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  • If Kingdom Come Alan Scott was under the dome, shouldn't New Oa have vanished?
    • It did. "First thing he did when he got his powers back was to get this bad boy (New Oa) back up and running."
  • I may be mis-remembering some details, but I always thought the reason Clark and Lois didn't have children was because their genetic makeup didn't match. Does this mean Superman was rendered human while under the dome? And if so, is their baby 100% human instead of part Kryptonian?
    • The genetic compatibility thing, I believe, varies depending on the continuity, but I don't believe there was any problem with such for the Pre-Flashpoint era. Conner Kent shows there's a gray area at least. But yeah, Superman was for all intents and purposes human under the dome, so even if you don't think he had proper control of his powers, there would be an avoidance of the "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" issue.
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    • The pre-Flashpoint Superman never had the "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" problem to begin with.
  • Why oh why did Brainiac focus mainly on the Gotham Cities of the Multiverse? They're full of psychos and lowlifes no matter what reality they came from.
    • Maybe he encountered Bat-Mite a few times when he was taking cities. The imp's getting his own mini after the event is over...
    • Seems like exactly why Brainiac would be so interested. Gotham drives sane men mad and mad men madder. If he wants to witness humanity when pushed to its limit for survival, Gotham's a great microcosm to work with.
  • So why didn't Dreamslayer also tempt Donna Troy with resurrecting her dead child if she switched sides? She's a lot more powerful than Arsenal is.
    • Because he thought it would be more fun to destroy Roy's spirit after he was trying so hard to atone for everything he did during his Face–Heel Turn.
  • After Barry Allen, Supergirl, Parallax, and Superman are able to go back in time and stop Crisis on Infinite Earths from ever happening, we are treated with two 2-page spreads of pre-flashpoint earths faded behind earths in the new 52 universe, with Telos saying that they "have evolved, but they all still exist." Does this mean that the old universes literally became the ones in the current multiverse, or are the old universes still seperate and exist somewhere else?
    • I... am not sure. I think the implication is that maybe the Convergence is what allowed for certain universes to be returned for the new Multiverse? I find it difficult to understand right now as, for example, I seriously doubt we'll be seeing the elder Jay Garrick run alongside the new Earth-2 Jay Garrick. If nothing else, I hope it doesn't piss all over the hard work Morrison put into making the Multiveristy Map. Again, apparently. Ah, I dunno; apparently Justice League United is supposed to address this, but while some look like they are alternate characters (i.e. Guy Gardner in his jacket style GL outfit, a Wonder Woman), others look like they're from the Earth-0 Nu-Universe (i.e. Captain Atom, Hawk & Dove, and even the costumes of Captain Marvel/Shazam & Mary Marvel look like the new versions rather than Earth-S).
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    • According to one of the writers from DC Comics itself, the multiverse is "infinite" again!
    • I assume they went back to the Big Bang and making sure the current timeline doesn't get erased to bring their old timeline back(the main reason why the heroes opposed Alex Luthor Jr
    • As it turns out, the point is moot because other than the Kent Family coming to Earth-0, nearly everything else about the series was ignored. Building on Morrison's Multiversity structure, Scott Snyder would help redefine the structure of existence with Dark Nights: Metal and his Justice League run. The Crises occurred as they were intended, the Monitor and Anti-Monitor did everything they did. And while there were 52 universes in the multiverse, a 53rd world (Earth-52) was created and became part of the Multiversity. And the current multiverse is a small part of creation in an omniverse (one that was unrelated to that which was created by this series).
  • How and why did The Question's logic bomb take out Brainiac 5? He's super intelligent, not a robot or an AI, so he should just be able to ignore it like anyone else.
    • The writer made a mistake.
  • The "Your Guide to Convergence" list of cities and the worlds they were taken from includes a city from Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier and a city from the DCAU (Batman Beyond era). Which Convergence tie-ins feature these cities? Are they just in the background somewhere in the main series?

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