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  • "The Russian Flu" — Marilyn cures the epidemic with a foul-smelling concoction called "Hio Hio Ipsanio."
  • "War and Peace" — a desperate Joel knocks down the Fourth Wall to prevent Maurice and Nikolai from duelling to the death.
  • Chris Stevens' Masters' thesis defense in "The Graduate." He prepares a dense, deconstructive analysis of "Casey at the Bat," but over the course of the episode, comes to question this approach. At the appointed time for his defense, he summons his advisors to a baseball field, where he takes the role of the pitcher, and one of the advisors takes up a bat. Chris strikes him out while reciting the poem, with each pitch and strike at the appropriate point in the poem. Chris walks up to him, and points at his midsection. "That's what 'Casey at the Bat' is about. That feeling in your gut."

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