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A Rare Sentence / This Bites!

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A Rare Sentence

A Rare Sentence entry requiring an entire page to itself? Now that is a rare sentence in and of itself.

From Chapter 14:

  • Luffy: Well, anyways, I'm gonna go and eat all this castle's food and then get our reindeer-doctor to join us! See you! (zips away)
    Cross: I'm not the only one who can't believe that that sentence makes sense to me, right? Right?
    Nami: Eh... I think I became a bit desensitized after 'a seagull grabbed my head when I flew up to catch it'.

From Chapter 15:

  • Sanji: "What did I miss?"
    Luffy: "We became friends with a shapeshifting okama who stole Cross's face but he turned out to be one of the bad guys who's hurting Vivi's country."
    Sanji (blinking): "Okay."

From Chapter 21:

  • Cross: A homicidal otter with dual shell-blades and a vulture armed with high-caliber machineguns stole my talking snail and then tried to kill me when I jumped off a building to catch up to them! (Beat) What the hell has my life become?
    Nami: Madness and insanity, Cross, madness and insanity.


From Chapter 27

  • Vivi: Alright, then, everyone! Let's get going to see the man who'll help us sail to the sky! (Beat) I cannot believe I just said that with a straight face...

From Chapter 29:

  • Lassoo: (in a bored tone) Our cheap-as-all-hell navigator refused to pay the entry toll at Heaven's Gate, and we beat all the angel officers that came to fine and arrest us, so a giant lobster carried our crew away here, and we had to fight past tons of booby traps, a talking cream puff, and a bald guy with his giant dog on our way to them. (Beat) And I'm not sure that's the weirdest thing that's happened to us since I joined this crew a few days ago.


From Chapter 32:

  • Drake: Do not resist arrest, duck. (Beat) Arresting a giant duck... why did it have to be the Straw Hats?

  • Also, when Drake is listing Cross's crimes and includes "Assault with a deadly snail", Cross asks if he really just said that.

From Chapter 34:

  • Itomimizu: I AM NOT A MUPPET!
    Buggy: ...Well, that's a phrase I never thought I'd hear again.
    Alvida: What the hell kind of ship did you serve on before going independent?

From Chapter 38, in the Author's Notes:

  • Xomniac: "What would be a good expression for a giant concentrating to fake an accent?" I never thought I'd find myself asking that question, and yet I nonetheless did while writing this chapter.

From Chapter 40:

  • Cross: Alright, who laughed at the giraffe!? Who the hell is responsible for making me utter the phrase 'Who laughed at the giraffe' in complete and utter seriousness and context!?
  • So saying, the menacing pigeon strolled forward, advancing on my talking snail, my bazooka-dog, and myself as I racked my brains for a way out of the bisected thirty-story Tower of Justice.
    Cross: ...My life is so warped.
  • Lassoo: It's a sad day for CP9 when a pigeon is more threatening than a bull.
    Cross: (Beat) ...Good grief. I'm fighting a pigeon, I just kicked a bull in the face, and a giraffe cut this entire tower in half. Zoro was right, this place is a zoo!

From Chapter 42:

  • Boss: He [Cross] said... something about having a way to save Merry in the tower, but he got attacked by a pigeon before he could say more.
    Franky: ...It's a fine day in the Grand Line when I can hear a sentence like that and not question how much it makes sense.
  • A world away in a fairytale land of sweets, a Long-Leg man and a lion gaped at a cackling snail in shock. Contrary to appearances, this was not the setup to a joke.

From Chapter 43, in the Author's Note:

  • Hornet: Apropos of nothing, I'm quite pleased I got to properly use the sentences "But first, we need a reaction to her telling physics to bite the pillow." and "So, first off, we need to un-orphan that punchline." while we were writing this.

From Chapter 44, in chapter and between the Cross-Brain:

  • Vivi:"Just… don't burn down the city again, alright?"
    Cross: "Ah, c'mon, Vivi! When have I ever done that twice on the same island?"
    Vivi: "I can't believe that I'm accepting that as an answer to any question..."
  • Xomniac: Heheheh, I told ya that including the penguins was a good idea! (Beat) ...god bless the fact that I got to use that phrase in context.

From Chapter 46:

  • ...I stated intelligently before shrugging and turning my attention back to the bloody but ultimately unremarkable brawl between the wedding guests (did I really just say that?).

From Chapter 47

  • Luffy: Our ship is trying to eat my hat!

From Chapter 48:

  • Cross: (explaining his plan to Brook) Your first job upon us reaching the island will be to bamboozle the Ghost Princess of Thriller Bark, Perona. (Beat) I love the fact that I get the chance to use the word 'bamboozle'.

