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  • Dark Reprise: In Chapter 43, the narration shows Blackbeard's declaration that he'll be King of the Pirates. However, instead of filling the air with a resonance of pure fact, like what Luffy's declaration does to Cross, it fills everyone watching with existential dread.
  • Dartboard of Hate: Tashigi throws darts at a certain blond's wanted poster.
  • Dead Guy Puppet: One of Moria's new Awakened abilities is the power to infuse dead bodies with inert shadows rather than living shadows and commands them with his will, making them into Draugrs. Soundbite even calls them "literal meat-puppets".
  • Deadly Dodging: When Cross insults Bellamy to get him to spring at him full-speed, he hits the floor so that Bellamy ends up crashing into Mr. 13 who's chasing him from behind.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Internally, Cross panics often when something panic-worthy happens. Externally, the only nervousness he usually shows is a fake smile; he often snarks about whatever they're going through.
  • Dead All Along: In Chapter 69, Cross finds Disco's limp body hanging by Doflamingo's strings, and surmises that it wasn't a recent thing, indicating that it likely happened after the end of Disco's scene in Chapter 65.
  • Dead Person Conversation: At the start of Enies Lobby, Jaguar D. Saul calls Robin via Soundbite to encourage her, and later on Gol D. Roger calls Luffy to encourage him to finish the fight with Lucci (and much later, to taunt Shiki one last time).
  • Death by Adaptation: Variant – in-story, Big Mom's 27th daughter is Charlotte Macarron, who dies two years before the events of the story. Her canon counterpart is Charlotte Joconde, who is alive and well, and debuted in the source manga about six months after the release of the chapter in which Macarron's status was given. Word of God explains this away by saying that as of Macarron’s death, Linlin and her family pretend that she never existed to begin with.
  • Death Glare: Remembering his vow when he came to Little Garden, Cross gives one to Sanji when he objects to Cross stopping him from attacking a T-Rex for their hunting contest. He then turns his gaze on said T-Rex… who begins sweating.
  • Deconstruction: Takes apart elements of the original series, shonen manga, and fan fiction.
    • Cross himself deconstructs the idea of someone from the real world being thrown into a fictional universe. While Cross did get his wish for some god-like force to send him to the world of one of his favorite mangas, the force that did is a sadistic bastard who did it for his own amusement and didn't even give him a choice. Additionally, other than his foreknowledge, Cross has no special abilities and is actually extremely fragile due to Made of Iron being the baseline for the universe. Case in point, Nami was able to knock him out for several minutes with one punch.
      • Cross' foreknowledge is also deconstructed. While it gives him an advantage in planning, he has to be careful with what he reveals and when, lest it blow up in his face. And the further in the story he goes, the more his actions divert events away from his knowledge of the baseline events, meaning more and more unexpected outcomes happen as a result.
      • Another deconstruction is how Cross's opinion of the characters changes now that he's meeting them in person, particularly with Aokiji. At first, Cross saw him as a potential ally that just needed convincing, and although he didn't like his methods, he still hoped he could convince him to be part of the World Masons. But after Aokiji brutally breaks the will of Robin, whom Cross had come to develop a sibling-like relation with, Cross's attitude towards him nosedives to the point of outright hating him, refusing to want anything more to do with the admiral.
      Cross: You saw the debt you owed to Saul fulfilled, you saw Robin in her place. For a minute, I thought that I may have underestimated how decent of a Marine you are, I thought I could give you a chance. And then you said it. You said that parting shot, which we both know was taken how you intended it to be read. You were aiming to shatter what little happiness she had found, and you saw just what kind of a hell it took to get it back for her. Do you have any idea what that bastard did to her? How many bones he broke, how close she came to dying?
    • The idea of Vivi permanently joining the Straw Hats is given a tragic twist. Vivi's love for her country and how serious she takes her royal responsibilities make it impossible for it to happen, no matter how close friends the Straw Hats are. Here, the World Nobles learn about her infiltration of Baroque Works and use it to frame her for treason, forcing her to flee Alabasta to save herself and her countrymen.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Deliberately Invoked with Foxy the Silver Fox, and by extension his entire crew at the end of the Davy Back Fight.
    • Kaku tries to invoke this, asking if there's a vacancy in the Straw Hat crew after Zoro beats him, only to be told that they had Franky lined up to be their shipwright, though Zoro does still say that Luffy would let him join if he really wanted to.
    • Though it's played straight later when T-Bone defeats Lucci in one-on-one combat to swear his and CP9's loyalty to the New World Masons.
  • Defector from Decadence:
    • In the face of the Marines' undeniable corruption, Smoker, Tashigi, and Hina form the group Marine Integrity 3 (or MI3), to bring down the World Government and restore true justice to the Marines. Their ranks have swelled ever since, with Captain T-Bone and Vice-Admirals Jonathan and Tsuru joining them.
    • Ever since the broadcast of Saul's actions caused the Giant contingent of the Marines to revolt, the Giant Marines have been looked at suspiciously by their colleagues. Them accidentally letting the Accinos into Alabasta without proper permission is The Last Straw for Vice-Admiral Lacroix, and he and the rest of the Giant Squad decide to mutiny and rejoin the Giant Warrior Pirates rather than have any more pressure from the higher-ups on their ass.
  • Defiant to the End:
    • Even after enduring countless shocks and staring down Enel's 100,000,000 Volt Vari, Cross does not back down, and his last effort is to spit in his face.
    • Bartolomeo and his crew intend to make Boa Hancock remember them for the rest of her life when they see her ship heading straight for them.
    • With what she's faced from the likes of Arlong all through her formative years, even the likes of the Golden Age veteran Shiki threatening her is nothing Nami has already seen.
  • Dehumanizing Insult: When Shiki appears at the end of Chapter 56, he calls both Nami and Billy his property and demands the Straw Hats give them back. Naturally, their reaction is murderous rage.
  • Delayed "Oh, Crap!":
    • Akainu brushes off Garp's remarks that he vaguely remembers the name Baron Omatsuri, until the latter yells at him that if he vaguely remembers it, that means it was someone he knew in his prime, back when he was hunting Gol D. Roger in the New World. Akainu promptly starts helping search the old records.
    • While on the Rocketman, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday try to attack Cross again but realize too late that roughly the entire crew is present.
    • The Giant Squad of the Marines has one when, in the process of blockading the now-Revolutionary Alabasta, they let the Accino's enter the country on the premise of capturing Chaka and Pell for their bounties. It takes two days for them to entertain the idea that the Accinos might have been lying.
  • Derelict Graveyard: The appropriately named Davy Jones's Locker with wrecked ships and derelict boats as far as the eye can see. Also Merry's time-skip training ground after Kuma sends her there. Naturally, she faints as soon as she realizes where she is.
  • Deus ex Machina: The Marines would like to go after Shiki and his flying archipelago, but have no idea where to find him... until the day of his invasion of the East Blue, the World Nobles decide out of nowhere to give the Marines an Eternal Pose to exactly where Shiki's archipelago is anchored, which they'd been sitting on for days.
  • Deus Exit Machina: Pretty much the only thing that kept the only available Admiral (Kizaru) from completely dominating the Straw Hats during the assault on Enies Lobby was blind luck: He decided to beam all the way to the island with his Sacred Yata Mirror, but Nami saw that briefest glint of his powers and, thinking it was a sniper, threw up a mirage that refracted him right out of the fight and miles away.
