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  • Mad Doctor: Kureha seems to have rubbed off on Chopper a bit too much; when the latter hears from Cross about the typical treatment for small bone fractures, his thought process carries him away to the point where Cross is scared that the reindeer wants to dissect him.
    • And in Chapter 24, he comes close to doing so thanks to his experimentation with his Devil Fruit's human intelligence turning him into Mr. Hyde.
  • Made of Plasticine: Cross, at least as far as the One Piece world is concerned, where Made of Iron is the default. He gets put under for ten minutes from one of Nami's Idiot Punches. This ends as of Chapter 14, thanks to Kureha's medicine.
  • Magic Feather:
    • When Luffy, a Devil Fruit user, has to win a surfing competition against an octopus, Boss gives him what he describes as "Dugong Surfing Elixir" that would enable Luffy to surf with the best of them. In actual fact, it was merely Boss' fermented seaweed juice. It still works.
    • Chopper long believed that his Rumble Balls allowed him forms beyond the natural three of Zoans. But after meeting several Zoans, he suspects that they were only a Placebo and that he can access all Seven Forms on his own.
  • Mama Bear: Despite her professional behavior, Kureha is most definitely this for Chopper. When she finds out that Cross knows about Chopper's past and wants him to join the Straw Hat Pirates, she pins him to the bed, a scalpel inches from his throat, looming over him like death. Note how she refers to Chopper as she asks the question:
    Kureha: Do you actually care about my son, or are you just playing on his insecurities to shanghai him into your little pirate band?
  • Manipulative Bitch: Stussy of CP-Aigis-0 is in top form, when she not only poisons Hancock to assassinate her, but also stresses out her apprentice Marguerite (who is left as the sole leader after Hancock, Marigold and Nyon went into a euphoric coma upon hearing Luffy punch out a World Noble) to the point that Marguerite ends up latching on to the idea that Luffy is responsible and plans to assassinate Hancock.
  • Manly Tears: Both Wiper and Cricket shed a few when promising to meet up in Skypiea.
  • Man on Fire: Discussed and then demonstrated with a Cerberus on Thriller Bark.
    Lassoo (after using Cani-Blast on a zombie Cerberus): Fire is and always will be the best solution!
    Cross: Noooot really…because see, the thing is? While it might think that it's feeling pain, it'll soon remember that it actually doesn't.
    Lassoo: Eh? And what does that matter?
    Soundbite: It matters, because once it remembers, not only will the zombie continue to chase us… BUT IT WILL DO SO WHILE STILL ON FIRE!"
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!":
    • When Ryuma decides to go all out against Zoro, every other zombie in the area flees in terror.
  • Mathematician's Answer: During the Lovely Land arc, Cross says that while he's a fan of Tim Burton's works, "I'm just not a fan of the idea of running through his works twice in a row." Soundbite responds that "…I dunno if that sounds FUN OR TERRIFYING." Cross's reply: "The answer, as it should ever be, is yes."
  • Meaningful Echo: Robin tricks Cross into seeing her in her underwear because "It's an older sister's job to embarrass her younger siblings." A few chapters later, Cross finally gets his revenge on Robin that he hinted at back during the Alabasta arc by giving her a noogie.
    Cross: It's a younger brother's job to embarrass his older sister.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Soundbite the snail. Power from the Noise-Noise Fruit and a tendency to bite.
    • The Sirocco charm-container. A sirocco is a Mediterranean wind from the Sahara that can achieve hurricane speeds. Fitting that such a container contains the aril (pomegranate seed) of the Logia-type Gust-Gust Fruit, the Devil Fruit of one of the Royal Guardians of Alabasta.
  • Mercy Lead: As thanks for killing Lily Carnation, Sengoku informs the Straw Hats that the Marines are on their way to the island.
  • Mid-Battle Tea Break:
    • In this case, mid-battle pit stop: During Cross's one-on-many battle with the Amigo Pirates, one of Lassoo's trick shells misfires, and Cross calls a time-out for Usopp and Merry to fix it. His opponent Corto is so dumbfounded that he can't respond until the repairs are done, Cross calls time-in, and promptly blasts him off his feet.
    • In the midst of a giant Bar Brawl amongst the Supernovas, there are a few islands of tranquillity, including Law leaning nonchalantly against the bar, and Miss Goldenweek's hypnotizing paints causing a "Calming Green" area for a literal tea party.
  • Mind Virus: It's stated that the reason for the crew's out-of-character moments on the Secret Island, leading to their bonds fracturing, is all due to Lily Carnation's pollen. And the more human someone is, the more they are susceptible to it.
    • The only ones not as affected were Luffy, Conis, Soundbite, and Robin, one of whom is a Skypiean and the others being Devil Fruit users.
    • Chopper, Boss, and the TDWS's reactions are not shown due to them being off-camera, and the latter five had already been caught by Lily Carnation.
  • Mirthless Laughter: Robin utters Saul's "Dereshishishi" laugh when the memories of Ohara and the Buster Call come back. It's chill-inducing.
  • Missed Him by That Much: "Road to Sabaody part 3" has Luffy meeting with representatives from three of the four Emperors. Lucky Roux, representing Shanks, was meant to also be there, but arrives at the meeting spot a minute after everyone else leaves, having gotten distracted by the food and forgotten what he was supposed to be doing.
  • Mix-and-Match Critter: The Kung-Fu Dugongs, being seals with turtle shells. Vivi says that some Alabastan marine-biologists say that there were originally manatees and sea turtles that... Yeah. And this is strongly suspected to be true, given how the dugongs both vehemently insist that it isn't and do so in an extremely unconvincing way.
  • Moment Killer: Soundbite does this a lot.
    • In the Christmas Special, there's an interesting twist in that it's breaking up a somber moment: when the crew reflects on how they're spending Christmas Eve away from home and family, Soundbite cuts them off with a loud "TIS THE SEASON, JACKASSES!" A moment of anger passes before they realize that it's Christmas Eve, not a time for moodiness.
    • In Chapter 24, after Usopp gives a heartfelt speech to his father through the SBS, Soundbite cuts into the following solemn silence by loudly saying "DADDY'S BOY!" Usopp is predictably furious.
    • In Chapter 27, after Cross consoles Nami for the events in Mock Town, resulting in her laughing and crying in euphoria, the heartfelt moment comes to an abrupt end when Luffy, Masira, and Shoujou begin singing. The mood then abruptly becomes "I Need a Freaking Drink".
    • In Chapter 39, during the standoff between CP9 and the Straw-Hats, Kumadori wonders if Cross would give him an autograph if he asked. Fukuro promptly Dope Slaps him.
    • In Chapter 48, Sanji somberly remarks how as a kid he wanted the Clear-Clear Fruit so he could just disappear, and the women wonder what he could be talking about, only for Carue to correctly guess he'd also spy on women.
    • In Chapter 59, when Sanji finally meets Keimi, catches her in his arms, and the mermaid actually seems to be reciprocating, the moment is shattered when Sanji suffers an epic Nosebleed - and ends up drenching Keimi.
  • Monster Adventurers: The Great Kung Fu Fleet counts since it's a pirate crew comprised entirely of Kung Fu Dugongs. And later, of Millennium Dragons.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Chapter 13. So, Cross has just been made aware of the fact that he's blurted out a lot about their adventures that he shouldn't know, and Sanji seems ready to interrogate him. With a face that is, quote, 'serious as a nuclear winter,' Sanji calmly demands that Cross tell him everything he knows about one person that he mentioned in his sleep… Princess Shirahoshi.
      Cross: …Wait, what!?
      Sanji: (love mode) You heard me! Tell me about the Mermaid Princess! The most beautiful creature beneath the seas, an exquisite example of feminine form, truly Aphrodite incarnate! You have to tell me all about her, I beg of you, I'll do whatever I have to! Just tell me about her!
