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    Main series 
  • Earth-2 Thomas Wayne is surrounded by a group of pre-Flashpoint villains, so he detonates a bunch of explosives to kill them all and save Earth-2 Dick Grayson.
  • Shortly after that, Telos kills the pre-Flashpoint Joker, expressing his disgust at such an evil creature. Joker Immunity did not save him.
  • Pre-Flashpoint Superman gets one in Convergence #6 when he gathers all the heroes to fight Deimos and everyone accepts him as The Leader. No one argues or attempts to assert authority, he just starts talking and everyone does what he says. No matter the universe, Superman is the Big Good (well, except in the Injustice verse).
  • Parallax kills Deimos in an almost casual manner.
  • The restoration of the original multiverse. Brainiac can't fix it without overcoming the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, so he has to send Barry Allen and the pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El to their deaths. However, Parallax wants to join in, tired of being a villain and wanting redemption and others soon follow, and then Pre-Flashpoint Superman and his family also go with them. And they stop the Crisis. The multiverse is restored in full.

  • Convergence: Superman is dedicated to how show awesome Superman and Lois Lane (this is the pre-Flashpoint universe, where Clark and Lois are still Happily Married and Lois is even pregnant with Clark's child) are:
    • Ever since Gotham City was trapped in a dome by Telos, Clark has been Brought Down to Badass and working as a masked vigilante, with Lois as his Oracle.
    • The second Superman regains his powers, he disarms the thugs that have been harassing Jimmy Olsen.
    • When Superman is attacked by Captain Thunder, Cyborg and Abin Sur, he absolutely refuses to indulge in Let's You and Him Fight and attempts to reason with them. At the very least, Abin listens to Superman's case and tells the Man of Steel about what happened in the Flashpoint universe.
    • Subject One (the Flashpoint Superman) kidnaps Lois out of a misguided attempt to protect her. Lois does not lose her dignity and instead holds out hope that her Superman will come to save her. And indeed he does, just in time to witness the birth of their son, Jonathan Samuel Kent. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
      • From that same moment. When Superman shows up in the Flashpoint Batcave, the first thing he does is slam into Subject One and take him off-panel for a major ass kicking. Supes didn't even break a sweat.
  • Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #2 is not a moment, but the entire issue for pre-Flashpoint Barbara Gordon alias Oracle.
    • First, she weakens the Flashpoint Hawkman and Hawkgirl using the Canary Cry (courtesy of Black Canary) in their helmets where they had communicators. After, she fight and disarms Hawkgirl (and remember: Barbara is in wheelchair!). Finally her entire plan is revealed hack Telos's drones for destroying the Thanagarian's robot army.
    • Nightwing has an Offscreen Moment of Awesome. Hawkman, generally one of the DCU's fiercest melee combatants and fighting to the death in this case, has Nightwing by the neck and face in one panel. Next time we see them, Hawkman is out cold and Nightwing, despite a few scratches, is uninjured enough to fireman carry the larger man without any visible exertion.
  • Convergence: Titans #2 is all about how the Harpers somehow manage to keep their cool when all hell breaks loose.
    • After all the shit Arsenal went through after he was maimed and lost Lian, he is not letting himself be screwed over any more. When forced to choose between his daughter or his friends, what does he do? Chooses both. And after that? We find out he pretty much turned Gotham into a weapon and manages to beat Dreamslayer at his own game, saving the Titans and Lian.
    • Lian herself gets some major props for how she handled everything. Admittedly, yes, she does almost cry in the first issue when Dreamslayer has his hands on her which was a pretty terrifying situation for her, but after that she takes everything in great stride and doesn't cry once. When Roy activates the EMP in his base and everything starts exploding, Lian doesn't freak out. She sees Roy fall over because his cybernetic arm gets shorted out, and is more concerned about that over everything else. Lian's body language makes it clear she's more worried about her dad's well being. That is amazingly mature for someone so young, and another indicator of how good a dad Roy is.
    • It's simply one big middle finger to both Cry For Justice & The Rise of Arsenal.
  • Convergence: The Atom #2 has Ryan Choi delivering an entirely well-deserved ass kicking to Deathstroke after what happened in Titans: Villains for Hire. And to add insult to injury, Ryan uses Ray Palmer's belt to redistribute Deathstroke's mass so Ray can get his hand back. The insult part comes from the fact that Deathstroke now has little baby hands.
  • Convergence: Justice League #2 has the Pre-Flashpoint Supergirl defeating Flashpoint's Aquaman. Too bad that Aquaman has a countermeasure ready with his trident made of kryptonite.
  • Convergence: The Question is basically one last ride for Greg Rucka and Renee Montoya. By the end of it she's gained some sort of redemption for Two-Face, kissed Kate "Batwoman" Kane one more time and made up with her father on his deathbed. All while kicking ass through Gotham.
  • Convergence: Speed Force pits Wally West and his kids against the Flashpoint Wonder Woman. During their fight, Wally calls this version of Diana the worst Wonder Woman he's ever met, acting as a Take That, Scrappy! event that's later followed up in the main series when the pre-Crisis Supergirl says the same thing.
    • The best part? Wally delivers this speech to Flashpoint Wonder Woman while she's holding him with her lasso. Which, as he points out, means every single word in it is true, and she can do nothing to deny it.
  • After taking all of Lex Luthor's crap for the majority of her miniseries, Mae finally gives him the asskicking he so richly deserves in Convergence: Supergirl Matrix #2.
  • Convergence: Superboy sees Conner fighting, and holding his own, against the Kingdom Come versions of Superman, The Flash, and Red Robin. Even when Superman convinces him to surrender, Conner notes that it would take Superman three full strength punches to knock him out. Leads to a Heartwarming Moment when they acknowledge that Conner is worthy of the name "Superman".
  • Amanda Waller once again proves why no one dares to screw with her in Convergence: Suicide Squad #2. Fully aware that her mission to destroy New Oa left her with virtually nil chances of getting out alive, she picked enough explosives to reduce it to rubble and smuggled them inside the station under her jacket. Ultimately, even Captain Boomerang's betrayal and Kingdom Come's Luthor's grandstanding were entirely pointless - the Squad succeeded once again. The last image is that of Oracle and Sam Lane standing before a monument to the Squad.
    "They lived as villains. They died as heroes."
    • Star Sapphire's Heroic Sacrifice to kill the Cyborg Superman and avenge Coast City.
  • The original Earth-Three Superwoman being able to channel a year's worth of repentance into a Heel–Face Turn and engaging the Justice Legion's Wonder Woman in a fair fight for the sake of saving her city, while also admitting that she respects the legacy her adversary represents.
  • Pre-Flashpoint Booster Gold becomes the new Waverider.

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