    • The absence of the other two Admirals could also count, considering Akainu was sent after Bartolomeo after he attacked a Celestial Dragon's ship, and Aokiji had to stay behind in Marineford to curb a very violent giant rebellion.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?:
    • When the Straw Hats first meet Shiki, this is Leo's reaction after blurts out that he wants Shiki's legs (on account of Shiki's legs being Grade Swords, Oto and Kogarashi). Much to the glee of his siblings.
    • When Cross gets into a shouting match with Chew and Kuroobi, the two fishmen get his dander up when they mention that a human killed Queen Otohime, and he ends up blurting out that it was really Hody Jones who killed Otohime. He regrets saying it almost immediately; even more so when it turns out that Jinbe, of all people, had been listening in the water below the whole time and is now right behind him.
    • Nami accidentally blurts out that she tried to pickpocket Capone Bege when she first encounters him and the topic turns to his Devil Fruit.
  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?: Everyone's reaction when Soundbite communes with the Florian Triangle and reveals it's not as malevolent as everyone thought. In fact, if treated well, it's downright pleasant.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?:
    • After the B.R.O.B. that put Cross in One Piece in the first place gets on Soundbite's line, Luffy has a few choice words for him:
      Luffy: STAY AWAY FROM MY CREW! (slams the mic down hard enough to crack the floor)
    • After attacking a Celestial Dragon's ship and stealing its Transponder Snail, Bartolomeo calls up the highest-ranking member of the World Government it knows to taunt them. Then he learns he just taunted the Five Elder Stars.
    • And then he does it to Shiki after he is recruited to become a Golden Lion Pirate subordinate – right after Shiki's pre-battle spiel on how they're going to destroy the East Blue, Bartolomeo stands up and, in front of 50 other enemy crews and a New World veteran that loathes that very sea, toasts the East Blue and then smashes his sake dish.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Kuma's appearance on Thriller Bark at the end of Chapter 51 genuinely caught Cross by surprise, as he was under the impression that he had saved Ace from being captured by Blackbeard, and as such, Blackbeard didn't become a Warlord and Kuma didn't need to show up and report it to Moria.
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • The Unluckies probably should've waited for their concussions to wear off, else they might have reconsidered busting into a crowded train car to get to Cross, while his much-stronger crewmates are present.
    • A dramatic example occurs when Cross finds a way to potentially save Merry by having her eat a Devil Fruit. Namely, he has no idea how to let her eat it. Fortunately, a solution is presented.
    • Almost averted, but not quite when the Straw Hats plan to trap Absalom in a flooding room. Merry took into account everything, including his animal muscles and the firepower he could carry, and reinforced the room accordingly... except for the facts that his muscles allow him to carry a lot more firepower than normal, and that the water pressure of the flooding room would help his efforts.
    • Fire Zombie Bill is defeated after stealing Donny's snack and eating it. Said snack was onigiri, which is made with salt.
    • Vivi and Conis's request to learn the Poneglyph language from Robin has one little caveat: that one of Robin's long-suppressed childhood dreams was to be a teacher. And her finally getting the chance has her Squeeing like a little girl with her dolls.
    • Vivi's ditziness ends up rubbing off on Merry, when she asks Miss Goldenweek to give the Cannibal, the Barto Club's ship, a literal personality makeover. The element she didn't think through? How long the job would take and how much it would cost.
    • Cross told the world (almost) everything he knows about Impel Down on international radio, and yet the plans he gives Luffy and Hancock for breaking in are based entirely off canon. True, he warns that things will almost certainly not go as expected, but he still never considered that a maximum-security prison that knows its security measures have been compromised would change and/or upgrade said measures as much as possible.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: Unlike in canon, where he was set ablaze by Zoro's final attack, Ryuuma chose to willingly end his existence by seppuku. He had no regrets, his last words saying he lived a good life.
  • Disappointed by the Motive: Once Dorry and Broggy finally remember the impetus for their honor duel that disbanded the Giant Warrior Pirates and left them isolated for many years while their crewmates went on their own devices, it prompts a mass Face Fault from all listeners. Oimo and Kashi put it best:
  • Discard and Draw: Both cases of Wrecked Weaponry:
    • Cross's Shock Baton is destroyed on the Bridge of Hesitation, but he hastily replaces it with a sword that turns out to be the elephant-sword Funkfreed, who joins the crew proper.
    • Nami's Waver is destroyed during the Strong World arc, but she gains the electric bird Billy as a crewmate, whom she can use as a mount.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Garp's reaction to Merry and Cross for humiliating him on the SBS? Forge Sengoku's signature so the former gets a bounty for chomping on his ass, and the latter gets one of the highest bounties in the world. As in, "only Dragon and the Four Emperors have higher bounties" high.
  • Do Not Go Gentle:
    • When it becomes clear to the East Blue that Shiki plans to annihilate it down to the seabed, every island, from Loguetown to Cocoyashi Village, starts gearing up for war, making sure that if they go down, it'll be on their terms.
    • Luffy may have eventually accepted the Straw Hat crew being split by Kuma for their two-year hiatus, but he's NOT happy about it. When he's the last one remaining to be sent off, he no longer has to hold back, and starts a fight with Kuma he knows he cannot win.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Cross's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Aokiji has the latter decide to kill him.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Ryuma used to cut towers in half by accident while practicing at Thriller Bark.
  • Don't Make Me Destroy You: Cross offers to let Fukuro go if he simply stands down, as he wasn't involved in Robin's kidnapping and is Just Following Orders. Fukuro admits that he'd gladly take them up on the offer if not for Lucci's orders to fight them; while the Straw Hats scare him, the leopard-man scares him more.
  • Don't Think, Feel:
    • Ace's instructions to the crew on how to unlock Haki follow this vein. It's hard to tell if he was trolling Cross or actually trying to explain; a very furious Cross believes it's the former, but Zoro thought that the directions were reasonable.
      Observation's Haki: Listen really hard.
      Armament's Haki: Concentrate willpower really hard.
      Conqueror's Haki: Hell if I know, I've always just gone with my f%cking gut!
    • Perona's advice to help Brook relearn Astral Projection.
  • Door Stopper: This Bites! clocks in at over 1 million words already. The Cross-Brain said that their adaptation of the Strong World movie to the fic would clock in at over 100,000 words, and in the end, it clocked in at over 150,000. AND that being said, the Cross-Brain has said that they plan to cover ALL of One Piece with the story going on hiatus until the manga finishes once they get to the two-year time skip.
  • Dope Slap:
    • Vivi administers one to Nami after she moans about missing getting Crocodile's gold-plated crocodile statue in Rain Dinners.
    • After a filler adventure that started with Vivi mistranslating octopus sign language and forcing Luffy into a surfing competition, Zoro, Nami, Cross, and Boss each administers one of these to Vivi when she offers to translate a goodbye.
    • Robin gives herself one when she meets Garp.
    • In Chapter 60, when Tashigi begs to duel Zoro and promises to pay for any damages caused, Popora does this to her, while also transmitting the memory that she spent all her money on exercise equipment to everyone present.
  • Double Take:
    • Cross performs one while observing what a nice day it is in Water 7:
      The sun was shining...
      The seagulls were cawing...
      Clouds were drifting...
      Miss Friday was eating water-water meat on the railing of that upcoming bridge...
      . . .
      Waaaaaaaaait a second.
    • And another one when they're having a party in the Florian Triangle and Cross suddenly notices Brook partying among them.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: Low-key compared to most, but Yoko from Little East Blue still hates all pirates for killing her Marine father, and especially Cross's SBS saying that there's corruption in the Marines for disparaging her father's profession. Once they meet, Cross soon clarifies himself that the organization itself has corruption and that there are still Marines that are decent, such as Yoko's father.