      • And the whiplash continues as Cross lists three reasons that Sanji cannot be her knight in shining armor. He remains in love mode as Cross says that she's 20,000 feet below the surface; he instantly changes to burning fury when Cross says that a villainous stalker is after her, forcing her to stay in solitary confinement; and he instantly changes to hit the Despair Event Horizon when Cross informs him that Shirahoshi is no older than 14/15.
    Finally, once he gets over that, it's back to his no-nonsense understanding of the true gravity of the situation.
    • In the following chapter, after The Reveal, it happens again in the same situation: after Cross tearfully begs for forgiveness, Nami solemnly asks him to answer one question… how rich they're going to get. Sanji then jumps in asking about the beauties they'll find, Zoro briefly attempts to chastise them before caving and asking about their future fights…yeah.
    • In Chapter 23, Koala goes from contemplative to furious when she hears herself described as prominent and cuddly.
    • In Chapter 24, Cross quickly revises his opinion that Chopper should never go Hyde again when he hears that he almost doubled the Rumble Ball's effectiveness within the first few minutes before he went insane.
    • In Chapter 29, Cross's mood switches from sleepy to panicked when Hina suggests letting Vergo in on MI3.
    • In Chapter 32, Sanji flip-flops between terrified and loving when he hears the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Nami is executing on Jonathan.
    • During the events of Movie 6, Broggy congratulates Dorry for remembering where he heard about a flower that messes with the minds of its victims, before both panic when they realize exactly what the Straw Hats are facing.
    • In Chapter 43, Merry goes from lamenting that she can't swim anymore, to jubilant that Usopp has a solution, to furious that said solution is an inner tube.
    • In the same chapter, post-Enies Lobby victory celebration, Cross, Zoro, Nami, Vivi and Merry are watching the sunrise after successfully negotiating with the remnants of CP9, and then the scene cuts to Aokiji and a newly minted Warlord Blackbeard watching Ace, Squardo, and Whitey in a Marine brig.
    • In Chapter 44, Merry is indignant that they're naming the Straw Hats' new ship without Franky present, but changes her tune when she hears what name Franky had his mind set on.
    • Chapter 47 has a few when meeting Brook:
      • Conis is initially perfectly pleasant to Brook, until Merry informs her that the walking dead are not natural occurrences on the Blue Seas. Conis proceeds to pass out.
      • Leo doesn't want Brook anywhere around the crew, but when Cross says he's a swordsman, he instantly welcomes the newest person to take Zoro's attention off him.
    • In Chapter 48, after Sanji laments that he wanted to eat the Clear-Clear Fruit to disappear, there's a solemn silence until Carue points out that Sanji would've likely used it to peep as Absalom did.
    • The moment when Vivi and Conis ask to learn the Poneglyph language from Robin goes from heartwarming to hilarious when Robin shows just how... suppressed her dream of being a teacher was.
    • Perona flipflops between worrying if Nami is okay and being assured that she is okay while the two of them escape from Shiki's palace.
    • The solemn moment between Vivi and Robin after the latter promises to keep the former grounded against her new Logia powers ends when Robin makes a crack about Vivi's ditziness, and the princess retaliates by giving Robin a Wedgie.
      • And Vivi's calm countenance against any retaliation Robin can come up with is shattered by Robin asking Vivi about her homework.
    • The tense moment in which Cross reveals the truth that Hody Jones killed Queen Otohime, right in front of Jinbe, no less, is humorously shattered by the arrival of Megalo, who Soundbite decides to give the voice of Bruce the Shark, Bartolomeo complaining about Megalo's appearance scaring his crew's sea kings, and then Hatchan and Keimi having an epic Freak Out over forgetting to prepare the Ryuugu Family's Royal Banquet.
  • Mook Horror Show: Four of the weaker Straw Hats (Nami, Chopper, Cross, and Soundbite) instill such terror into the Marines they fight at Enies Lobby that the one calling for reinforcements is reduced to simply repeating "Oh god" over and over.
  • More Expendable Than You: Zoro offers his head to Kuma for Luffy like in canon, but with the addition of Cross and his infamy and Zoro's head not worth both, Nami offers herself as well.
  • Morton's Fork:
    • Cross faces this in regards to Little Garden, and Nami falling prey to the Kestia. He has two choices: either allow Nami to come within an inch of death with the payoff of getting Chopper, which is much harder to face now that she's his friend, or save her from the Kestia at the cost of, in all likelihood, never meeting Chopper and, worse still, dooming Drum to Wapol's returning tyranny. In the end, he chooses the second option…only for a different prehistoric bacterium to infect him instead, setting the crew en route to Drum anyway.
    • Cross faces this again when their encounter with Mr. 2 draws nearer. On the one hand, letting him go would mean a town burning down and a lot of trouble for everyone. On the other hand, if they got rid of him, the Straw Hats would never escape Hina at the end of the Alabasta arc nor, much later, would Luffy succeed in his jailbreak from Impel Down. Unlike the above, Cross has no difficulty making up his mind and taking the first option, though he still hates it.
    • Another one occurs as the crew draws close to Thriller Bark; Cross contemplates making sure Usopp's confidence remains low to make sure they still have a trump card against Perona, especially considering how dangerous her powers are, but ultimately discards it in favor of the other option of making his own plans for her. Considering what might have happened in canon with Usopp's self-esteem and Merry, it was a smart decision.
    • Turns out that avoiding this is the reason the Marines haven't dispatched an Admiral against the Straw Hats. The Curb-Stomp Battle the Admiral would dish out to the Straw Hats would seem excessive and make the Marines appear weak if they need to send in an Admiral to beat a mere bunch of rookie pirates. And in the slightest chance that the Straw Hats manage to defeat one of the Marine's Greatest Military Powers, it would convince the Warlords to rebel and throw the balance of the Three Powers off-kilter.
    • Vivi herself finds one after Kuma sends her and Carue back to Alabasta. She finds herself conflicted between staying in Alabasta with her loved ones and her people but abandoning the other Straw Hats, or returning to her crew but leaving her country when it is in the midst of Revolution. The fact that Luffy gave his blessing for her to leave if she wanted to and her father feels the same way, wanting her to pick the choice that makes her happier, doesn't help in making the decision.
  • Motive Rant:
    • After the right prodding, Cross is able to get Dr. Hogback to shout to the world through the SBS what he's accomplished and why on Thriller Bark.
    • Shiki proceeds to give one during his final battle with Luffy.
  • Mouthing the Profanity: During the Enies Lobby crisis, a Marine base that was being overrun couldn't contact assistance because their Transponder Snail refused to transmit, it having been inspired to rebel thanks to Soundbite. It then adopted a Soundbite-like grin before mouthing two very specific words. If it wasn't obvious enough, The Patient One mentioned that the second word was "you.”
  • Mundane Utility: Soundbite's Gastro-Blast technique is a devastating attack that no human should be able to survive. It shatters bones and steel with a blast of pure sound...and can also be used to make a steak so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: Courtesy of Iceburg, Rocketman's smokestack cuts into Sniper King's introduction.
  • Must Make Amends: After both opposing the Straw Hats on the way to Enies Lobby and his unconscionable blowout at Cross and Bartolomeo at their last meeting, T-Bone finds himself wanting to restore his honor, and he gets the opportunity by beating a recovered Rob Lucci to get CP9's loyalty to the New World Masons.
  • My Fist Forgives You: As members of the Barto Club and Straw Hat allies, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine eventually get over their grudge against Cross after the tactician gives them gifts of a fireman's suit and chocolate... and after the two of them gut-punch the wind out of him.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: During the Supernova meeting at Skelter Bite, a little bit after his Ladies and Germs moment, Cross follows up with this trope - "But! Fret not, my friends! And Kid." Again, Kid takes offense.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Cross's reaction after he kills the Kestia before it can bite Nami.
  • My God, You Are Serious: Robin's reaction when both Vivi and Conis ask to learn the Void Language of the Poneglyphs.
  • My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels:
  • Music for Courage:
    • As a way to stave off the gloom and wrongness of the Florian Triangle at the start of Thriller Bark, the Straw Hats begin singing "Binks' Sake" which is immediately broadcast worldwide on the SBS.
