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  • Pretty much every ending the characters of the pre-Flashpoint universe get read like complete wish fulfillment for longtime fans. Case and point:
    • Superman and Lois have their first baby and name him Jonathan Samuel Kent in honor of their fathers. Jonathan is obviously the name of Clark's adoptive father but the fact that they named their son Samuel after Lois' father, who was responsible for the destruction of New Krypton makes this especially poignant.
    • Both Stephanie Brown and Barbara Gordon finally get their They Do with Tim and Dick. We see Babs and Dick's wedding and Tim and Steph almost have Their First Time before injuries force them to decide Let's Wait a While.
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    • Dreamslayer pulls a Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! that allows Roy Harper to finally have his daughter Lian Back from the Dead. Lian has no idea what Roy has been through since she died, but the happiness one can feel for the character is unreal.
      • From Convergence: Titans #2, there's also Lian getting hugs from Starfire, and Donna telling Roy he is not going with the rest of the Titans to continue fighting the Extremists. Regardless of what will happen to the team, they're not letting Roy risk his life to protect them when he has to protect Lian. The issue ends with Roy's internal monologue:
        Arsenal: I love them so much. Always have... I just took it for granted... for so long. They gave me home and family and friendship. They made me want to be a better man. And now they've given me the greatest gift of all. No matter how impossible the odds, they'll face it like heroes. Like Titans.
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    • Renee Montoya gets to kiss Kate Kane, redeem Two-Face and reconcile with her father.
      • As well, this was Renee's first appearance as The Question in years, with Greg Rucka back. It really reads like one last dance between the two, given how Greg has My Real Daddy status in the eyes of Renee's fans.
    • Even Azrael finally gets to be a hero and even accepted by the Batman, something that he spent years doing and died never getting that recognition.
    • Booster Gold and Blue Beetle reunited at last.
    • Pre-Crisis Supergirl died during the Crisis and her existence was forgotten when the universe rebooted itself. Post-Crisis Superman didn't even know he had a cousin until a new Kara Zor-El was introduced in Superman/Batman, almost twenty years later. However, after the events of Convergence, post-Crisis Superman knows of his pre-Crisis cousin and he helped to avert her death.
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  • For quite possibly the first time in DC Comics history, someone is actually happy to see Ambush Bug.
  • Convergence: Justice League of America #1 opens with something DC fans have been denied for years: Ralph and Sue Dibny, alive, married, and very much in love.
  • The relationship between Katar and Shayera Hol is portrayed as one of mutual love, respect and affirmation, and the last thing the two do at the end of their series is fly off together, affirming that all they need is each other.
  • When Kingdom Come Superman (a Superman who lost his Lois) meets Pre-Zero Hour Lois (a Lois who lost her Superman) in Convergence: Superboy #2.
  • Dick and Starfire (pre-Crisis versions) that are married at start of Convergence: The New Teen Titans, sharing a long kiss after they were insecure about their relationship.
  • Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Dick Grayson finally accepting the role of Batman.
  • Writer Jeff King confirmed that all the characters held hostage by Telos regained the lives they lost in the Convergence, meaning Superman, Lois and little Jonathan got to live happily ever after, Bruce and Damian developed a healthy father-son relationship, Nightwing and Oracle enjoyed a happy marriage, etc.
    • Furthermore, this means the Injustice universe is back after its rather anticlimactic end in the event, meaning that the work of those who've played the campaign wasn't all for naught—that the Insurgency's struggles still have the potential to mean something.
  • In Convergence: Adventures of Superman #1, Earth-1 Superman goes on about how highly he thinks of his cousin Supergirl and how much Kara means to him:
    Superman: It's why I'm always in awe of you.
    Supergirl: Me? You're joking.
    Superman:No. Really. I act as a deterrent to those who do bad. I react to events after they happen and try to fix them. But you don't wait. You're always thinking of ways to use your powers to help others before they even know they need help. And you bring caring and warmth everywhere you go. I've never quite said this before, but for most of my life, I thought I was alone in the universe. You came to Earth and your optimism and cheer helped me through the times when it looked like the bad guys could win. You've not only touched my life, but everyone else's. And we're all so much better because you're here.
    Supergirl: I don't know what to say —


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