  • Dramatic Irony: Due to his knowledge only going to the tail end of Dressrosa, Cross is unaware of events beyond it and unknowingly upsets Sanji when he comments that maybe the Germa 66 aren't as bad as the Marines are making them out to be.
  • The Dreaded: During the Enies Lobby arc, it's revealed that Golden Transponder Snails are this to all other Transponder Snails; Soundbite states that their signal is absolute and unblockable.
  • Driven to Suicide: Cross (Played for Laughs, don't worry!) in Chapter 62. When Kid asks him out of the blue to "Do me." note , Cross enters a Heroic BSoD, holds Killer's Blade Below the Shoulder to his neck, and asks him to make it quick.
  • Drowning Pit: Merry converts the girls' bathroom into one for Absalom that Nami and Vivi lure him into with a mirage. It almost works, but Merry forgot to take into account that Absalom's Arm Cannons are the equivalent of bazookas and the subsequent vulnerability of the door to the water pressure.
  • Drunk on Milk: During the events of the Davy Back Fight, Coby and Helmeppo are mentioned once as being thoroughly sloshed. Two other Marines nearby aren't sure how this is possible, given that they were only drinking grape juice.
  • Dub Name Change: The author/authors have a tendency to use the Funimation spellings for some of the characters' names.
    • They use the spelling of Broggy for Brogy's name (pronounced BRAW-gee both ways).
    • They use the spelling of Eneru for Enel's name (pronounced IHN-er-oo both ways).
  • Duck Season, Rabbit Season: Done by Cross in Chapter 47 when ending the SBS.
    Cross: So, until next time, this is Soundbite—
    Soundbite: And Jeremiah CroWAIT, WHAT?
  • Duct Tape for Everything: In Chapter 55, Usopp uses it to gag Sanji, Conis, and Mikey to keep them from drawing monsters to them with their screams. He lampshades the trope soon afterward, making Foxy send Porche out to buy some at the hardware store.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: In Chapter 60, Tashigi mentions that the Marines were having a hard time rounding up the remains of the Golden Lion Pirates because someone burned Enies Lobby to the ground. Luffy points out that the Marines did that themselves, earning himself a Dope Slap from Tashigi.
  • Dungeon Bypass: Conversed at the end of Chapter 46; the crew asks Cross if they could skip the next arc, but they quickly change their tune when Cross tells them exactly what's at stake.
  • Dynamic Entry:

  • Ear Worm: After the Straw Hats meet the Heart Pirates, Law finds himself humming a tune that Soundbite kept blasting around them, while Shachi and Penguin wonder why the color of their sub is so important.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: Nami, Vivi, and Robin all rather enjoy how often Zoro ruins a shirt during his training and neglects to put a new one on.
    • After getting a visual component added to the SBS, thousands of women all over the world get to enjoy as well. Some even call in and try to have someone convince Zoro to cover himself in olive oil. Much to Cross' chagrin.
  • Electric Torture: This is what Enel effectively delivers to Cross.
  • Elsewhere Fic: Thanks to the SBS, many moments are shown being listened to by characters the Straw Hats have met or yet to meet, most notably Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, where the whole experience was shown from the perspective of everyone around the world.
  • Emoticon: Since Visual Transponder Snails are unable to talk, Gif, the VTS taken from Strong World, uses emojis to "communicate" with others.
    Gif: ( ゚▽゚)/
  • Empowered Badass Normal: In Chapter 78, Whitey Bay—already a New World veteran and ally to Whitebeard—kills Hiuo Hiruno and takes her Cold-Cold Fruit for herself.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Cross and Tashigi team up in Chapter 19 to take down Mr. 3.
    • In Part 3 of Impel Downfall, it's noted by Bentham and Ivankov that Byrnndi World was considered such a threat that pirates, Marines, and Revolutionaries all contributed to have him locked away—and this was decades before anything like the SBS existed!
  • Engaging Conversation: After Cross spells out to his compatriots exactly what his plans are for Sabaody Archipelago, Sandersonia all but tries to jump his bones only for Koala to knock her out, who isn't holding herself back any better.
  • Engineered Public Confession: Or, as Cross and Soundbite like to call it, "Candid Snail". Thanks to Cross' knowledge of canon and the transceiver they got from B.R.O.B., they manage to pull this trick several times on many World Government Officials and Marines (most notably Spandam and Vice-Admiral Onigumo), exposing their heinous plans, corruption and/or monstrous ideals to the entire world.
    Soundbite: BUUU~STEEE~D!
  • Entertainingly Wrong:
    • When Sanji asks Cross if the One Piece manga revealed anything unsettling about his past, Cross, who read up to chapter 800 before being sent by BROB, thinks that the cook is talking about how he was a picky eater before meeting Zeff. He had no idea that Sanji was thinking about the Vinsmoke family...
    • With the amount of political trouble Cross has stirred up, Dragon wonders what he was a student of in the other world, considering political science, business, or philosophy. Cross simply replies that he loves a good story.
    • Cross incorrectly assumes that Arbell and Salchow are the ones that need to be wed to cement the Accino-Hiruno political alliance. They're already married; it's Lil that's the bride.
  • Epic Fail:
    • While stalling Wapol, Cross attempts to kick him away in the garbage can-like form he takes midway through his Slim-Up Wapol technique. It might have worked if that form didn't compress Wapol's mass into a singular point, but as it is, it only results in a lot of pain in his foot.
    • When Ace and Luffy battle the Billions, one of them fires a cannon at Ace. Instead of dodging in his fire state, Ace tries to pull a Garp and catch the cannonball. It doesn't kill him, but neither does it work.
    • Vivi tries to enter a room by coalescing out of air courtesy of her new Gust-Gust powers. All she ends up is on the floor in a heap.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The entire Longarm Tribe gets one by proxy when Vivi discusses the contents of their native sign language.
    Vivi: "Fifty different words for theft, not a one for honest..."
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Nami is visibly shaken when Perona, up till then someone she considered a friend, betrays her to Shiki and abandons Nami to join the winning side. However the decision ate away at her conscience until she couldn't help but help Nami out later.
  • "Eureka!" Moment: In Chapter 51, when dealing with Moria's Awakened Devil Fruit powers, Su snarks that Soundbite is as helpless as the rest of them even though he's on the same level. This causes Soundbite to snap and go into a rant that he's still a snail and his powers still have limits, and that Awakened abilities take god-tier amounts of energy to use, topped off by saying even Moria's pushing it since he just Awakened, and that even if he had ten times his normal energy, Soundbite wouldn't be able to use as much power as Moria's using for ten minutes without burning out. Upon reaching those last two words, Cross and Soundbite realize how to defeat him.
    Cross: (high-eying Soundbite) And that is why we stick together!
    Soundbite: That and you wipe my ass!
  • Evil Lawyer Joke: Acted out when Izo of the Whitebeard Pirates kicks two men out of his bar for fighting. The first guy said the second guy attacked him unprovoked when he mentioned he was a lawyer, prompting Izo to beat up the lawyer and apologize to the other guy.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Zigzagged with the World Brothers. Byojack World breaks into Impel Down to bust out his brother, the legendary monster Byrnndi World. But, when he overhears Bentham asking Emporio Ivankov if it's really such a good idea to actually keep their side of the bargain and free Byrnndi in exchange for help freeing Ace, he admits as openly as he can that he agrees that Byrnndi is a monster, and whilst he's determined to rescue him, he won't actually stop any plans by the others to keep Byrnndi from picking up where he left off.