    • To restore the morale of both pirates and slaves in Grove 77 during the Sabaody Revolution, Cross, Soundbite, and Brook start a performance of Do You Hear The People Sing?.
  • Mythology Gag: After riding a T-rex on Little Garden, Cross justifies himself to Usopp and Luffy by declaring it a "man's romance".
    • In Chapter 22, Cross creates the Straw Hat Broadcasting Station, which he abbreviates as SBS.
    • In Chapter 44, it's revealed that Nami didn't pose in a bikini for her bounty poster this time. Vivi did.
    • In Chapter 61, the bar/ embassy the Whitebeard Pirates set up on Skelter Bite is named Oden's Cottage.

  • Narrative Profanity Filter:
    • After learning that Kureha gagged him with a vial of sugar rather than salt, Soundbite's reaction is not written coherently. The reactions to it are, however:
      Cross: (rubbing a finger in his ear and whistling in awe) Wow…
      Nami: I… lost track of what he was saying halfway through, though I think he managed to insult your family back to its… tenth generation?
      Vivi: I know twelve different languages, but… I didn't recognize a third of what he said.
      Kureha: KAK KAK KAK! Either way, he's got quite the mouth on him!
    • Chopper and Nami's examples under Cluster F-Bomb.
    • Kid is subject to a lot of this, especially once he appears on the SBS.
  • Naval Blockade: According to Coo, the Marines has one set up around the perimeter of Sabaody Archipelago to prevent any pirates (especially the Straw Hats) from reaching the New World.
  • Never Found the Body: When a furious Ace refuses to believe Cross's claims that Sabo was alive, he tried to bring up this as proof, though Ace was under the impression that there wasn't anything left after the World Noble shot the boat.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Nami, due to all those nights in Arlong's crew trying to drink her mother's death away.
  • Never Heard That One Before: Marine Captain Very Good has this to say about puns relating to his name:
    "Spare me, Jeremiah Cross. I have heard every joke in the book, not even you could say one I haven't endured before."
  • Nice Hat: Cross steals a Marine cap in Chapter 18. Tashigi confiscates it early in their Enemy Mine in Chapter 19 but gives it to him to keep afterward when he earns her respect.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:
    • Cross's actions to try and mitigate the challenges the Straw Hats will face and at the same time air out the World Government's dirty laundry on the SBS has a number of consequences he wasn't expecting. More than a few times, his efforts ultimately make things worse.
      • Case in point, his broadcast about the first five levels of Impel Down (since he hoped Luffy wouldn't have to go there since he warned Ace about his capture by Blackbeard in canon) lead to them upgrading their arsenal, making Luffy's mission that much harder
    • Luffy manages to invert this in the aftermath of Omatsuri Island when he requests that Baron Omatsuri be buried with his old crew, saying that he "doesn't deserve to be alone in death". Since the entire world was listening over the SBS, this act of compassion for his enemy completely derails the plans of the Five Elder Stars to vilify him for killing the baron by claiming it makes him no different than any other murdering piratenote .
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Herod!: Turns out that the rumors about Amber Lead Syndrome, the subsequent quarantine of Flevance, and the resulting justifiable massacre were all set up by Cipher Pol and the World Government, to exterminate the family line of D. rumored to be somewhere on the island. When he is told of this, the Sole Survivor Trafalgar D. Water Law is not happy in the slightest.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • Intent on getting the fight with Luffy that he has waited for without Lucci getting in the way, Jabra takes out Blueno before he can regroup and report back to Spandam, solving the Straw-Hats' problem of the foolproof backup plan to get Robin out of their reach.
    • The fact that Jabra kept a Six Powers cheat sheet in his room for review greatly helped Boss when he got his flippers on it.
    • Thanks to Spandam having such a superiority complex that he kept an operational black book for CP9, a black-ops organisation whose actions are all but clandestine, in his possession, Cross is able to broadcast on the SBS enough Dirty Business to permanently tarnish the WG's reputation.
    • During their Cat Fight, Kalifa attempts to use her Bubble-Bubble Fruit to wash Nami's mind blank of any thoughts, but all she ends up doing is washing away all of Nami's stress instead. As such, she later doesn't hesitate to jump into the churning waters between the Tower of Justice and the Bridge of Hesitation, in order to get to and activate the controls that close the Gates of Justice.
    • During their fight, Koala started having doubts about taking revenge on Vice Admiral Strawberry. Then the man declared that because he's a Marine, whoever he harmed or killed to anger her so must have deserved it because Marines are always just, erasing all doubts in her mind and further enraging her.
    • The Elder Stars thought sending all their forces to Sabaody to finally destroy the Straw Hats and capture Cross so he gets executed alongside Ace would be enough to make the world safe under their command. Instead, they're delivered a one-two punch where Silvers Rayleigh reveals on the SBS that Gol D. Roger was never captured and allowed himself to be executed and die under his own terms due to his terminal illness and that Apoo's Free-Feather Report will reveal the truth behind the "assault" of the Celestial Dragons after the Auction House done by Donquixote Doflamingo which they pin on the Straw Hats.
  • Nightmare Face: Hiuo Hiruno's face takes on an expression Cross describes as a "soulless mask with three gaping holes where her eyes and mouth should be".
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In chapter 50, Cross gets a cyborg zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex that breathes fire to use against the zombies of Thriller Bark.
  • Nobody Poops: Averted. Even aside from Cross's biscuit problem, when he gets the Primal Cholera on Little Garden that is the crew's reason for going to Drum this time, he has some severe symptoms that involve a bed with a hole, a bedpan, and him not wearing pants.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: What does Vivi get for her 2 years in the Baroque Works organization, working for and trying to bring down the man who's trying to destroy her kingdom? Being accused of treason and forced to leave Alabasta, never to return.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: The Buster Call, as in canon. When the Marines hear what a horror Lily Carnation is, they plan to level the island with the largest Buster Call in history whether the Straw Hats win or lose. Just to be sure.
  • No Man Should Have This Power: A variation in the Skypiea arc as Cross reveals that the reason why he didn't tell the crew what happened to Eneru after Luffy beat him and allowed him to escape to the moon was because he knew if Eneru died, the Rumble Rumble Fruit would reincarnate, and the last thing they needed was for a future enemy or even the Marines to get a hold of it.
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*:
    • Cross jumps a little too much while up on a tree branch when Luffy comes out of nowhere and surprises him. After he hits the ground, he starts singing "A Bicycle Built For Two" while Soundbite sings some strange amalgamation of "Yankee Doodle" and "Old McDonald".
    • After one of Nami's gold-euphoric dances, Vivi is left with dizzy eyes and mumbling how she doesn't want to learn ballet because Kohza would laugh at her.
  • Nonverbal Miscommunication: This applies given that the denizens of the city of octopi the Straw Hats run into communicate mainly by eight-tentacled sign language... and Vivi and Robin end up insulting the shogun, his lineage and his surfing skills when Vivi accidentally uses the eight-tentacled dialect instead of the eight-jointed-limbed dialect.
  • Noodle Implements:
    • Whatever Eustass Kid did to get his bounty raised to 110 Million involved a potato peeler and a corkscrew, and completely freaked Cross out.
    • Subverted when Nami threatens Cross with a mirror, straight razor, needle, and thread. She plans to emasculate him and make him watch.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • So many bizarre things happen on Little Garden that Cross suggests that they make it this, referring to it thenceforth as the 'Little Garden Affair' (though that's only after Luffy wrecks the diagram that they had just finished putting together detailing said bizarre things).
    • Chapter 14 reveals that Luffy once tried to eat guns. According to him, they taste bad.
    • In Chapter 21, after seeing that Zoro's fight with Mr. 1 went...about as bad as it did in canon, and Zoro attempts to shrug off Cross and Nami's assistance:
    Cross: If these wounds don't lay you out, then I can guarantee you that Chopper will. Do you want him to break out the good drugs again, hmm? Do you?
