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A Rare Sentence / This Bites!

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A Rare Sentence

A Rare Sentence entry requiring an entire page to itself? Now that is a rare sentence in and of itself.

From Chapter 14:

  • Luffy: Well, anyways, I'm gonna go and eat all this castle's food and then get our reindeer-doctor to join us! See you! (zips away)
    Cross: I'm not the only one who can't believe that that sentence makes sense to me, right? Right?
    Nami: Eh... I think I became a bit desensitized after "a seagull grabbed my head when I flew up to catch it".

From Chapter 15:

  • Sanji: What did I miss?
    Luffy: We became friends with a shapeshifting okama who stole Cross's face but he turned out to be one of the bad guys who's hurting Vivi's country.
    Sanji (blinking): Okay.

From Chapter 21:

  • Cross: A homicidal otter with dual shell-blades and a vulture armed with high-caliber machineguns stole my talking snail and then tried to kill me when I jumped off a building to catch up to them! (Beat) What the hell has my life become?
    Nami: Madness and insanity, Cross, madness and insanity.


From Chapter 27

  • Vivi: Alright, then, everyone! Let's get going to see the man who'll help us sail to the sky! (Beat) I cannot believe I just said that with a straight face...

From Chapter 29:

  • Lassoo: (in a bored tone) Our cheap-as-all-hell navigator refused to pay the entry toll at Heaven's Gate, and we beat all the angel officers that came to fine and arrest us, so a giant lobster carried our crew away here, and we had to fight past tons of booby traps, a talking cream puff, and a bald guy with his giant dog on our way to them. (Beat) And I'm not sure that's the weirdest thing that's happened to us since I joined this crew a few days ago.


From Chapter 32:

  • Drake: Do not resist arrest, duck. (Beat) Arresting a giant duck... why did it have to be the Straw Hats?

  • Also, when Drake is listing Cross's crimes and includes "Assault with a deadly snail", Cross asks if he really just said that.

From Chapter 34:

  • Itomimizu: I AM NOT A MUPPET!
    Buggy: ...Well, that's a phrase I never thought I'd hear again.
    Alvida: What the hell kind of ship did you serve on before going independent?

From Chapter 38, in the Author's Notes:

  • Xomniac: "What would be a good expression for a giant concentrating to fake an accent?" I never thought I'd find myself asking that question, and yet I nonetheless did while writing this chapter.

From Chapter 40:

  • Cross: Alright, who laughed at the giraffe!? Who the hell is responsible for making me utter the phrase 'Who laughed at the giraffe' in complete and utter seriousness and context!?
  • So saying, the menacing pigeon strolled forward, advancing on my talking snail, my bazooka-dog, and myself as I racked my brains for a way out of the bisected thirty-story Tower of Justice.
    Cross: ...My life is so warped.
  • Lassoo: It's a sad day for CP9 when a pigeon is more threatening than a bull.
    Cross: (Beat) ...Good grief. I'm fighting a pigeon, I just kicked a bull in the face, and a giraffe cut this entire tower in half. Zoro was right, this place is a zoo!

From Chapter 42:

  • Boss: He [Cross] said... something about having a way to save Merry in the tower, but he got attacked by a pigeon before he could say more.
    Franky: ...It's a fine day in the Grand Line when I can hear a sentence like that and not question how much it makes sense.
  • A world away in a fairytale land of sweets, a Long-Leg man and a lion gaped at a cackling snail in shock. Contrary to appearances, this was not the setup to a joke.
  • I chuckled, mentally sending a thank you to Kalifa—and that was something I never thought I'd think—and then glanced back out to sea.

From Chapter 43, in the Author's Note:

  • Hornet: Apropos of nothing, I'm quite pleased I got to properly use the sentences "But first, we need a reaction to her telling physics to bite the pillow." and "So, first off, we need to un-orphan that punchline." while we were writing this.

From Chapter 44, in chapter and between the Cross-Brain:

  • Vivi: Just… don't burn down the city again, alright?
    Cross: Ah, c'mon, Vivi! When have I ever done that twice on the same island?
    Vivi: I can't believe that I'm accepting that as an answer to any question...
  • Xomniac: Heheheh, I told ya that including the penguins was a good idea! (Beat) ...god bless the fact that I got to use that phrase in context.

From Chapter 46:

  • ...I stated intelligently before shrugging and turning my attention back to the bloody but ultimately unremarkable brawl between the wedding guests (did I really just say that?).

From Chapter 47

  • Luffy: Our ship is trying to eat my hat!

From Chapter 48:

  • Cross: (explaining his plan to Brook) Your first job upon us reaching the island will be to bamboozle the Ghost Princess of Thriller Bark, Perona. (Beat) I love the fact that I get the chance to use the word 'bamboozle'.

From Chapter 49, in the Author's Notes:

  • The Patient One: In writing this chapter, I found myself saying, "Xom, you're comparing a giant warthog to a former master swordsman."
  • ...But even as relatively unnatural as Thriller Bark was, the sight of a speedo-clad cyborg swinging around a giant pair of flaming oaks linked by a chain to bash down the walking dead as though he were playing a macabre, jumbo-sized game of Whack-A-Mole was a whole new level of 'weird' for the island's ghastly inhabitants.
  • What ensued was one of the more bizarre chase scenes ever: a zombie in a bat costume that somehow allowed him to fly being chased by a manatee-sea turtle hybrid jumping off the air.
  • Donny: Note to self… After I get Tidal Swim down pat, start training with Robin to deal with opponents who have more than… two… arms… And suddenly that is a threat that is valid in my life. Unbe-freaking-lievable, one day my usual opponents are other dugongs, and now it's like I'm living in a dream!

From Chapter 51:

  • The only solution seemed to be to destroy the bodies entirely, and actually destroying a human body is miles harder than it has any right to be!
    …That would sound so wrong out of context.