    Byojack: "Brother? Yes. He is. He's also a fucker. As is the rest of his crew. But in the end, he's family and they're loyal, so I can't just walk away. All I want is to see him out of this hell. Whatever happens after this happens. Honestly... if we could, I would love it if we could go back to how things were in the start, just exploring for the sake of it, seeing the world... But, I know my brother and I know that's not likely. I have a few thoughts on how I can maybe stop him from going back to that life, but we'll see. For now, just help me free him, and I'll consider us square on all counts."
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Humorously invoked by Cross while confronting a slimmed-down Wapol.
    Cross: No... no, the World Government is filled with monsters, but not even they would be inhuman enough to let a chin like that exist.
    • When Buggy hears on SBS that the Straw Hats have landed on Omatsuri Island, he immediately tries to call them and warn them to leave, explaining to one of his stunned crew that for all his hatred of Luffy, he would never allow them to fall victim to what's waiting on the island.
    • The broadcasting of the horror that is Baron Omatsuri and Lily Carnation has Moria horrified, Buggy panicked, CP9 aghast, Blackbeard outright incensed, and Sengoku and Akainu in full agreement that the island needs to be Buster Called to high hell.
    • Some of the CP9 are noted as looking highly uncomfortable while listening to Robin tell the story of Ohara.
    • Kid may agree with Shiki's virtues of having strength be the law of the seas, but it's the idea that the weak only exist to serve the strong that he finds distasteful; loyalty and enemies are earned, not given.
    • Arlong was a xenophobic monster, but his hatred of slavery was so strong that he never put up with it in any form, even against the humans that he despised so much. Kuroobi and Chew are horrified when they learn that Arlong's self-declared "successor" Hody Jones has been enslaving people for years, and preaching it as acceptable.
      • It's also worth noting that for all that he disagreed with her goals, Arlong loved Queen Otohime just as much as the rest of Fishman Island, and he would have personally ripped Hody to shreds if he had known who really killed her.
    • The crime families of Sabaody. At least the ones who are native to the archipelago. They may deal in all manner of crime, but they do not deal in slavery and they positively loathe those that do.
    • The residents of Impel Down loathe the BioMEGAs because of this trope. The Impel Downers incarcerate and torture to exact retribution for the suffering and misery their victims inflicted on the outside world. The BioMEGAs are just mindless killing machines that exist to indiscriminately slaughter whatever is in front of them.
    • Played for Laughs when Magellan states of all possible torture methods to utilize in Impel Down, puns are far too much.
  • Everybody Cries: Much like in canon, everyone does this over Merry. But this time, they're Tears of Joy over Merry surviving by becoming human.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Soundbite is a prankster who doesn't care a whit about being racist with the voices he gives to other animals. He does, however, have the decency to be sensitive and somber when it comes to matters involving death. Notable is his utter disgust when Vice Admiral Onigumo orders a battleship destroyed and its entire crew of Marines wiped out with it in hopes of killing Luffy.
    • Christmas brings out the best in everybody; the Baroque Works agents call a truce with the Little Garden giants (albeit at Miss Goldenweek's…insistence), Kohza and Cobra acknowledge a Christmas truce; heck, even Crocodile gets in on it by spending an extortionate amount of money to buy Robin a gift.
    • Cross himself is an adrenaline junkie that laughs in the face of near-death, but even he freaks out when he sees a ghost ship worthy of Davy Jones (complete with Soundbite-assisted theme music).
    • Cross and the Straw Hats are willing to do anything to save Merry... except agree to B.R.O.B.'s suggestion of the Ivankov treatment. Subverted later when he concedes that faced with the alternative, he would go that far for her.
    • Boss, the manly Dugong that he is, balks at the idea of jumping into an abyss and landing on an arcing Rocketman to cross the gap to the Tower of Justice.
    • Hattori may be trained as an assassin and is the pet to a World Government assassin, but Spandam's sheer incompetence led to him agreeing to Cross's proposal of a brief truce to let the latter make Spandam's eventual fate even worse.
      • Spandam inspires this from pretty much everyone. By the time Cross tricks him into announcing his plans to overthrow the Five Elder Stars using Pluton, even the World Government is thoroughly sickened of him. In the aftermath of Enies Lobby, several Marine higher-ups, including Aokiji, Tsuru, and Sengoku himself, are absolutely relishing at the thought of his eventual and inevitable punishment.
    • Cross normally just laughs at Luffy's stupidity... but when it transcends the Shonen genre, he completely loses it.
    • The Accino family despises the Hiruno family for several reasons, one of them being that while the Accino family makes their targets delusionally happy in order to turn them in, the Hiruno family will torture their targets to the brink of death for kicks.
    • Buggy absolutely refuses to enjoy anything the Straw Hats produce on the SBS... except for them singing Binks' Brew.
    • Robin may be a Nightmare Fetishist, but even she finds Cross leading a bunch of zombies in a dance number to be overkill.
    • Duval makes very clear that the Flying Fish Riders are kidnappers, not slavers. He'd rather give Keimi back to the Straw Hats than let the Macro Pirates sell her as merchandise, and when they try to object, Duval takes them out.
    • Sanji may have been antagonistic towards Hachi when they met again, but when he hears that he has a literal royal banquet to prepare that he completely forgot about, Sanji wastes no time in rolling up his sleeves and helping a fellow chef out, as he knows full well how bad dinner rushes can get (and also because Keimi would appreciate it).
  • Evil Is Petty:
    • As soon as they get an excuse, the World Nobles have Vivi accused of treason because the Nefertari family refused to ascend with them 800 years ago.
    • The World Nobles somehow got ahold of Shiki's location days before his invasion of the East Blue, but only deigned to let the Marines know about it the day of, for whatever reason.
  • Evil Laugh:
    • Kureha gives one of these during her Right Behind Me moments.
    • Blackbeard gives one when telling Aokiji his dream of becoming Pirate King.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Cross's plan to destroy the slave trade pits pirates against slavers, with even the Rape, Pillage, and Burn pirates going after them for the money.
  • Exact Words:
    • Cross corrects Smoker that he didn't say anything about good Marines being a myth. There are far too many good Marines, but not nearly enough decent ones.
    • Conis' gift to the Straw Hats wasn't guns but a gunner.
    • After Spandam's incompetence helps completely humiliate the World Government and he announces his intention to overthrow the Five Elder Stars, Sengoku calls him and tells him to report to the Five Elder Stars and receive everything he has coming to him. Idiot that he is, Spandam thinks he's being rewarded.
    • Luffy, of all people, invokes this in Chapter 43.
    Merry said that her dream is to sail the seas with us, and our goal coming to Water 7 was to make it so that that could happen. Who cares if she can't become a ship anymore? She's still alive and with us, and she can still live her dream. Isn't that good enough?
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: In Chapter 55, while fighting a giant frog and scorpion in a tree canopy, Cross whipped out Funkfreed and seemed to randomly strike at the pair, without landing a hit on them. However, the scorpion and frog then hear a creaking sound underneath them and realize that Cross was actually cutting away at the vines they were standing on, with one last stab causing the pair to fall to the ground.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!:
    • Vice Admiral Jonathan has a civil, friendly even, conversation with Cross about why the latter is terrible at chess. There are too many rules and no matter what you do, it has to follow those rules but sometimes, Cross just wants to flip the board. This and the accompanying explosion let Jonathan know that Cross just metaphorically flipped the board on their little game.
    • When Cross sees Miss Friday in Water 7, Lassoo asks where Mr. 13 was, with Soundbite agreeing, calling him a water rat in the process. Halfway through the insult, he and Cross remember they are currently on a canal street and realize where Mr. 13 will be coming from.
