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04:19:15 PM Jun 8th 2016
Periphery Hatedom is supposed to be the case where a show is unpopular with people outside its target demographic, correct? So why is it used to list any unpopular tv show, movie, etc. with the sole context being why people dislike it and not which people hate it? The western animation, Nickelodeon, and Disney folders are the absolute worst of the bunch. This trope needs some serious repairs.
04:22:17 PM Jun 8th 2016
I completely agree. Take it to Trope Repair Shop and see if they can figure something out.
12:46:21 PM Jun 8th 2016
Regarding the Laura entry:

How does Laura being hated by "feminists" and "moral guardians" apply to this trope? You can be both a gamer and a feminist and a gamer and a "moral guardian".

Another issue is, SFV was designed to appeal to "beginners" and draw in people unfamiliar with or who have never played a Street Fighter game before. Thus, complaining that "non-gamers" don't like something about the game seems counterproductive, since the entire point of the game (according to the developers) was to appeal to such people.
09:23:34 PM Jun 12th 2016
Lets me explain my entry:

Take for example the moe example in this page, in the anime folder, which has a hatedom from mecha anime fans. All mecha fans hate moe (and the "mecha-moe" anime style like seem in strike witches)? No, but a considerable number of fans hate it. The sames applies to my example. All Brazilian feminists or all Brazilian moral guardians hate SFV? No, but some of them and they feel the Laura clothes depreciate the image of Brazilian woman, they feel it will increase the cliché "all Brazilian women are sluts", etc and hate the character (and the game to some extend) due this.

There are feminists and moral guardians which play games or enjoy Street Fighter? Yes. I'm not saying all feminist and all moral guardians hate Street Fighter or Laura, neither all moral guardians or feminists hates gaming, but inside of these two groups have a hatedom formed by some people which consists of Brazilian feminists and moral guardians which don't enjoy games and find Laura clothes offensive.

Also, this fits in the explanation of the trope: "this trope is specifically for examples where the hate comes from not pleasing a group that it never planned to reach in the first place". SF (especially SFV with the increase of fanservice) isn't made to please these groups.

Remember, Periphery Hatedom is a hatedom from a group of people who aren't the target of the product/matter. A hate coming from "outsiders". Although this is not mean all people from a group is in the hatedom, but a considerable amount.

I hope this clear all the questions about Laura because I feel my entry fits the concept of Periphery Hatedom.
04:44:00 AM Jun 13th 2016
None of that addresses the problem.

How are feminists and moral guardians not the intended audience? Even non-gamers don't really work here because SFV is intended for newcomers.
09:43:33 PM Jun 13th 2016
And what is the SFV audience to you? All people in the world? Sorry but I can't see any logic in your arguments.
04:40:07 AM Jun 14th 2016
If a game is intended to "reach a new audience ", particularly those who've never played their game, then yes the audience is literally every person in the world.

Unless Capcom specifically says the game is intended for specific people, we have no business calling anybody a "periphery".
02:53:36 PM Jun 15th 2016
Are you saying there isn't a Periphery hatedom but a "broken base" because you believe "all people in the world" are the SFV's target audience? C'mon dude, using your logic all gaming entries should be deleted. All games have a target audience and SFV is no exception.

I'm done arguing about this. I just ask to restore my entry, since you removed it, because I don't want to start a edit war, neither helping this page becoming toxic, since this is a flame bait wiki. If you disagree with my entry, fine, but leave it alone or at least improve it.There are examples which I disagree but I don't delete them because we have different opinions. There were even cases that my entries got removed, but I always received a reasonable explanation but this is not the case.
05:52:32 PM Jun 15th 2016
edited by KingZeal
To be quite honest, one of the main problems with this page in general is that it's a copout form of Complaining about People Not Liking the Show. Your entry was simply one I had a passing familiarity with as a SF fan, and I happened to catch it in the edit history.

I brought it to discussion because it's customary to hash out issues as much as possible before taking it a level higher. The main problem with the entry (reflective of my problem with the "trope" as a whole) is that it basically applies to anything.

