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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  • There was concern towards the fact that Star Wars would be over after Revenge of the Sith. Then, we found out that a canonical Prequel-set CGI animated Star Wars installment was going to be on TV every week.
  • The second season features the Mandalorians making their first appearance in the canon.
    • Even better, their appearances in The Clone Wars make them canon in the Disney era. happiness.
  • The trailer for the fifth season.
    • Minute 1:47. That's Embo fighting Savage Opress. That's right, in the fifth season, two of the most badass characters in the series will fight each other.
  • A clip from SDCC shows two Mandalorians getting Force choked. By who? Palpatine.
    • His appearance alone has generated a lot of hype, especially considering that He's Dual Wielding and battling both Maul and Savage.
  • At least one Clone Trooper from the Republic Commando will get some action in season five.
  • Tim Curry taking over as the voice of Palpatine after Ian Abercrombie's untimely passing.
  • There's a possibility of Mark Hamill giving his voice to a yet unknown character in the season six episodes. Yes, you read that right.
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  • It’s a shame that The Clone Wars is no longer on television, it might just end up like another great series cancelled due to Disney right problems...wait, it's going to air on Toonami!? IN THE NAME OF THE FORCE, YES! YES! YES!
  • The episodes in the sixth season of The Clone Wars will be released in 2014. What's better, they include new episodes focusing on Yoda and the Clone Troopers.
    • It's also coming to Netflix on March 7th along with the Pilot Movie and the rest of the series (even Director's Cut episodes). What's even better is that this is the first Star Wars installment to ever be on Netflix.
    • And what else? It's getting a midnight release and, unlike the movie launch nights, you won't have to camp outside a movie theater. When they said March 7th, they really meant it.
  • These bonus episodes are great and all, but there probably isn't enough time to cover all the loose ends like what happened to Darth Maul. Wait, Dark Horse is producing a mini comic book series that adapts what would have been Darth Maul's final story arc in the series? YES!!!
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  • A trailer for the sixth season is out, and what do we have....Qui-Gon Jinn! Mother Talzin! Dagobah! Order 66! Embo! Yoda fighting a Sith Lord!
  • The soundtrack for the entire series is finally going to be released on CD.
  • After The Clone Wars was canceled, four full episodes with incomplete animation were released on the official Star Wars website. Also coming in 2015? A new tie-in novel called Dark Disciple that focuses on Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress.
  • A few weeks before Celebration Anaheim in 2015, Lucasfilm announced that they would be screening four new never-before-seen story reels during the convention.
  • After the initial screening, there was concern when or if the story reels would ever be released to the general public. Two weeks later, the Bad Batch story reels are viewable on alongside "Crystal Crisis on Utapau".
  • All of this was nothing compared to the revelation that The Clone Wars would be getting a tenth anniversary panel at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, prompting speculation on whether or not the series would be revived.
    • #SaveTheCloneWars? Make that #CloneWarsSaved! Twelve episodes including the Siege of Mandalore are fully animated and coming to Disney+!
      Anakin: [walks in with Obi-Wan] Alright, Rex. What’s so important that you brought us all the way back here? [shocked expression as the camera switches to Ahsoka and Bo-Katan on the holographic projector table]
      Ahsoka: [turns around to face Anakin] Hello, master. It's been a while.
    • And after four years since the sixth season of The Clone Wars, a ton of fans are enthusiastic that Star Wars is going back to the Prequel Trilogy's era.
    • A glimpse at a young Caleb Dume in one trailer had many Rebels fans excited.


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