and understood the Morse code that his brother used on the phone. Upon learning what happened, the now-pissed CEO berates the manager for discriminating against his disabled brother and fires her instead.
  • This person, who gets a new job at a coffeehouse simply because the manager appreciates the service the worker is doing at their current job so much.
  • "But if you talk to the waities like that again, especially my dishie, and I hear it, I'll be carvin' off your face and selling it as a steak. You hear?"
  • This supervisor's approach to an employee robbing the store tills is to inform her that as supervisor, they are personally responsible for shortfalls and have to compensate for them out of pocket, thereby informing the thief that her crimes are actually hurting her coworkers and not an anonymous "company". She immediately stops stealing from the tills.
  • This story includes a manager who has been bumping orders off the monitors in order to keep the serve times down. When a server learns about this, said server begins something of a mutiny with the help of a grill worker (and, later, the rest of the staff), making sure that the customers were served properly despite the managerial interference. The attitude is summed up nicely by these words: "I am not going to deliberately not serve my customers!" The story ends with the revelation that the manager (along with another one who was implied to be just as bad) left soon after, and two assistant managers were promoted to replace them.
  • A minor one, but this guy beats a cashier at his own game - since the cashier kept giving him packets of gum in place of his change (Mexican stores often use gum packets in place of 50 cents coins for change, but only when they've run out of coins and the customer is OK with it), he decides to pay for his next purchase using only gum packets.
  • After so many stories of higher-ups getting away with refusing to make accommodations for disabled employees, usually because the poster either grins and bears it or just quits/gets fired without further hassle, it is beyond satisfying to get a story of an employee fighting back!
  • In a similar note, here's this story about a woman who sues her Pointy-Haired Boss after being relentlessly singled out and bullied by her, then fired under fabricated claims of theft. After a meeting between their lawyers which saw the submitter effortlessly shoot down each of her former boss's Blatant Lies, the boss has the nerve to ask her to work on a client's project, even though the submitter isn't legally required or even allowed to do so. The submitter refuses, then proceeds with her lawsuit and wins. Bonus points for the asshole boss being demoted to a non-managerial position, then later fired for gross dishonesty.
    Submitter: "It's called karma, you psychopathic b***, and there's a whole lot more of it coming your way."
  • A post office manager fires a new worker for being racist to a black coworker and when she returns with a Union Rep to demand he hire her back, with an Insane Troll Logic saying she can't be fired for her racism, he refuses and points out her racism was acceptable grounds for her firing.
  • This story about a newly-hired employee who, after several instances of employment abuse and wage theft at an ice cream shop they worked at, calls the police and ends up exposing the shop as a money-laundering front.
  • This story has an absolute banshee of an office manager screaming at the submitter for talking with his dad (the owner) about an upcoming job. How does the submitter deal with the manager's abusive behavior? He puts his dad on speaker. Sure enough, when the manager tries to write him up for insubordination, his dad chews her out over the phone (it was the third time that month she had harassed his son), then suspends her when he returns. The manager later tries to retaliate by firing the submitter, but ends up fired herself, and loses a wrongful termination lawsuit soon after thanks to recordings of the phone conversation, in which her meltdown with the submitter could be clearly heard.
  • This story has a 75-year-old lady offer the submitter (a waitress) a tip out of sympathy for having to deal with her aggressive general manager. Enraged by the lady's generosity, the GM then swoops in, snatches the submitter's tip, and fires her on the spot. The lady's response to the actions of the GM (who was fired the next day) serves as a reminder of why you should Never Mess with Granny:
    Elderly Lady:Now, listen here, young man. This poor girl has been nothing but nice and sweet this whole time. She’s been doing her job very well. You, on the other hand, have been nothing but rude and unprofessional. All you have done is scream and yell at her for no particular reason, and now you’re firing her and taking the tip I gave her? Shame on you! Shame, shame, shame on you!
  • It's always awesome when a liar or scammer gets proven wrong via security camera footage. Even more so when a lying worker's lie falls apart because of cameras in places other than businesses, as the OP in this story reveals.

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