    • Cross remembers what exactly Nidhogg is as he explains it to the crew and realizes what Moria is doing. Nidhogg is the dragon at the end of the world and Moria is going One-Winged Angel.
    • Through the discussion about how survival of the fittest is an Enforced Trope on Merveille (Dr. Indigo injected his strength-boosting toxins into the wildlife, animals beat other animals, consume their bodies and the toxins inside them and grow even stronger), Luffy, Boss, and Cross and his partners realize why the beasts are following them: the animals have been driving them into the paths of the alpha beasts (which they inevitably beat), the ones who had consumed enough toxin to stand strong alone until now, and as such have invited the other animals to feed on their corpses and grow even stronger in a very short amount of time. And since these animals have been trained to believe that eating the strong will make them stronger, they've already set their eyes on their final targets, those that have established themselves as the strongest on the archipelago. Guess who that is?
    • Yet another one for Strong World: through their discussion, Cross and Vivi figure out exactly why Shiki has a village filled with inhabitants living on his floating archipelago: super-weapon test targets.
    • On the subject of Keimi still being the target of the Macro Pirates, and Hachi having enough help at his restaurant to hold them off, Cross wonders what the Macros and Duval could be planning to grab Keimi, and deduces that they would follow and wait until she was vulnerable... like if she's on the deck of their ship.
    • Marguerite is busy lambasting Luffy's idiocy in attempting to assassinate Boa Hancock, especially given how he always recklessly fights his enemies head-on, only to realize that his fighting style precludes him from attempting to assassinate someone. The realization that she was mistakenly persecuting one of their possible allies, one of the nicest people in the world, for assassinating her leader gives her a full "My God, What Have I Done?" Heroic BSoD.
    • After watching Buggy Tempting Fate in the worst possible way, Chief Guard Saldeath remarks to Smoker that none of their forces are close enough to get to Buggy and the others fast enough to give karmic retribution, nor is anyone among them other than Magellan and Hancock who have the power to deliver said retribution, leading to the conclusion that a third force is going to react to Buggy's cry. Cue the Caribou Pirates and the World Pirates invading Impel Down at Level 3.
    • After given the report Luffy disappeared all of a sudden from Level 5, Magellan asks about other prisoners that also "disappeared" (Ivankov, Inazuma, and Bentham specifically). This makes him realize that those disappeared are still in the prison somewhere and a massive jailbreak is going to take place.
  • Expy:
  • Eye Pop: In Chapter 25, many of the octopi do this after Luffy defeats their leader, doing it rather than the more expected Jaw Drop because they don't have jaws to drop.
  • Eye Scream: Stussy puts Marguerite's eye out with a Finger Pistol when she and Luffy try and stop the Aigis-0 assassin from killing Hancock.

  • Face Doodling:
    • In Thriller Bark, the male TDWS members do this on a sleeping Raphey and Boss, just because it's funny. They quickly come to regret it when their victims wake up.
    • In Strong World, Raphey herself does this to Perona's prone body due to boredom being stuck alone guarding the Thousand Sunny.
  • Face Fault: Abound around the fic, with too many in Chapter 43 to list.
  • Failed a Spot Check:
    • During the Alubarna banquet in Chapter 22, Cross is so exuberant out of successfully tying Luffy's tongue around his own head that he neglects to check what he's eating: biscuits.
    • After Enel is defeated, Conis is so distraught over losing her island, her father, and contemplating her decision to join the Straw Hats that she doesn't notice her father standing behind her comforting her.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Izo and Tamago both knew that trying to either recruit or ally with the Straw Hat Pirates and the Barto Club wasn't going to work, as both crews have proven their independence and determination before. Whitebeard already knew that Luffy would want to aim for the One Piece on his own, while Big Mom definitely wanted the rookies as her subordinates, though Tamago and Pekom guessed Luffy and Barto's refusal and could easily place the failure of their mission on the rookies.
  • Famed in Story: The Straw Hats were infamous already in canon, but thanks to the SBS, their public connection is a lot more personal and in-depth. Everyone knows how insane, loyal, and dangerous they are.
  • Fate Worse than Death:
    • Cross is adamant that the only way Spandam will survive the Enies Lobby arc is if he, Cross, can find a way to make it so he was wishing for death.
    • One of the Marines at Enies Lobby tells his comrades to make sure Chopper doesn't take him alive, even if they have to shoot him themselves.
    • The Macro Pirates don't have the luxury of being killed quickly by the Straw Hat crew; for the crimes of being fishmen slavers, they'll be handed over to Jinbe instead.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Stussy. Despite being polite in speech, every word out of her mouth serves only to highlight how much of a villain she is.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Or Fire-Forged Friendly Enemies, anyway; the aftermath of the encounter with Mr. 3 results in Tashigi developing respect for Cross, and it takes a good while after that for her to admit—to Cross and herself—that she considers him a friend.
  • Fisher King: Soundbite explains that the Florian Triangle is a giant mirror that reflects the emotions within it. It became a reflection of death and fear due to Moria setting up Thriller Bark in the Triangle for ten years. With Lola's plan of turning Thriller Bark into a pirate haven, the happy emotions produced will change the Triangle into a reflection of joy and cheer.
  • Flashback:
    • The first half of Chapter 23 covers the details that the tail end of Chapter 22 skipped over.
    • Multiple ones compose half of Chapter 33.
  • Flat "What":
    • Chapter 14, following The Reveal and Cross' tearful begging to stay on the crew:
    Nami: (solemnly) Alright, Cross, we'll let you stay on the crew… But first… you have to answer a few questions for us……Cross, listen to me very closely. I need to know… How rich are we going to get?
    Cross: (mentally) …what. (out loud) What.
    • Chapter 25... several times.
    • Chapter 32, during the accidental landing in G-8, when the crew realizes that Vivi and Carue are being pampered in luxury by a barrack of overly-chivalrous Marines.
    • Chapter 38, Sengoku goes from Flat "What" to Big "WHAT?!" when he realizes the island the Straw Hats plan to pillage and burn is Enies Lobby.
    • Chapter 79: Ace has this response when Luffy's stolen battleship crashes down in Marineford from the sky.
  • Flipping the Bird:
    • Cross does this to Van Augur from several miles away when his sniped seagulls land on the Merry. And he even manages to dodge the sniper's next bullet too.
    • Cross does this to Robin when she asks him to help zip her up.
    • When Soundbite fails to induce Head Desking in Cross on account of it not being the universe screwing with him, Soundbite invokes B.R.O.B. to try again. In response, the All-Powerful Bystander makes a tree branch fall into Soundbite's face with some twigs curled into the above gesture.
    • Cross does this to the Vis-snail-carrying eagle that had been following his group around all through the Strong World wilderness for several days.
  • Fluffy Tamer:
    • The Whisper-Whisper girl Apis is a member of the Barto Club in this timeline, who communicates with animals to fight. Her main ally is her reincarnated dragon friend Lindy, as well as the junior Sea King Mohmoo.
    • Perona can do this with joy and despair-inducing Hollows acting as carrot and stick. She manages to do this to all the beasts of Merveille, earning her the epithet "Hellbeast Queen".
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Due to Cross' interference, Bon Clay doesn't imprint on everyone, avoiding the need for the X tattoos. This was a small indication that the situation with Vivi was going to be radically different.