    Zoro: (shuddering and looking panicked) So many colors and I couldn't hit any of them...
    • In Chapter 26, Cross precedes the main subject of his SBS broadcast by mentioning that he was recuperating from somehow making two of the crew's females and Sanji angry through some sort of mishap involving what was most likely a Flame Dial. Chapter 28 reveals that it probably involved Clothing Damage, and Conis had a similar incident at some point.
    • In Chapter 34, Itomimizu of the Foxy Pirates mentions a lost court case which means he can say "The humanity" instead of "The sapient-ity".
    • In Chapter 35, perhaps in one of the more literal uses of the trope, Su mentions an incident that involved Conis, some form of overloading, and macaroni and, in Conis's words, "so much cheese".
    • It appears that in-between chapters Cross and the gang encountered Ratchet and Randolph (the Marine-turned-actor from one of the specials), and both times Vivi managed to screw things up in her own personal fashion. But as the reader has no clear idea as to what happened, it counts as a Noodle Incident.
    • Turns out the Red-Haired Pirates rampage/party took them all the way to Dressrosa and made them black out for two days. One of the first things they say upon waking up is telling Doflamingo "sorry about [his] city."
    • Whatever the hell Urouge got up to on Kyuka Island. Though apparently, it's not so much Squick-inducing as Nosebleed-inducing.
    • Several were mentioned in Chapter 47, including talking squirrels, The Case of the Missing Brunch, the Sandbank Inferno Incident, the Great Lobster Blowout, and an instance where Zoro got so lost they found him on another island.
      • Though the Sandbank Inferno Incident is later detailed via an omake.
    • Prior to getting involved with Cross, the strangest snail call Tashigi ever got was "That one call with the monkey chorus and Garp trying to be a composer in the background."
    • Apparently there's no swordfighting allowed in Takoyaki 8 except during the biannual squinja (squid ninja) migration.
    • Chapter 60 sees Cross threatening with revealing ones for Koala and Sandersonia, despite not knowing anything about them. Koala starts muttering about "So much gunpowder."
    • Chapter 61 has a monument of shame for a crew called the Kojiro Pirates whose crime was "theft and being dumb enough to get caught" and being punished by banishment from Skelter Bite. However, the explanation is never mentioned to the readers, despite the Straw Hats' reactions alternating between exasperation, satisfaction, and amusement.
    • Lacroix and Ronse, ex-members of the Marine Giant Squad, share some stories with Robin and Usopp about their mutual friend Jaguar D. Saul, such as the time he had to spend three weeks knitting sails for a pair of battleships to pay for a coat.
    • Koala met Shuraiya back when he was a bounty hunter and before he joined the Kid Pirates.
    • Chapter 63 has Cross wonder where Boss is, and Mikey tells him Boss is in a drinking contest with a giant squid and is up 2-and-1.
  • Nosebleed:
    • Vivi gets this reaction when she sees Urouge's reason for his bounty.
    • Sanji has this reaction when he catches Keimi. Unfortunately, she is his arms when that happens, and guess where all the blood goes...
  • No-Sell:
    • Out of rage, Cross attempts to punch Mr. 3 after the mentioned Heroic BSoD. Mr. 3 neutralizes it with hardly a thought, and even lampshades it.
    • Enel's Logia-powered Mantra is completely unaffected by Soundbite's attempts to block him out.
    • Bartolomeo, Miss Goldenweek, Apis, and Lindy are all immune to Boa Hancock's Love Love Beam. Miss Goldenweek due to having basically emotionally castrated herself, Lindy due to having such bizarre sexual preferences, Bartolomeo because he's too dedicated to Luffy, and Apis... because she's too young to feel lust.
    • Garp completely ignores Vivi's Sovereign's Will, since he doesn't respect her authority.
    • Luffy attempts to use his Conqueror's Haki on the Sheepshead after he tries to kill Porche. While the other Paradise pirates are nearly pushed into unconsciousness, Sheepshead and the other New World pirates are externally unaffected, though they do take interest that Luffy has such an ability.
  • No Sympathy:
    • The only response of the Five Elder Stars after listening to the Straw Hats' horrific ordeal against Lily Carnation is how they'd lost a potential anti-pirate weapon, which didn't even take out one of the biggest thorns in their side.
    • When Cross finds himself volunteered for a cage fight against Brook by his own crew, none of them are interested in helping him and are just interested in the bets, purely because Cross is just as much an asshole as they are normally. And when Cross first heard about it:
      Cross: … is it too late to get you to put me into a medically induced coma for the rest of the week? Or him, for that matter?
      Law: Sorry, Jeremi-ya. But while I could do that… I just think this will be more fun to watch.
    • Subverted, though, in that Leo reveals that they're just putting on a show and Cross can bow out if he really wants to.
  • Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught: The Straw Hats take massive advantage of this during the Davy Back Fight. After all, it can't be proven they're responsible for the mass of fog and heavy wind that covered the field just before the second round, or that they beat the hell out of the Groggy Monsters under the cover of said fog.
    • Among pirates, everyone is fully expected to cheat at cards. It's only punishable if someone can prove it. Notably, in a game of poker against Boss, Chopper, Robin, and Zoro, Soundbite was the only one without a royal flush. Robin and Zoro even had the same suit.
  • Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: The Florian Triangle. The thing about it is that it reflects the emotions of its inhabitants, and it reflecting people's fear of it as well as Moria's reputation resulted in its aura of death and terror. But if filled with cheer and joy, that too will be reflected as a world of pure celebration.
  • Not His Sled: Due to Cross's influence, many moments throughout the series were changed. Among these are:
    • Cross convincing Zoro to tell the crew what he knows about Baroque Works, leading to the entire crew fighting the agents at Whiskey Peak and avoiding the fight between Luffy and Zoro over the misunderstanding.
    • Nami contracting the Kestia. After much conflicting debating with himself, Cross ultimately saved Nami from the illness, only to contract another illness himself, which still enables the Straw Hats to recruit Chopper.
    • Due to the Celestial Dragons learning about her undercover work in Baroque Works, Vivi was issued a bounty and thus was forced to become a full-time member rather than part ways with the Straw Hats.
    • In Skypiea, Cross helped the Straw Hats' realize the truth about the gold pillar the Shandians were giving them note , allowing the Straw Hats' to leave with more gold than ever, much to Nami's delight.
    • Due to Cross building up Usopp's confidence and ensuring that the crew learns about Merry's condition well in advance, the fight between Luffy and Usopp is avoided, as well as Usopp temporarily leaving the crew, even if Cross has to rework his plans for Thriller Bark.
    • Thanks in part to the SBS, the initial conflict the crew had with Franky when they first met him is dodged and they actually get along friendly even before he joins the crew.
    • Perhaps biggest of all, Cross manages to keep Merry from dying by having her eat a Devil Fruit, thus becoming a human.
  • Not Hyperbole:
    • When Cross threatens to turn Luffy into Greninja (that is, wrap Luffy's tongue around his neck like a scarf), he's dead serious.
    • When Cross wonders if Hamburg is even human, Itomimizu tells him that's the multi-million beri question, before explaining that the Foxy Pirates actually have a betting pool that large.
    • After Cross describes their upcoming assault to an incredulous Enies Lobby garrison, he declares he is going to zap one of them with lightning. The soldiers start laughing at him, which he joins in with. Then he whips out his taser baton.
    • During his initial search of Spandam's office, Cross claims that his efforts came up with nothing but a goose egg. By which he means a literal rotten goose egg which he didn't want to know how it ended up where he found it.
    • During the Loguetown arc, upon receiving his rigging, Nami jokingly calls Soundbite the 'God of Noise'. After he Awakens his Devil Fruit, he claims that it's no longer hyperbole.
    • Apparently, being called 'hammers' isn't just a nickname regarding Devil Fruit users being unable to swim. As Cross learned when he was saving a sinking Merry, Devil Fruit eaters are actually as heavy as hammers in water.
