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YMMV / Northern Exposure

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Maurice is dating a police officer who is aghast when she finds out Maurice cheats on his taxes. Maurice protests: "Look, it's not the law, it's the tax code. I bet Donald Trump doesn't pay a dime." Two decades later, Trump launches an unexpectedly successful bid for the presidency, and his undisclosed tax returns become a highly controversial political football as Democrats attempt to gain access to them.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: James Marsters appears in two episodes of the series (playing a different character in each) in seasons three and four respectively.
  • Seasonal Rot: It started at the beginning of the fifth season. Contractual disputes with the cast caused a reduction in Joel's role in the show. At the same time, David Chase (of The Sopranos fame) assumed the position of Showrunner, and he despised the show's basic premise, later saying, "To me it was so precious, so self-congratulatory... I felt it was a fraud at its core." He admittedly only took the job for the paycheck. The decline accelerated the following year after Joel left and was replaced as town doctor by Phil Capra.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Ed. Few things ever seem to go right for him, and when they do, they don't seem to last long. Yet he takes almost all of it in stride, even when characters like Maurice are insulting him to his face.


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