    • When giving exposition on the Supernovas to the crew, Cross gets a couple of details wrong. He claimed that Law had the third-highest bounty in canon (he was actually fifth, behind not just Kid and Luffy, but also Hawkins and Drake) and that Zoro had the lowest Supernova bounty (that was Urouge). At first, you would chalk it up to errors on the authors' parts. It was actually foreshadowing that Cross was beginning to forget several details about canon.
    • When the Straw Hats first encounter the Florian Triangle, they manage to fight off its aura of doom and gloom by throwing a party, that actually turns the fog yellow with joy. Turns out that that's the main feature of the Triangle: produce fear and it will reflect fear, but produce joy and it will reflect joy too.
    • Throughout the Saboady Archipelago arc, Disco is shown to be rather confident and high-spirited despite the Straw Hats and their allies laying waste to the slavery market. At first, it appears like it's because he has a member of the Donquixote Familia backing him up as an enforcer, but it's actually because he's been Dead All Along and his body was actually one of Doflamingo's Black Knight puppets.
    • Cross mentions to Luffy before they reach Sabaody Archipelago that Vivi will soon be presented an opportunity to return back to her home. When Kuma scatters the Straw Hats, Vivi ends up right back at Alabasta.
  • Forever War: Eden's Cinders, the island where the Jewel Tree Adam is located, is under one of these thanks to CP9's influence according to the black book Cross read in Enies. It's also the place Conis and Su got sent to after being flown by Kuma's Paw-Paw power.
  • Forgot About His Powers: Soundbite, for a brief period in Chapter 24, forgets that he has the option of using his Gastro-Blast technique to destroy his gag. And Cross comes within an inch of dying before he reminds him of it.
  • For Science!: The mentality of Chopper's Mr. Hyde-esque alter-ego, created by using a serum to access his Devil Fruit's human intelligence.
  • For the Evulz:
    • When CP9 investigated several countries that formed a trading coalition, said coalition was found to be completely innocuous. Rather than simply withdraw, they utilized the worst-case scenario to pit every country at war with the others and stole all possible liquid assets which were added to the Celestial Dragons' tribute.
    • Hiuo Hiruno nearly rots off Vivi's arm upon meeting her just for the hell of it. It's only Don Accino's intervention that saves her arm.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • Quoting this very trope, in fact. Back on Little Garden, the Unluckies were chasing Cross. Because of that, they didn't interrupt Sanji's conversation with Mr. 0. Because of that, Crocodile never had a reason to doubt Mr. 3's loyalty. Because of that, Mr. 3 got a chance to explain himself. Because of that, Mr. 3 is assigned to literally white-washing Rainbase with his powers. Because of that, countless Marines and civilians end up dead, the Straw Hats end up with no way out of Crocodile's cage, and Cross ends up in an Enemy Mine with Tashigi.
    • Because Cross told Smoker that they were helping Alabasta's "heir apparent", Smoker passed this information to his superiors, which, via Cipher Pol, went all the way to the top. And as a result of the pettiness of the World Nobles, Vivi was declared an associate of the Straw Hat Pirates, and hence, a pirate herself, something no royal status can protect her from. Thus, the only course of action is for her to join the Straw Hats full-time.
    • Because Cross and his group completely curb-stomped Satori, they proceeded on before Wiper had organized the Shandians to attack Enel's territory. Because of this, Enel's other priests were unoccupied at the moment, which means that Ohm, the deadliest of the priests, is fully free to intercept them.
    • Luffy being pincushioned by Baron Omatsuri's Rain of Arrows, and it being broadcast on the SBS worldwide, including to the Revolutionaries, restores Sabo's memory of his adopted brothers way earlier than in canon.
    • Because Kokoro heard Yokozuna speaking (thanks to Soundbite), she got more drunk than usual. Because of this, hearing Merry's love for her crew hit her harder than usual, so she came up with a plan to get Tom's two apprentices to help the Straw Hats with their ship problem. Because of this, Franky and Iceburg met with the Straw Hats earlier than Cross expected, and Kokoro told them, as Tom's apprentices, to build a ship worthy of the Pirate King's successor... within earshot of the CP9 agents that were looking for Tom's apprentices, who were known to have the Pluton blueprints in their possession.
    • Because of the SBS, Lucci and Jabra find out about Luffy's Determinator status and fighting prowess long before they actually meet. When the assault on Enies Lobby comes, determined to get a good fight without Lucci getting in the way, Jabra is the one that ends up fighting Luffy on the roof, after taking out Blueno.
    • Because Usopp didn't leave the crew and join the effort to save Robin as Sogeking, Luffy doesn't receive the Heroic Resolve to defeat Lucci from his "return". Fortunately, he gets another source in the form of pirates rooting for him including Roger's spirit.
    • Because of all the building-up Cross has been doing to Usopp's confidence, he suspects that he's no longer immune to Perona's depression-inducing ghosts, meaning Cross has to come up with a new plan when they arrive at Thriller Bark.
    • Because Perona ended up hitching a ride with the Straw Hats, she is there when they reach Merveille, and decides to make her new home there after Shiki is beaten. While there, she discovers how to tame all the monstrous beasts living there, thus putting her in prime negotiating position with the Marines to become one of the Seven Warlords.
    • Because of the SBS being readily available, Hachi's Takoyaki 8 restaurant has boomed in business, and they need extra help. Because of this, Hachi asked Jinbe to get Kuroobi and Chew released from jail, to work at the restaurant. Because they now work there, with Jinbe as their parole officer, Keimi has Jinbe's number on hand, which she uses at Cross' suggestion to get him to deal with the arrested Macros. As a result, Jinbe arrives just in time to hear Cross blow up at Kuroobi and Chew at the idea that Hody Jones was the one who killed Queen Otohime.
      • Also, as a result of the popularity, Takoyaki 8's reputation has extended to the Ryuugu Kingdom's royal family, even ordering monthly banquets from them. As such, Megalo, the only witness to Queen Otohime's murder, is around when Cross goes on the above rant.
    • Because Funkfreed is now a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he brings along a lot of Cipher Pol's information when he joins Cross. When Cross meets Trafalgar Law some of that info comes in handy to make Law amenable to listening, allowing Cross to forge an alliance with him before they reach the New World.
    • Because of Cross's actions on Sabaody Archipelago, Keimi's abduction is completely different from canon, including Rayleigh not freeing Keimi from her explosive collar, a detail that becomes an important plot point later in canon.
      • That detail which leads to said plot point is replaced by Rayleigh breaking Kizaru's leg which Luffy feels compelled to remember. Also, Kizaru gets thrown straight out of Sabaody leaving only Sentomaru, 2 Pacifistas, and Kuma as the last enemies.
    • Because of numerous going-ons at Impel Down, the last encounter with Magellan happens very differently. Instead of trying to stop the breakout, Magellan ultimately decides to let Luffy and the rest leave peacefully without interference, so Mr. 2 doesn't stay behind at Impel Down.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Cross and his confidants.
    • Sanguine: Cross. Adrenaline junkie who enjoys cracking jokes at others' expense, but also a friendly and an all-around nice guy.
    • Choleric: Zoro. Serious, competitive, and slightly unsympathetic.
    • Melancholic: Vivi. Collected and analytical with a perfectionist streak and some self-esteem issues regarding her abilities.
    • Phlegmatic: Nami. The most rational of the group and a good listener (as seen with Vivi and Perona).
  • Frame-Up:
    • When Merry tries to keep Nami from taking away her new Gatling cannon (due to how expensive its ammo is), she warns the navigator that if she comes near her, she'd scream 'Bad touch!' and paint Nami out as a pedophile. Nami points out that since Merry is a Tyke Bomb, people would believe she was being abused when pigs fly.