Oh, Black people have a problem with the portrayal of their ethnicity in a Japanese anime? Pfft, it wasn't meant for them anyway, so who cares? This romantic comedy starring two straight people is unpopular with gay people because of homophobic stereotypes? Well, they weren't the audience for it!

SFV, however, was SPECIFICALLY a game said to target a broad audience. Clearly it has a focused demographic as its primary audience, but you can't make a work intended to reach as broad an audience as possible and then dismiss any criticism from people whom it failed to entice.
10:00:38 PM Apr 21st 2016
Hey, how come I don't see Naruto listed under this trope?
02:15:05 PM Nov 20th 2015
It's clear that slash fanfictions have a Periphery Hatedom, but is it possible to express it in an unbiased way (i.e. avoiding homophobia but also avoiding going into Tumblr territory and bashing on people who don't accept slash)? I tried to make a new, concise, unbiased entry for the page.
04:12:28 PM Nov 20th 2015
I was one who removed original entry, as you probably saw; sorry I didn't realize the original editor was bisexual and read a lot of unintentional homophobia in there.

Your current version of the entry looks much better, IMO, so great job there.
09:39:39 AM Aug 6th 2015
Nickelodeon now has their own folder, due to so many examples in Live Action TV and Western Animation.
06:58:40 AM Jun 16th 2015
Does Michael Jackson really count as having a periphery hatedom? Jackson deliberately tried to appeal to virtually everyone and for a while, managed to have an extremely large and diverse fanbase as a result. The Jackson hatedom came about when he lost his appeal to much of that fanbase via pandering to trends to compensate for his aging, his increasingly processed sound and generic lyrics, his increasingly creepy personal life, etc.
08:23:35 PM Jun 5th 2015
edited by manepony101
At least my opinion and comments from other web articles, I would think Reality Shows in general would fit this trope which I think among adult male geeks. Also, big time with Kim Kardashian. Like Justin Bieber, half of the Yahoo! articles will have someone complaining about Kim, even when it's not about her. Prioritizing what's important in current news events. I think Katy Perry too if she's on the same vein as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.
09:42:37 PM Jun 5th 2015
The problem is that "General" examples are not desired anymore in the wiki.
07:00:45 PM May 22nd 2015
Looks like LTM 402 and getreadytoparty1991 are dishing it out in the article edits. I'm fairly sure getreadytoparty1991 has a better edit, but his comment is just flame bait waiting to happen.

Seriously though. getreadytoparty1991's edit is more neutral and unbaised.
07:21:38 PM May 22nd 2015
As you said, getreadytoparty's comment seems like flame bait and IMO a little homophobic, don't see nothing neutral when his argument is "think of the 51% opposed to gay marriage" (from where is that statistic? the US? Canada? the entire world?), that's why I reverted it, nothing personal, but the original wording had been in the article since its addition in May 2014. It can't be denied that homosexuality is gradually gaining tolerance and acceptance, but, OK... I rewrote it a little to show a little of both sides. It's obviously a giant YMMV for many people.
02:29:33 PM Apr 20th 2015
edited by ZombieAladdin
Can an IP have a Periphery Hatedom because it has a Periphery Demographic? Or would that fall strictly under Fan Hater?

One I'm thinking about is Pokémon. I'm an older fan of the series, and I've seen my fair share of people who can't stand the games because they don't like the idea that it isn't strictly played by children.

Another case is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Because its Periphery Demographic is so visible, I've observed some people getting pretty disturbed at the show because it's hooked in so many males. Sean Malstrom, the blogger most famous for correctly predicting the Wii would be victorious in 7th-generation video gaming, was scared of the show's existence because he feared it would bring an end to American masculinity.
02:34:21 PM Apr 20th 2015
What's an IP? Other than that, I guess parts of a Periphery Demographic may turn against the work after seeing it.
02:36:14 PM Apr 20th 2015
IP = intellectual property. Pretty similar to a franchise, and from the pooint of view of a consumer is identical.

I expanded with a couple of examples, but the idea I had being someone who dislikes something because it's bringing in an unintended audience.
12:11:56 AM Feb 19th 2014
If this trope is Flame Bait, why isn't it listed in Darth Wiki?
04:40:57 AM Feb 19th 2014
Being Flame Bait does not necessarily means we put it in Darth.
07:13:42 PM Sep 10th 2013
"Try praising 21st Century remakes, any of them, and then expect to get THOUSANDS of haters getting mad at you."