From Chapter 49, in the Author's Notes:

  • The Patient One: In writing this chapter, I found myself saying, "Xom, you're comparing a giant warthog to a former master swordsman."
  • ...But even as relatively unnatural as Thriller Bark was, the sight of a speedo-clad cyborg swinging around a giant pair of flaming oaks linked by a chain to bash down the walking dead as though he were playing a macabre, jumbo-sized game of Whack-A-Mole was a whole new level of 'weird' for the island's ghastly inhabitants.
  • What ensued was one of the more bizarre chase scenes ever: a zombie in a bat costume that somehow allowed him to fly being chased by a manatee-sea turtle hybrid jumping off the air.
  • Donny: Note to self… After I get Tidal Swim down pat, start training with Robin to deal with opponents who have more than… two… arms… And suddenly that is a threat that is valid in my life. Unbe-freaking-lievable, one day my usual opponents are other dugongs, and now it's like I'm living in a dream!

From Chapter 51:

  • The only solution seemed to be to destroy the bodies entirely, and actually destroying a human body is miles harder than it has any right to be!
    …That would sound so wrong out of context.

From Chapter 52:

  • Nami: I owe you one, friend…
  • The Obelisks of the Florian, the second most powerful eldritch beings I've ever seen in my life (so help me God, I actually have to make that distinction) had all shifted in color...

From Chapter 54:

  • Author's Notes: Think you could edit in Largo strumming or tuning his guitar menacingly? ...dear god that's actually a thing in this instance.
  • Boss: Since when are you this snippy?
    Cross: Since our idiot captain batted you onto the giant bug over there, followed by said idiot captain then stretching himself up to said bug, and finally our resident Ghost Princess—who I still need to swear vengeance against, by the way— tricked said idiot captain into dragging me up to said bug, which culminated in our high-fiving a cliff with our bodies. Final count? Blame the idiot captain, leave me to my pain…
    Boss: …It is a wonder that that whole series of events actually makes sense to me.

From Chapter 57:

  • Apis: In all fairness, [Lindy] did just reincarnate after plodding along in his old body for the past few centuries, so I think he's a bit high on his youth right now.
    Leo: It says a lot about the last few months that we don't even question that sentence, doesn't it?

From Chapter 59:

  • Author's Notes: "Vaguely New Englandish Sexy Bass" is something I can do passably well, and there's not something I ever saw myself saying.
  • Billy: …Is anyone else just now realizing that we're really not questioning the fact that we're talking with a naturally speaking starfish right now?
    Apis: Not even top ten on our charts. This week.

From Chapter 60:

  • Hachi:"No swordfighting in the restaurant except during the squinja migration! And I don't see any black-clad squid around here!"
    Koala: "I'm sorry, the what?"
    Hachi: "The squinja migration. Every spring and fall, the squinja clans migrate through here on the way in between their hidden villages."
    Cross: "...OK, you can't tell me now that I'm not dreaming."
  • Author's Notes: I honestly never expected to say that, but we discovered several missing hands during proofreading. Keeping track of Hachi's choreography was a pain.

From Chapter 61:

  • Cross: The starfish does have a point there... (Beat) "The starfish has a point"... This is not how I envisioned adulthood.
  • Now, though, the builders of Skelter Bite had used a Marine Battleship to fill that gap. A years-out-of-date, defaced to hell and back battleship, but it still made for a heavily armed, extremely sturdy barbican… and Roger help me there's another word I never thought I'd use in perfect context.
  • Bonney: "Uh... just so you guys know, there are dragons flying over the walls."
    Now, Bonney had sailed Paradise from start to finish, so she'd come to expect a lot from the madhouse of an ocean...
    Risky Brothers: "Huh? The scouting party's back already? Thanks for letting us know!"
    But that response was most definitely not one of them.

From Chapter 63:

  • Nami: I-It was all going so well until the bear got involved.... why, why did the bear have to get involved?
    Lola: That is a phrase I never wanted to hear in this office again, if ever.

From Chapter 67:

  • Luffy: "See, I had this idea..."
    Fukaboshi: "I feel like I should be screaming in terror. It's the oddest thing."
    Cross: "It's Luffy thinking, I'm pretty sure that's your primal instincts warning you that this is all against the laws of the universe."

From Chapter 75:

  • Sadi: "We wouldn't be in this mess if you had put your foot down and kept those limacious bivalves out! We had an accord, and you're letting them ignore it!"
    Magellan: "...I see that your thesaurus calendar has been put to good use."

From the Canon Omakes:

  • Cross: I realize that he might have been callous, but damn it, and I can't believe I'm saying this for so many reasons, the snail has a point!
  • Smoker: We would be willing to pay you quite handsomely for your services, of course. (Beat) I never thought I'd be saying those words to assassins...
  • Jones: I'm with the other Straw Hats. You know, the crew a dimension to the left and a few months behind?
    Vivi: ...I cannot, for the life of me, believe that I'm not questioning that sentence.
  • Sanji: Other me, can you pass the garlic? (Beat) Never thought something like that'd be coming out of my mouth...

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