    • Upon arriving at Amazon Lily, Luffy is being hunted by the Amazons on the charge of attempting to assassinate Boa Hancock. When Hancock stirs from her fainting spell from Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon, CP0 agent Stussy reveals she intends to kill Hancock and blame Luffy for it. Luffy manages to reach them just in time before Stussy can beat Hancock to death.
  • Freak Out: Perona all but collapses into hysterical sobs as she tries to understand why she cares enough to put her life on the line for Nami, and why she feels so bad if she doesn't.
  • Freudian Trio:
    • Meta example: As of Chapter 26, the three authors designate themselves as this, calling themselves the Cross-Brain; Xomniac is the Ego, CV12Hornet is the Superego, and The Patient One is the Id.
    • Additionally, the three mates of the Straw Hat Pirates seem to be this: first mate Zoro is the Id, second mate Nami is the Superego, and appropriately, third mate Cross is the Ego.
  • Friendly Enemy: As in canon, Tashigi and Smoker are this for the Straw Hats, though the 'enemy' part is no longer accurate following the conclusion of the Alabasta arc and the founding of what will become the New World Masons.
    • Vice Admiral Jonathan stays friendly with the Straw Hats, Cross in particular, throughout their confrontation. Upon losing, his only reaction is to respectfully acknowledge their success. It stays this way when he joins the Masons as well.
  • From Bad to Worse: The Straw Hats' assault on Enies Lobby, for the Marines and the World Government. Sengoku is so enraged that he plans on attacking the island with all available government forces. Unfortunately, fate is working against him.
    • The Straw Hats are currently running rampant at one of the three major government strongholds trying to rescue Nico Robin, having turned Oimo and Kashi against the men stationed there. Not only that, but it's being broadcasted live on the SBS, for the entire world to hear, indelibly humiliating the Marines by making them look every bit as incompetent as Cross makes them out to be. And then Robin finally tells the truth about Ohara, with the entire world as her audience.
    • Not only that, but the Straw Hats' assault incited the other Super Rookies to commit dangerous acts, and it even causes some of the Emperors to act out, either to one-up the Straw Hats and/or to draw Marine attention away from them. In brief:
      • Shanks goes on a rampage in the New World, tying up every Marine on that side of the Grand Line.
      • Cavendish decided he's getting overshadowed, so he raids a supply ship headed for Totland... just as Big Mom starts craving for the specific thing he stole, sending her on a rampage and forcing the World Government to send Jinbe, Doflamingo, and Kuma against her in hopes of calming her down. Not only that, Cavendish is deliberately leading her to Wano, aka Kaido's territory, escalating the conflict.
      • Bartolomeo attacks a Celestial Dragon's yacht and then insults one of the Five Elder Stars, who send Akainu and five battleships after him.
      • Capone Bege raids Fort Lumose, cleaning the place out and stealing a full quarter of the Marines' liquid assets.
      • X. Drake and Basil Hawkins somehow managed to piss off Moria, sending the last available Warlord on a wild goose chase all around the Florian Triangle after them.
      • Eustass Kid and Killer attack Blackarm Island (implied to be the island where Z trains his recruits), drawing out a conflict that needs to be resolved soon if the Marines want high-quality recruits to replace all their incoming losses.
      • Scratchmen Apoo and Captain Dugong attack Task Force Cerberus, capsizing all their ships in the process.
      • Jewelry Bonney and Trafalgar Law team up and attack Marine Base G-76, taking it over and then allowing the surrounding public to run roughshod over the place, with the former even procuring a direct line to Marineford just to rub it in Sengoku's face.
      • And finally, Urouge did something at Kyuka Island that left several high-ranking Marine officers shivering in horror.
    • If that weren't enough, Robin's tell-all on Ohara causes Water 7 to finally cut off the World Government. Several Marines (mainly giants) mutiny after hearing of how Saul (who was popular among other giants) died and that they had been hunting his ward for over twenty years. This forces Aokiji to be left behind so he can quell the mutiny non-lethally.
    • The final straw is the crew outright disintegrating the World Government's flag during the SBS. Sengoku is so overwhelmed and enraged that he can't even go into his Buddha form anymore and instead suffers a heart attack. It is, as he puts it, by far and away the most humiliating incident for the Marines and the World Government since Roger's execution. And it's only going to get worse from there.
    • And boy, does it get worse in Chapter 40. Spandam, being the idiot that he is, had an operational black book. For CP9, a covert black ops unit whose missions are so ethically and morally wrong that the World Government doesn't even acknowledge their existence for plausible deniability. A black book that Cross happens to find, and summarily reads for the SBS. Sengoku is so fed up that he's not even surprised anymore, just angry.
    • And it all comes to a head in Chapter 42. 8% of the countries that comprise the World Government have seceded or been overthrown, another 12% are in the middle of or combating revolutions and uprisings, Marine HQ has lost contact with several Marine bases and vessels all around the world, and pirate activity is at an all-time high. To summarize, the entire day is labeled "The Darkest Day in the Entire History of the World Government."
    • Even the aftermath isn't letting up on them. The Marines' public opinion is at an all-time low, with more resignations in twenty-four hours than there have been in the last two years, effectively making them a Slave to PR for a good long while. In light of this, Sengoku reassigns every Marine that follows "Absolute Justice" to the New World so they are out of the public eye and can't make things worse, significantly decreasing the available manpower they have in Paradise. Sengoku himself is suffering severe health problems following the heart attack he had during Enies Lobby due to his age and has to restrain himself from getting angry — a trial, considering the antics the Straw Hats are guaranteed to get into.
    • And on top of all of the above, the secession of Water 7 has badly hamstrung the World Government's ability to replace the small-to-medium-sized ships that they lost in the above chaos, especially with the financial trouble Bege's raid and the secession of a large chunk of their tax base has caused. When building an entirely new shipyard is the best option available, and they still can't afford that, you know things are bad.
    • How can Luffy breaking into Impel Down and causing a riot as he tries to free Ace get worse for Impel Down? The heads of Caribou Trafficking and the World Pirates also break in to launch their own invasions of Impel Down at the same time.
  • Frying Pan of Doom:
  • Fun with Acronyms:
    • The all-powerful being who brought Cross into One Piece is known as B.R.O.B.: Bastard Random Omnipotent Being.
    • The World Government's newest superweapons, the BioMEGAs: Biological Mechanically Enhanced Genocide Armaments.
  • Future Badass: In the 1,000-review special, B.R.O.B. sends a future version of Cross, dubbed 'Wyvern' to avoid confusion, to the Straw Hats of the past for a short time. Wyvern mentions that in his time, the two-year Time Skip training session is almost over, and in that time, he's become a One-Man Army capable of decimating an entire ship full of bounty hunters singlehandedly.

  • Gargle Blaster: In Chapter 52 Nami, Zoro, and Cross accidentally exchange sake with South Blue COMЯADE-grade vodka. Not only is it enough to affect even Nami and Zoro, it's usually used to tan Sea King hide.
  • Genre Savvy:
    • Cross in Chapter 20. Taking up a plan to subdue the rebel army before they can reach the city? Knowing their success rate, he plans on something going wrong. Knocking down Mr. 2 with near-fatal force? Knowing how strong he is, encourages getting away from him before he gets his second wind.
    • The rest of the Straw Hats are also getting wise to a certain combination of factors: Cross has knowledge of the future, he goes Laughing Mad when his adrenaline spikes and his Signature Laugh starts with a "Pff." So when the crew hears that initial snort, they know that trouble isn't very far away.
