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Tear Jerker / Convergence

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  • In Convergence: Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn is selected as a champion of Gotham, and Catwoman and Poison Ivy decide to drag Harley away from her normalized life to turn her back into a crazed killer. Although Catwoman and Ivy are only doing so to give Harley a chance at actually defending herself against the opponent selected for her. Their intentions are good, but it's a still a terrible situation, especially since Harley has spent months fighting back her unbalanced state of mind on her own since her medication ran out.
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  • In Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle, Barbara regretfully turns down Dick's proposal, feeling that she would only hold him back.
  • In Convergence: Titans, Roy Harper is given a shocking offer: the life of his daughter back, if he turns on his friends Donna and Kory.
    • In retrospect, a moment from the second issue becomes this. Troia tells Arsenal he is not going with the rest of the Titans to continue fighting the Extremists, because he has to stay and protect Lian after just getting her back. Keep in mind that Troia has also lost a child, her son Robby who died with his father and stepsister. That Troia is making sure Arsenal and Lian stay together may also reflect how much she misses her son, and she's making sure Arsenal does not waste a second of his reunion.
  • Earth 2 Thomas Wayne meets pre-Flashpoint Bruce Wayne. Earth 2 Dick Grayson also catches a glimpse of pre-Flashpoint Barbara Gordon
  • In Convergence #3 and #4, Thomas dies protecting Dick from the Joker. It is sort of also turned into heartwarming when Telos notes then even in alternate universes that Bruce and Dick's friendship still shows through, despite Earth-2 Dick not getting it since the person who he knew as Batman is Thomas.
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  • In Convergence: Justice Society of America, the original Earth-2 Flash, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Green Lantern are now in their twilight years, living under the dome, believing that it's time to pass the baton to the next generation, Infinity, Inc. But then the dome comes down. Giant robots from Qward start rampaging through the city. The original JSA is needed again. Dr. Fate gives them back their youth, but warns that it will kill them. On the last page, we see Jay, Kent, Alan, and Carter, young once more, prepared for the final battle. Jay says, "One last time, then. Let's make it count."
  • The Crime Syndicate try to rescue their depowered teammate Superwoman from her execution in their Convergence tie-in, but it seems that they've failed to do so and it devastates them. It just goes to show how much this version of the Syndicate varies from the remorseless psychopaths that have comprised the newer iterations of the team, in that the members of the original version actually care about each other.
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  • In Convergence: The Question #2 Renee's father's last words, essentially repairing the damage done when she was disowned for coming out.
  • The ending of Convergence: Catwoman #2 has Selina die a hero by taking a bullet meant for the Kingdom Come Batman,and making him promise to save both cities with her dying breath
  • Convergence: Wonder Woman #2. Etta and Steve are both turned into vampires, and Steve pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to stop both Etta and himself from trying to feed on Diana. It's one of the saddest endings for the Convergence tie-ins.
  • In Convergence: World's Finest #1, Green Arrow and Speedy fall to their deaths, and Stripesy dies of pneumonia while trapped under the dome. In the second issue, Vigilante and Crimson Avenger may or may not have died fighting the Qwardian army, and it's unclear whether Shining Knight and Scribbly survive. The ending is ambiguous. But this team of Golden Age characters is decimated.

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