  • Not in the Face!: Screamed by one of the TDWS after their No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Sanji goes awry for them. Quickly followed by a Verbal Backspace.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer:
    • While broadcasting that Luffy got into a surfing contest against the Octopi Shogunate Octavio, Cross reassures listeners that he couldn't make this up if he tried.
    • During Isaiah and Terry's introduction, Soundbite insists he's not even changing their dialogue.
    • During the denouement of Skypiea, Cross reveals that they're "sailing away from this mess with a small fortune harvested from the innards of a gigantic amphibious Sea King serpent" immediately followed by one of these.
    • Soundbite insists he's not lying that the SBS broadcasts actually have shaken up the faith of several Marines.
  • Not Me This Time:
    • Played with. Water 7 being on fire is mostly Cross's fault, but part of it was actually Franky's doing from a few years back.
    • Then again with Cross's bounty, and the obscenely high number thereupon. In Sengoku's own words:
      • Who is responsible? Garp, for Cross humiliating him on the SBS.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • When Cross decides to act like Phoenix Wright, Robin plays along as the judge, finding the whole thing rather amusing.
    • Later during the G-8 arc, she sits down for a game of chess against Vice-Admiral Jonathan.
    Robin: The middle of a life-or-death situation, and I find myself playing a friendly game of chess with the person responsible for every bit of danger in that situation. I can't deny it any more. I love being a Straw Hat Pirate.
    • Hina desperately tries to remain professional while her crew has a dance party behind her while listening to music playing during the SBS broadcast, until she finds herself joining in.
    • Captain T-Bone during the trip to Enies Lobby is talking with Su (with Soundbite translating over snail-phone) when she goes to ask about his horribly scarred face. He hangs up on the call in the middle of her question, cutting off Soundbite's translation powers and annoying Su who can't finish her question. He just smiles in amusement.
    • Lucci is the first one to admit that for all the reasons the Cipher Pols are given sharp suits to conduct missions in, the real reason is that it's so satisfying to kick ass while looking damn good.
  • Not So Different: Jabra could have been able to use this against Luffy...and then he had to defy this trope by calling Blueno weak, after he was already on shaky standing with Luffy. Naturally, Luffy is pissed.
  • Not So Omniscient After All: Cross's foreknowledge doesn't go past Chapter 800, which is where the manga was when he was pulled in, but it also doesn't include the One Piece movies, including one of the darkest films in One Piece, ever...
  • Not So Stoic:
    • In Chapter 18, when the crew arrives at Rainbase, Zoro whoops at the thought of not having to traverse the desert anymore. It takes a minute for them to believe that he's actually Zoro.
    • As of Chapter 25, it seems that Robin's losing her status as The Stoic a lot faster than in canon.
      • Such as completely losing her calm countenance when Cross gives her a noogie.
      • Or Vivi and Conis fulfilling one of her childhood dreams by offering to be her students in Void Language, which gets her outright Squeeing.
    • After Cross pulls his Davy Jones ghost story prank on his listeners, Zoro, Robin, and even Wiper are laughing fit to bust.
    • Dragon bursts into laughter when he hears the Straw Hats annihilate the World Government's flag.
  • Not Worth Killing: Cross specifically states he finds the Unluckies too pitiful to make them the first enemies he kills, regardless of how determined they are to kill him.
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: The status quo of the world is no more, thanks to the events of the Enies Lobby arc (detailed under From Bad to Worse above), as stated by Elder Nyon. The Straw Hats have completely destroyed the reputation of the World Government, and it causes a domino effect that leads to a severe loss of manpower for the Marines, shifting the Balance of Power in favor of the Four Emperors and unleashing chaos across the seas.
  • Now You Tell Me: Due to Luffy disliking spoilers to his adventures, a lot of Cross's canon knowledge is held off unless it's really important. This means that for most of the minor hiccups that happen in canon, Cross just lets them play out and then tells the crew after the fact.
    • He does use his knowledge to defuse Vivi's tendency to use this trope, though.

  • Obfuscating Stupidity:
    • Implied to be the case, at least to an extent, with Mr. 4. Miss Merry Christmas objects to his decision of giving Lassoo to Cross, saying that Cross had helped stop them and save the kingdom. 4 uses that as his own reasoning, and in response to a surprised Christmas considering aloud how she wondered sometimes how moronic he actually was, he smiles.
    • Discussed on the way to Water 7. Cross says he isn't sure how much of Iceberg's oddness is real and how much is this.
  • Obligatory Swearing: And how.
  • Occam's Razor: Vivi invokes this when rationalizing the fact someone like Hody Jones could have and really did kill Otohime, instead of an unknown nearly-dead human the fishmen caught as the would-be assassin.
  • Offing the Annoyance: Right before a meeting with Luffy and Bartolomeo, Sheepshead of the Beast Pirates confronts Porche and wonders what she's doing here, and when Ginrummy identifies her as a Foxy Pirate, declares her a nobody and aims a thrown coin at her with lethal speed... which would've killed her if not for Luffy pulling a Bullet Catch.
  • Offing the Offspring: Charlotte Linlin (AKA Big Mom) is revealed to have had one of her personal Homies essentially immolate her daughter Charlotte Macarron for trying to defect.
  • Offscreen Teleportation:
    • After Zoro decided he wanted a drink, Soundbite stopped paying attention for ten seconds. Somehow this was enough time for Zoro to get halfway across a massive Marine base and find a refrigerator with booze, despite walking the entire time.
    • However the Revolutionaries got Cross from Water 7 to Baltigo and back in mere hours.
  • Oh, Crap!: Many.
    • In Chapter 1, Cross has this reaction upon seeing the tropical forest he wakes up in, until he realizes that it's not Little Garden.
    • In Chapter 3, pretty much anytime that Cross crosses paths with Smoker.
    • In Chapter 6,
      • Cross has this reaction as soon as he gets past his adrenaline rush-induced haze to remember exactly what the sounds are that he hears as he's coming down Reverse Mountain: Laboon.
      • Then he does it again when he runs over the rest of the Baroque Works saga in his mind, and still thinks he's forgetting something. The thing he's forgetting? The crazy weather between Reverse Mountain and Whiskey Peak.
    • In Chapter 8, Cross and Vivi have this reaction when Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine show up.
    • In Chapter 9, everyone has this reaction as soon as they get to the Inevitable Waterfall.
    • In Chapter 10, Cross has this reaction when he runs into Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine again. With nobody there to help him except Soundbite. And the two Baroque Works agents eager to kill him.
    • In Chapter 12, Cross has the biggest and most plot-worthy one thus far after hearing that due to his sickness, he had some of his mental barriers weakened… meaning that for a few days, he had been unconsciously running his mouth with knowledge that was not meant to leave his mind, in front of his entire crew.
    • In Chapter 13, Cross has this reaction at least once while trying to stall Wapol.
    • In Chapter 14, the first thing Cross learns upon waking up is that Kureha has given him some vitamin supplements of her own design, meaning that Cross is now as Made of Iron as the average person in One Piece. On one hand, he's in significantly less danger of dying. On the other hand, he's now fair game for Nami's Idiot Punches, and considering that he's currently staring down Kureha's medical bills…
    • In Chapter 15, Cross has this reaction after Mr. 2 touches his face.
    • In Chapter 21, Cross manages to solicit this reaction from both of the Unluckies: Miss Friday when he prepares to snap her goggles back on her face, sending her into a nosedive to the ground; and Mr. 13 when he lights the lighter he got from Tashigi...while said otter is soaked in liquor.
    • Chapter 25's look at the Red-Haired Pirates has one of the new recruits having this reaction... when he finds out that Lucky Roux is Sea-King fishing and he needs bait.
    • In Chapter 25, this is the reaction of everyone when, like in canon, they witness the shipwreck falling from the sky that kicks off the Skypiea arc. Except for Cross.