From Chapter 52:

  • The Obelisks of the Florian, the second most powerful eldritch beings I've ever seen in my life (so help me God, I actually have to make that distinction) had all shifted in color...

From Chapter 54:

  • Author's Notes: Think you could edit in Largo strumming or tuning his guitar menacingly? ...dear god that's actually a thing in this instance.
  • Boss: Since when are you this snippy?
    Cross: Since our idiot captain batted you onto the giant bug over there, followed by said idiot captain then stretching himself up to said bug, and finally our resident Ghost Princess—who I still need to swear vengeance against, by the way— tricked said idiot captain into dragging me up to said bug, which culminated in our high-fiving a cliff with our bodies. Final count? Blame the idiot captain, leave me to my pain…
    Boss: …It is a wonder that that whole series of events actually makes sense to me.

From Chapter 57:

  • Apis: In all fairness, [Lindy] did just reincarnate after plodding along in his old body for the past few centuries, so I think he's a bit high on his youth right now.
    Leo: It says a lot about the last few months that we don't even question that sentence, doesn't it?

From Chapter 59:

  • Author's Notes: "Vaguely New Englandish Sexy Bass" is something I can do passably well, and there's not something I ever saw myself saying.
  • Billy: …Is anyone else just now realizing that we're really not questioning the fact that we're talking with a naturally speaking starfish right now?
    Apis: Not even top ten on our charts. This week.

From Chapter 60:

  • Hachi: No swordfighting in the restaurant except during the squinja migration! And I don't see any black-clad squid around here!
    Koala: I'm sorry, the what?
    Hachi: The squinja migration. Every spring and fall, the squinja clans migrate through here on the way in between their hidden villages.
    Cross: ...OK, you can't tell me now that I'm not dreaming.
  • Author's Notes: I honestly never expected to say that, but we discovered several missing hands during proofreading. Keeping track of Hachi's choreography was a pain.

From Chapter 61:

  • Cross: The starfish does have a point there... (Beat) "The starfish has a point"... This is not how I envisioned adulthood.
  • Now, though, the builders of Skelter Bite had used a Marine Battleship to fill that gap. A years-out-of-date, defaced to hell and back battleship, but it still made for a heavily armed, extremely sturdy barbican… and Roger help me there's another word I never thought I'd use in perfect context.
  • Bonney: Uh... just so you guys know, there are dragons flying over the walls.
    Now, Bonney had sailed Paradise from start to finish, so she'd come to expect a lot from the madhouse of an ocean...
    Risky Brothers: Huh? The scouting party's back already? Thanks for letting us know!
    But that response was most definitely not one of them.

From Chapter 63:

  • Nami: I-It was all going so well until the bear got involved.... why, why did the bear have to get involved?
    Lola: That is a phrase I never wanted to hear in this office again, if ever.

From Chapter 67:

  • Luffy: See, I had this idea...
    Fukaboshi: I feel like I should be screaming in terror. It's the oddest thing.
    Cross: It's Luffy thinking, I'm pretty sure that's your primal instincts warning you that this is all against the laws of the universe.

From Chapter 75:

From Chapter 76:

  • The atmosphere in the elevator was one of relief when the doors dinged open on the first floor, a mutual feeling that their obligations were complete and they could go their separate ways doing wonders to lighten their spirits.
    That atmosphere died mere moments after they disembarked from the lift. The source of their discontent? A pink-clad ginger-haired dominatrix scowling at them, strangling a whip in her hands.
    …no, this was not the start of an off-color joke, it actually happened.

From Chapter 80:

  • "Truly astounding…" Jonathan agreed, shaking his head. "Except that that's—ah, hold that thought." The rod in his hand shook violently as he spun the reel. In short order, he was left blinking in honest surprise as he processed that he'd fished up an octopus. Legitimately an octopus.
    Oh, and there was a six-armed man wearing the octopus as a hat, that made more sense.
  • "And…" The voice, that voice, his voice, trailed off, followed by a heavy, tired sigh that carried far more regret now than he ever had in life. "Look, I have a favor to ask of you, alright? Now, I won't lie to you, it's a damn big one and one that, honestly, I have no right asking of you."
    Edward Newgate, paused in his advance by the throes of nostalgia, brought a hand to his head with a weary sigh of his own. "Ah, you damn golden bastard… Now you choose to remember that your actions have consequences? Tch…"
    He then allowed a slight grin to slip out from under his palm.
    "Better now than never. Getting to hear Roger regret something… those brats really are miracle workers."

From Chapter 81:

  • Ace’s good sense was all that kept him from reacting to seeing the oversized okama stab his brother in the sides with his fingers. He had just enough time to reflect on how strange that thought was before Luffy let out a roar of renewed vigor.

From the Canon Omakes:

  • Cross: I realize that he might have been callous, but damn it, and I can't believe I'm saying this for so many reasons, the snail has a point!
  • Smoker: We would be willing to pay you quite handsomely for your services, of course. (Beat) I never thought I'd be saying those words to assassins...
  • Jones: I'm with the other Straw Hats. You know, the crew a dimension to the left and a few months behind?
    Vivi: ...I cannot, for the life of me, believe that I'm not questioning that sentence.
  • Sanji: Other me, can you pass the garlic? (Beat) Never thought something like that'd be coming out of my mouth...
  • A short ways away, Nico Olivia was watching with no small amount of bemusement as an indignant cyborg tried to fend off the thieving efforts of both her younger daughter and a meteorological-controlling navigator, who herself was dueling with the thieving hands of her older daughter.
    The rebellious archaeologist watched the exhibition for a few seconds longer before slowly tilting her head to the side in confusion. "How the hell am I seeing this while I'm still sober?"