      • Robin has even begun to preempt this by one step: the moment she sees the Cheshire Cat Grin that precludes a Gadfly like Cross doing or saying something incredibly stupid, she quickly uses her powers to Hand Gag him.
    • When Boss is sneaking around outside the Puffing Tom, one of the guards asks if the other heard a seal. The second remarks on the insanity of a seal being nearby during Aqua Laguna, only to shut up when the first points out that they're on the Grand Line.
    • In Chapter 41, Zoro knew that despite Kaku's words, he was going to use Iron Body in their final clash. Skilled or not, Kaku isn't truly a swordsman but an assassin, and an assassin is more concerned with getting the job done than honor.
    • Sanji is savvy enough to know that if they encounter a group of pirates empowered with the works of "Doctor Indigo", they'll be meeting said doctor and whatever plan he's cooking up. As such, he asks Cross to take appropriate measures. Unfortunately, Cross, who never saw the movies, believes that this sort of thing is New World-grade, and will only become relevant after the Time Skip. Guess who shows up not too long after?
      • Later, Sanji notices a distinct shift in Merry's personality, who is making preparations for long periods of separation, and knowing that she's one of Cross' confidants, predicts something terrible coming up in the near future. It's one of the reasons he finally decides to tell the crew about the Vinsmokes.
    • According to Foxy in Chapter 62, several pirate crews begged to join his when Shiki was making overtures because they knew someone like him would attract the attention of the Straw Hats and wanted no part of it.
  • Genre Shift: Chapter 38. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. Nuff said.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man:
    • Cross delivers one to Chopper to snap him out of his Mad Doctor alternate persona. Given that this seems to be the most effective way to do so, and that Chopper's research is actually useful, Chopper receives a lot of them as the story goes.
    • If the Boa sisters ever find themselves lost in the horrific memories of their slavery, Salome is trained to bite Sandersonia and Marigold to snap them out of it.
    • Robin promises to do this to Vivi if the princess ever gets drunk on her new Logia powers.
  • Gilligan Cut: During the G-8 arc, Vivi ends up staying in the brig for a bit longer than they planned, and she says she can handle it. Cut to her in the brig, on her last nerve, blowing up at Soundbite for playing the harmonica.
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot:
    • Cross tries to get Nami and Vivi to invoke this to inspire Scissors to fully run across the Sandora River. The girls disapprove. Violently.
    • In the Skypiea Arc, Nami ends up kissing Robin in the midst of her gold-fueled euphoria.
    • Weaponized by Nami and Vivi to trap Absalom at Thriller Bark.
  • Giving Up on Logic:
    • Cross takes very little time to do this after he's dropped into One Piece, remembering how much It Runs on Nonsensoleum.
    • Wiper does the same thing after he and the Shandians are absorbed into the madness that is a Straw Hat party.
    • Vivi finally succumbs to the insanity of the Grand Line when Boss negotiates with Franky in a Pec Flexing duel, shattering his shell in the process. And later somehow getting a new one.
  • Glad I Thought of It: Bartolomeo taking credit for punching a Celestial Dragon in the face, when it was actually his first mate Gin that was responsible.
  • Godzilla Threshold:
    • Vivi fiddles with the Sirocco-charm container that her father gave her whenever she is faced with a particularly terrifying enemy, as if contemplating crossing a threshold there is no going back from. It contains the seed of an active Logia Devil Fruit. As of Chapter 57, she decides to cross it after the Straw Hats' Hopeless Boss Fight against Shiki and consumes the seed, making her a Logia.
    • Cross contemplates appealing to B.R.O.B. to save Merry, but given their Jerkass God status...
    • The Elder Stars have finally enough of the Straw Hats and the SBS when Cross lets a World Noble basically tell the entire world about the horrors that go on in Mariejois and, in the process, demands and receives Dragon's acknowledgment that he'll owe Cross for the rest of his life for going through with said interview. The Elder Stars decide to finally muster every single last bit of manpower they have from Admirals to Warlords to even calling their science department to release some "experiments" with the sole purpose of getting rid of the Straw Hats once and for all.
    • During Marineford, the World Government and the Navy have pissed off Cross so much that he allows Doflamingo to give his cynical Written by the Winners speech from canon for the entire world to hear.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Cross makes a distraction to escape Mr. 13 by telling the mob surrounding them that they were fighting because Mr. 13 said that Kaido was the strongest of the Four Emperors. Unfortunately, all the pirates have very strong opinions on who they think is the strongest, resulting in a brawl that sets Mock Town on fire, much to Vivi's chagrin.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: When interrogating a slaver on who he sold a child slave to, Law points out that despite repeatedly hitting the man, he's still the nicer option. Once Sanji is done comforting the child's distraught mother, he's going to ask much more violently.
  • Goomba Stomp: Cross pulls this on the Unluckies when they go after him in Jaya. Soundbite even Lampshades it by playing the Super Mario Bros. music.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: While broadcasting the Dead End Race to the Sabaody Archipelago, Cross finds himself having to censor several scenes of it, most of which are the result of Kid demonstrating how he got the second-highest Supernova bounty (excluding Cross's) for sheer brutality.
  • Got Volunteered:
    • Leo, Kung-Fu Dugong and Straw Hat ship guard, gets tasked as Zoro's sparring partner/training dummy due to being the only other sword user on the ship (until Brook shows up). Later, his fellow apprentices Mikey and Donny are shanghaied into being assistants for Sanji and Chopper, respectively.
    • On Skelter Bite, Cross finds himself shanghaied into an exhibition swords match against Brook.
  • Graceful Loser:
    • Foxy is surprisingly accepting about having to be a Straw Hat. Or so he thinks.
    • "Long" John "Silverteeth" is outright happy to lose to Leo as it means he finally gets a satisfying death.
  • Gratuitous French: Baron Tamago peppers his speech with this. The first time he meets Cross, the latter delves into this a little as well.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Most techniques are translated into English, but Haki stays Japanese.
  • Gratuitous Spanish:
    • The voice that Soundbite gives Scissors the giant crab.
    • Abounds with the Amigo Pirates.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Dr. Indigo towards Chopper. He has spent the last 20 years building up his magnum opus scientific achievement for Shiki, only for Chopper to show up on the SBS and proceed to display medical advancements that are in danger of completely upstaging the clown.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body:
    • Cross ends up as Luffy's weapon against the Billions.
    • Luffy does it again, this time with a random Marine, in Navarone.
    • While in Water 7, Merry swats Donny halfway through a stone wall...using Mikey for a club.
    • Cross finally gets a chance to do it himself to the Amigo Pirates.
  • Groin Attack:
    • In Chapter 20, Vivi and Nami do this in unison to Cross after, in an attempt to keep Scissors scuttling along the Sandora, he encourages "hot girl-on-girl action."
    • Also in Chapter 20, Vivi gives one of these to Mr. 2., noted under And This Is for... above.
    • Once again, Vivi does this to Lieutenant Commander Drake after he insinuates that Cross was somehow involved with Baroque Works.
    • Merry delivers one to Absalom. It doesn't go nearly as well...
    • One is inflicted to a female fighter during the race to Sabaody Archipelago, via a wooden horse.
  • Growing Wings: In Merveille, Conis's vestigial wings suddenly grow in size in response to Su's suffering as they fall and all the SIQ-laced bushmeat she'd been eating. However, her limited flying abilities are cut short due to unfamiliarity in using them and sudden muscle sprains.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: The Barto Club fights alongside the Straw Hat crew during the Strong World event; Bartolomeo in particular assists Luffy against Shiki two-on-one.

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