    • In Chapter 27, Tashigi gets this reaction when Cross tells on the SBS that the Marines she tried to deflect from the Straw hats were sent right at them instead. Within earshot of Smoker.
    • Chapter 28 has a Mass "Oh, Crap!" (except Cross and Soundbite) when Usopp goes for a swim in the White Sea, and his tether starts paying out as they realize he's swimming in a bottomless cloud.
    • Another Mass "Oh, Crap!" happens when, after Cross's ghost story about Davy Jones, the campfire goes out, the place lights up with green lights, and a tentacled, crab-clawed shadow steps out to terrify the whole crew senseless. In Cross's opinion, their expressions are priceless.
    • One for Conis when Cross wakes up from Enel's initial attack, sees Conis, and thinking he missed the whole battle, makes a statement about how he wished he could've seen Enel's face when Luffy kicked the crap out of him... not realizing he was only knocked out for a second and a very unamused Enel is still nearby.
    • While the Straw Hats are descending from Skypiea, Cross and Conis have one when a caller on the SBS makes them realize that Conis, having lived her life used to minimal amounts of oxygen in the sky, might have problems adjusting to the higher concentrations of the Blue Sea.
    • Usopp has one when he realizes that he, as the outsider Sniperking, just told Luffy, the captain of the crew of True Companions incarnate, that Usopp ran away because he was too scared and sent Sniperking in his place, right before a mission to save one of their own. Luffy instantly grasps the implications, and he doesn't like them one bit.
    • In Chapter 37, Sengoku goes from Flat "What" to Big "WHAT?!" when he realizes that the Straw Hats are storming Enies Lobby.
    • In Chapter 39, Kaku and Kalifa get one when they realize that Cross called them "long-neck" and "bubbly", long before they ever received their Devil Fruits.
    • All of the Straw Hats' reactions when Sengoku and the Marine fleet finally show up at Enies Lobby.
    • In Chapter 48, Perona has a big one when she hears that Chopper has his sights set on her real body.
    • Chapter 50 has Cross and Soundbite doing this... because Moria's Devil Fruit has just AWAKENED.
    • The Macro Pirates have several - one when Duval turns on them for being slavers, one when Chopper shows up to kick their asses, and one when they hear that Jinbe will be handing out their sentence personally.
    • Upon figuring out that Jinbe is behind him and heard him announce that Hody Jones was the one who killed Queen Otohime, Cross becomes near paralyzed with fear, since he knows that one wrong move will result in Jinbe squashing him like a fly, not to mention kill any chance of Jinbe joining the Straw Hats one day.
    • In Chapter 60, both Tashigi and Sandersonia are spooked and try to jump into the ocean right after Cross gleefully announces that he has a master plan in the works. Since the latter of the two has a Devil Fruit power, it says something about how freaked out she was that she was willing to do that.
    • Chapter 61 has two in a row for Cross. First, the fact that Izo of the Whitebeard Pirates has set up an "embassy"/hotel on Skelter Bite and invites the Straw Hats to a special meeting, followed shortly by finding out that said meeting has also in attendance Pekoms & Baron Tamago of the Big Mom Pirates and Sheepshead & Ginrummy of the Beast Pirates, who, along with Izo, are courting the Straw Hats to join their respective Emperors.
    • The Cliffhanger of Chapter 69, where Admiral Kizaru enters the Auction House and sends Cross into a panic.
    • And then the tables are turned in Chapter 70, when Kizaru, frustrated enough by the Supernovas to start killing, is suddenly stopped by "Dark King" Rayleigh, who isn't interested in playing nice either. This line says it all:
  • Oh My Gods!: A lot of Alabastans, such as Vivi or the Kung-Fu Dugongs, invoke the Alabastan (read: Egyptian) pantheon in their daily vernacular.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: Smoker and Hina have this reaction when Vice-Admiral Komei uncovers the New World Masons… for the fifth time in a row, having been mind-wiped the last few times.
  • Omake: Several, written by both the Cross-Brain and their fans.
    • One, in particular, is a non-canon Crossover between this fic and the shipgirls of Kantai Collection, when the latter's base plays host to a certain goat-horned pirate shipgirl.
    • A canon one is Doflamingo returning to Dressrosa after dealing with Big Mom and Kaido, only to find that his castle was host to a Red-Haired Pirate party.
    • Two more fan-created canon Omakes include the scenes where CP9 join the New World Masons and when the Accino family arrive in Alabasta and join the kingdom in Revolution.
    • Another canon Omake involves Jinbe, at Hachi's request, requesting for Kuroobi and Chew's release to work at Hachi's takoyaki restaurant.
  • One Degree of Separation:
    • Captain T-Bone was a Marine soldier in the West Blue who was ordered on the sea-wide pursuit of Nico Robin. When he and his men protested against the unreasonable amount of force, they were sold out by Vergo and the entire division massacred by Akainu. T-Bone barely survived.
      • And when she hears about Vergo, Hina, who served with him under Tsuru, is suitably shell-shocked.
    • Vice Admiral Jonathan trained together with Bell-mère.
    • Lily Carnation is the monster that chased Buggy out of the Grand Line and into the safety of the East Blue.
    • Mr. 13 and Miss Friday are from Kuraigana Island (Mihawk's home).
    • Don Accino's Hot-Hot Fruit is one of six Devil Fruits passed through Alabasta's Royal Guardians for generations until several were lost or stolen (one of which is the Sand-Sand Fruit).
    • Garp spars with Boss's teacher and role model Sifu Dugong on a yearly basis.
    • Boss Dugong has history with the Fierce Penguins under the command of the Accino family, in particular Skipper, the Mad Penguin of Gascar.
    • By virtue of the Parental Substitute-type bond he shared with Corazon/Donquixote Rocinante, Trafalgar Law is technically the adoptive grandson of Sengoku. Sengoku is unaware of the relation while Law is unaware of how deep it is. The only people who are aware of their connection are Cross and members of the New World Masons.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: A tragic version in Chapter 22 where Cross thinks that Tashigi is apologizing because the World Government gave the credit for Crocodile's defeat to her and Smoker, but it's really because the World Government has put a bounty out on Vivi.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with MI5 member Lieutenant Commander Drake, and X. Drake the Supernova.
    • Also Leo (or Leonardo) of the TDWS, and Leo the Tontatta from the Dressrosa Saga. Chapter 62 reveals that Bian, one of Tontatta!Leo's fellow dwarves, has been poking fun at this for a long time.
    • Also the Going Merry when she becomes human, and her designer, Merry the butler of Kaya.
    • It's a point of contention during the Little East Blue Arc, when Boss the Straw Hat dugong ship guard meets Boss the mutant beetle, who was renamed Boss Kabuto by the villagers to differentiate due to the SBS's popularity, and the beetle's friend Yoko is not happy about her friend's name being stolen.
  • One-Winged Angel: Maybe even worse than his canon Shadows Asgard, Awakened!Moria mutates his own shadow and transforms into a dragon...ish... form named Nidhogg for his final assault on the Straw Hats. He is still beaten by Luffy.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: One of the Galley-La workers is only known as Colts Guy because everyone forgets his name.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • In Chapter 22, the normally slow-moving, stoic and slow-talking Mister 4 Flash Steps across a cell to Neck Lift Cross and give him a Death Glare as he warns Cross to treat Lassoo well, or else, even speeding up his normal drawn-out drawl to talk in a normal manner for emphasis.
    • In Chapter 25, the normally courageous and manly Boss scouts underwater after Soundbite drives off an army of octopi, and promptly jumps back on the ship shouting that they have to leave now! Turns out a giant tortoise (large enough to have an entire city on its back) was surfacing under the Going Merry.
    • Cross manages to cause two in Chapter 26, one without even realizing it.
      • First he breaks Robin's facade as The Stoic by telling her he'd explain his otherworldly knowledge when she tells the crew about the day Ohara died.
      • Second, during his SBS broadcast, Cross speaking out against the inhumanity of slavery and the evil of the Marines for allowing it causes Boa Hancock to declare him and anyone associated with him to be exempt from Amazon Lily's Lady Land law.
    • Terry drops his usual serving of Large Ham when he and Isaiah tell the Shandians exactly what happened to Jaya and Shandora.
    • Played for Laughs in Chapter 31 when Nami is so ecstatic over getting an entire pillar made of gold that she not only agrees to give massive amounts of money away, but even lets Cross take some tangerines from her orchard. However, she still won't forgive Zoro's debt.
      • Cross convinces her to set aside most of the gold after he explains the gravity of the Going Merry's situation, namely that Merry simply wasn't built for the Grand Line and is currently dying from the damage that's built up.
    • In Chapter 35, after the crew's loss to Aokiji, Luffy goes back on his hatred of spoilers and tells Cross he can reveal anything he wants if it'll help them get stronger.
    • Aplenty in Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island:
      • How serious is Garp recognizing Baron Omatsuri from his glory days? Serious enough to make Akainu falter.
      • Upon figuring out where the Straw Hats are, Buggy immediately puts his hatred of them aside and tries to phone in a warning, as even his enmity couldn't justify leaving them to what's on the island.
      • Even though none of the Straw Hats realize it themselves, everyone listening to the events of the SBS as they unfold with Baron Omatsuri can sense something's wrong as the crew's bonds slowly fall apart. Specific notable instances are:
      • Vivi starts throwing around her royal title, horrifying pretty much anyone who's spoken to her for longer than a minute outside her Miss Wednesday persona.
      • Sanji refuses to serve Zoro food because Zoro didn't cheer for him. Zeff drops the cookware he's carrying in shock.
        Zeff: "Sanji... he would never say that. Not in a thousand years, not if his life depended on it, not if every woman in the world begged him to say it."
      • Cross threatening Soundbite.
      • The transmitted horror that is Lily Carnation has even stoics like Basil Hawkins in flusters and Jewelry Bonney devoid of her appetite.
      • Luffy fighting to save his crew has a listening Kureha drop her vanity and outright shout for Luffy to save Chopper, calling him her son.
      • And the aftermath of Baron Omatsuri's attack has Garp calling and telling Luffy that he's So Proud Of Him, and Sengoku offering Luffy a Warlord position, even knowing it'll be refused, and even showing a hint of respect.
    • Every time Cross manages to actually start the SBS himself, even before interrupting him was a thing. By the time the third incident rolls around, many of their listeners have realized this trope is in effect.
      • The first time, it's to reveal that Vivi was joined the Straw Hats full time due to being wrongly accused of treason.
      • The second time, while no one noticed at the time the SBS started, it's the broadcast that starred Omatsuri Island.
      • The third time, it's to announce that they're going to rescue Nico Robinnote  and raze Enies Lobby to the ground.
      • The fourth time, it's to announce the beginning of their interview with Dr. Hogback, and the prepared sacking of Thriller Bark.
      • The fifth time (even if it's Soundbite aping his voice), it's to announce a special guest on their ship: Shiki the Golden Lion.
    • Upon learning the Straw Hats have declared war on the World Government, Dragon and Boa Hancock begin laughing their asses off.
    • In Chapter 52, Nami not only declares Cross' debt to her clear but says she owes him one.
    • In all their years of knowing and fighting him, Sengoku and Garp have never heard Shiki the Golden Lion ever gloat to them before. So once he does after his 20-year hiatus, Garp soon realises what he's doing - grandstanding to upstage the current show people of the new age, the Straw Hat Pirates.
    • The first time Tashigi and Smoker see Cross in a state of merciless Tranquil Fury, without a hint of wisecracking or irreverence, Tashigi wishes he'd start joking around again.
      • Cross gets the same expression when, during the Supernova's assault on the Sabaody Naval Blockade, he sees Vice-Admiral Strawberry among the Marine ranks, after he'd just gone through a whole episode involving the Sun Pirates. It's also when he decides to order the Straw Hats to break out the big guns.
    • What could make Sanji serious enough to not pick a fight with Zoro (enough that Zoro doesn't pick a fight with him either) and politely ask that Keimi leave them alone? Him finally deciding to tell the crew about his past with the Vinsmokes.
    • As Cross lampshades in Chapter 61, if he's being respectful of someone and not talking shit, it's a sign that he's absolutely terrified of them. In this case, Izo, one of the commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates.
    • In Chapter 62, Cross apologizes to Tashigi and admits he was wrong, both of which fill her with more dread than joy. Her fear is proven correct when Cross reveals what he learned from Funkfreed: Flevance was burned just to kill Trafalgar Law's family.
  • In chapter 76, Rayleigh is very quick to notice that Disco, who he had always known to be a cowardly slimeball, is acting uncharacteristically unafraid, even aggressive, in the face of his own threats and the ongoing revolution the Straw Hats and Supernovas are conducting on Sabaody Archipelago. This makes "Dark King" Rayleigh suspect that he's being backed by someone exceptionally powerful, and things are about to go very, very wrong.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot:
    • During the scene in the palace baths, after Cross finishes telling Nami he has too much respect for her to peep on her, she manages to call him up to the wall to talk to him, only to give him an eyeful of Vivi instead. The first thing Cross comments on is whether she's dedicated with the hair dye. Vivi's stool, meet Cross's cranium.
    • When Cross wakes up from Enel's initial attack and sees Conis, he makes a statement about how he wished he could've seen Enel's face when Luffy kicked the crap out of him, thinking that he missed the whole arc... not realizing he was only knocked out for a second and a very unamused Enel is right next to them.
    • Since Usopp never leaves the crew in Water 7, while acting as Sniper King to try to pretend to be someone braver, he essentially states that 'Usopp' deserted from the mission of rescuing Robin without any significant reason. Luffy is not pleased by the implications.
    • One of Nami's fanboys on Little East Blue, when he lets slip that to make the perfect statue that she first saw, they had made a lot of practice ones which had turned into Nami nudes.
    • Conis does this when she calculates how much ammo (and therefore money) Merry's new rotary cannon chews through in 12 seconds... in front of Nami.
  • "Open!" Says Me:
    • Conis does this a couple of times to get through doors. It helps to be 4 times stronger than a normal human.
    • Soundbite quotes this to get through a safe door.
    • Both Sengoku and Garp lend their strength to breaking down the Gates of Justice.
  • Orphaned Punchline: Cross telling a joke to Dr. Hogback to lower his guard, we only get the punchline and a few Noodle Implements from Hogback busting his gut.
    Cross: And so the guy slaps the soldier clear across his face, puts his foot on the table, and proclaims for the whole bar to hear! "I, sir, am a Puritan!"
  • Our Zombies Are Different: The shadow-infused zombies created by Moria and Dr. Hogback are present. However, there is also the Draugr, a subgroup that instead of shadows from living beings, Awakened!Moria uses shadows from inanimate objects to use corpses as literal corpse puppets with stiff movements and no personalities.
  • Outlaw Town: Skelter Bite, a pirate haven and the refurbished floating island-ship that was Thriller Bark, governed by "Mist Maiden" Lola.
  • Out-of-Character Alert:
    • Invoked by Cross in Chapter 20 to force Mr. 2 to drop his disguise of Usopp:
    • Zeff realizes something's dreadfully wrong on the Secret Island when he hears Sanji refuse someone food. And that's just one of the alerts.
      Zeff: Sanji... he would never say that. Not in a thousand years, not if his life depended on it, not if every woman in the world begged him to say it.
    • Cross invokes this again: by convincing Iceburg and Franky that Robin has never wanted to revive the Ancient Weapons, they decide that they don't need to keep the Pluton's blueprints around anymore... forcing the two hidden CP9 agents to make a grab for the blueprints once Franky brings them out to burn them.
    • Robin and Vivi note that Cross isn't snarking as usual when they enter the Florian Triangle and he is put off on how unnatural and devoid of life the sea is.
  • Outrun the Fireball: Cross does this when leaping off the Bridge of Hesitation.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome:
    • In Chapter 57, the TDWS have this sentiment when their battle is interrupted by Apis and Lindy dropping a galleon on their enemies, followed by the latter (who is a dragon) going ham on the remainder.
    • The Risky Brothers' intimidating welcome for those entering Skelter Bite is truly impressive, but barely rates a yawn amongst the Straw Hat Pirates. Not even Usopp is scared.

  • Paranoia Fuel: InUniverse. Sandersonia notes how she can never be sure that Cross does not know something, even when it should be impossible.
  • Paranoia Gambit: After Robin joins the crew, despite Cross's friendliness towards her, she remembers that after their first meeting, he promised that they'd meet again, and he'd pay her back. Cross informs her that he doesn't plan on getting her back anytime soon, because he needs to think a long time about what to do. And meanwhile...she can worry about it.
  • Parental Favoritism: In a canon omake, Don Accino says that Lil is his favorite of his children.
  • Parenthetical Swearing: After learning the truth of Ohara, Tsuru responds to Sengoku's orders with an "At once" that sounds far more like "Fuck you".
  • Pass the Popcorn: With the Straw Hats' adventures on Merveille being broadcasted, Vice-Admiral Jonathan asks his subordinate to bring up the whole damn popcorn cart.
  • Patient Zero: Just before leaving Skypiea, when it's revealed that Aisa also wants to join the crew, Vivi quips if Cross is a carrier for a mutation of Roger's madness. Cross counters that he got it from Luffy, but just happens to be more contagious.
    Luffy: (Giggling) I'm convictious!
    Nami: (Deadpan) That's neither a good thing or the right word, Luffy.
  • Pec Flex: When Boss and Franky meet, this happens.
    • A truly bizarre variant happens in Thriller Bark when Leo fights the zombie of Long John. John, who apparently died from (possibly among other things) being shot in the chest, tries to shoot Leo by flexing the bullets out of the wounds.
  • Phone Call from the Dead: During Enies Lobby, Soundbite gets hijacked twice by characters who are dead by this time with choice words for two specific people.
    • Chapter 39 has Jaguar D. Saul provide Robin with one final pep talk that finally convinces her to live and stay with the Straw Hats.
    • Chapter 42 has GOL D. ROGER HIMSELF encourage Luffy to stand once more and finally beat Rob Lucci, telling him he will kill his friends/crew if he lets Lucci go. He also adds that Luffy wears his old hat well.
      • And then in Chapter 57, Roger makes another call to spell out to his old rival Shiki exactly how he lost to his successor.
  • Phrase Catcher: Usually when someone uses the Transceiver's foghorn function, they make a comment (usually about how much they love using it) that everyone within earshot will respond to by shouting back "WE KNOW!"
  • Pistol-Whipping: Conis eventually learns how to do this with Boss's tutelage. With a bazooka.
  • Plot Allergy: Eating biscuits gives Cross an instantaneous and horrible case of diarrhea. It's unclear why, and it's not much of a plot point; it's barely even a Running Gag.
  • Poke in the Third Eye: Soundbite's Gastro-Scramble move fills the air with white noise, blocking out anyone who's listening, even Enel. Or so he thinks...
  • Poor Man's Porn: Cross unwillingly invokes this when he complains about using Gif to film Zoro's training regimen for the SBS at the behest of the female crew members. He even mentions that he had to blacklist several female callers because of it.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: Throughout Strong World, fighting alongside the Straw Hats and even Luffy in person, Bartolomeo keeps his head and doesn't lapse into his usual Fanboy attitude. Once the battle's over and the crews are sailing off together, then Bartolomeo finally loses it and starts Squeeing everyone's ears off.
  • Power Born of Madness: Moria's Villainous Breakdown directly leads to his Devil Fruit Awakening. Hardly the Enlightenment Superpowers it usually is...
  • Power of Trust: During The Reveal in Chapter 14, after Zoro calls Cross out on his Hypocrisy about telling dangerous secrets, Cross admits he didn't tell the crew about his future knowledge because he didn't trust them to not freak out and kick him off the crew. It's literally enough to drive him to tears. But of course, this is the Straw Hat Pirates we're talking about, so this is the predictable outcome.
  • Power-Up Food: Thanks to Dr. Indigo's toxin drugs, practically every piece of fauna (and a good chunk of flora) on Merveille is this: the toxins grant super strength and stamina to whoever ingests them, and they remain in the body and blood of the consumer even after death, meaning anyone or anything that consumes the consumer's flesh will become empowered too.
  • Pragmatic Villainy:
    • Cross plans to turn even the Rape, Pillage, and Burn pirates against the slave trade by making them realize how profitable and low risk attacking slavers is.
    • Akainu opposes Ace's public execution but only because Whitebeard's reprisal might prove too costly with the state their forces are currently in. Instead, he thinks either Ace's execution should've waited until the marines had built up their forces again or it should've been done quietly and privately.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: Discussed and Subverted. Right before Sanji kicks the crap out of Absalom, he mentions some he had lined up, but now decides to forgo.
    Sanji: You know, I had a whole bit lined up for this: the Bullshit Bistro, all-you-can-eat buffet, the whole nine yards. But after seeing this? I'm just going to kick your ass inside-out and be done with you.
    • A more understated, but no less poignant, one by Cross, when he initiates the plan to tear Sabaody's slave trade apart:
    Cross: Everybody. It's time. Gather everyone together. It starts, and ends, now.
  • Precision F-Strike:
    • Vivi's thoughts about being branded a criminal by the World Government is apparently, "Fuck every last one of those bastards who banished me from my home, hard."
    • Conis' response to Soundbite saying it's a good day to die: "Fuck that, it's a good day for someone else to die."
  • Pre-Violence Laughter: As the group arrives at Enies Lobby, Cross declares to the shocked Marine garrison that they are going to raze the place to the ground to rescue Robin, but first, he is going to zap one guard with lightning. The guards start laughing at him, Cross joins in, and then he whips out his taser baton and makes good on his threat.
  • Price on Their Head: It wouldn't be One Piece without bounties aplenty. However, a number of them are notably higher than canon thanks to Cross's interference in events.
  • Pride Before a Fall:
    • The World Noble Saint Jamolomew participates in the usual practice of dog-kicking a store full of civilians. When the news about Enies Lobby breaks and the civilians realize there are no Marine reinforcements available for retribution, it's the last bit of pride Jamolomew has.
    • Hogback's pride in creating a zombie army results in him happily explaining what he does over the SBS.
  • Prisoner's Work: Doctors Hogback and Indigo, after their capture, are forced to work for the World Government's science division alongside Vegapunk and Ratchet.
  • Properly Paranoid: While he comes across Nami and Vivi bathing together, Absalom hesitates due to his instincts telling him something's wrong. At least he does until Vivi drops the soap. Unfortunately for him, he was right to be suspicious.
  • Proportional Article Importance: When Cross shows Zoro and Nami the newspaper telling about half of Alabasta's royal army defecting, Zoro ends up looking at the wrong end.
  • Psychoactive Powers:
    • After getting Ohm's Eisen Dial, Nami finds that unless she actively wills them not to, the clouds she creates respond to and act upon her more unconscious desires - like throttling Cross for being an idiot.
    • Moria's Awakened Shadow-Shadow Fruit gives him immense umbrakinesis over his area of awareness, but outside of that, the shadows animate of their own volition and recreate scenes from his broken memory.
    • After observing several Zoan fruit users over the course of their journey, Chopper theorizes that the commonly held "three form limit" is due to people unconsciously limiting themselves. Besides his own extra forms, Chopper points out various traits of other Zoans that support his theory, such as Drake snarling in a manner human vocal cords aren't capable of, Merry eating food that should kill a human, and Sandersonia having a serpentine tongue in her human form.
  • Public Secret Message: In Chapter 23, Cross utilizes the SBS to send a coded message to Sabo, phrased so that nobody other than his brothers and the Revolutionaries could discern its recipient, to tell him about his brothers.

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