Not an example. If you don't understand why I'm saying that, take a second and think about who exactly is the target demo for remakes. Is it fans of the original? No, because remakes usually (read: always) modernize their source material. Is it younger people who haven't seen the original? If so...why a remake?

tl;dr: Remakes don't have a clear-cut age/generation demographic or periphery, so they're not part of this trope.
07:51:54 PM Jul 10th 2013
I deleted this because it contradicts itself. Repair, Don't Respond.

  • Goosebumps sometimes gets this when people who have viewed it through the Nostalgia Filter come back and read the books, and decide they're not actually very good.
    • This is not quite this trope; it's kind of a variant of Hype Backlash where the person hyping it is actually your own younger self. Played straight, though, in that parents or older siblings who are being exposed to the books for the first time tend to find them pretty bland.

01:15:49 PM Jun 4th 2013
Why is there no comic book section? I'd add it myself but it seems like such a huge omission that maybe there's a reason for it? I mean, the whole medium has a peripheral hatedom, and there are Plenty within as well.
07:49:30 PM Jul 10th 2013
Feel free to add it; as far as I know there is no embargo on comic books here. If you think it might be Flame Bait, ask for peer review at forum. Or you may PM any of the mods to ask...
01:12:34 PM Jun 4th 2013
Why is there no comic book secti
01:11:56 PM Jun 4th 2013
Why is there no comics section? I'd add it myself but it's such a big omissi
10:15:49 PM Mar 11th 2013
I'm reading through the main trope description, and it seems to me like it's got a lot of Take Thats, rants, and...well, outright insults in it. It rambles on, taking pot shots at people who hate something, and doesn't really add anything to the page as a whole. It needs some major editing to make it less hateful overall and more succinct, I think.
01:37:55 PM Jan 15th 2013
edited by VictorDamazio
Added this:

However, keep in mind that just because something is intended for a specific audience that sometimes is not very concerned with the quality of the work, that doesn't mean the creators have an excuse to be lazy, so, if the Periphery Hatedom proves that even for it's intended target audience the work isn't good, then they can have a point ("Just because something is made for kids, that doesn't mean they are free to treat them like idiots").


Please keep it there, so the pages Periphery Hatedom and It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars won't be contradictory.
09:02:45 PM Jun 24th 2012
Removed the entry on the Titanic:
  • Titanic - when that romantic film aimed at women came out, males (outside the target demographic) went through Hype Backlash. This continued until Avatar broke Titanic's record as the highest-grossing film of all time - and became the new target for backlash.*

Here's why. You don't make the highest budget movie of the decade and only target it at the romance crowd. This movie was also billed as a disaster movie and a human tragedy drama. That's why guys like yours truly went to see it, and that's why when the romance basically trampled over everything meaningful that happened in the real historical event we got upset. This movie was targeted at men and women. Why throw in the completely needless topless shot otherwise?
01:57:08 PM Jun 19th 2012
Cutting this:

  • Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth, for just for the fact that it's replacing Bleach's timeslot. It doesn't help that the Bleach anime was cancelled, and ends at the conclusion of the Lost Agent arc. For those who don't know, the arc that comes after this is The Thousand Year Blood War arc, Bleach's Final Arc!

I'm not highly familiar with the works, but it just doesn't seem to fit the trope if they're both animes appealing to a similar audience, and the main reason for the dislike is as stated above.
03:18:24 PM Apr 22nd 2013
edited by
The Rock Lee Anime is based on a manga that runs in Saikyo Jump, a sister manga to Weekly Shonen jump that contains mainly spin-offs of manga in WSJ.

It's aimed at an audience of kids too young to read WSJ. And Bleach doesn't have a spinoff.

So in essence, Bleach got replaced by a Spin-off of it's biggest rival thats aimed at a much younger audience than either Bleach or Naruto

Does that help any?
02:35:02 PM Jan 3rd 2012
It seems like there are a lot of people on this page who are confusing this trope with They Changed It, Now It Sucks or Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch. To be clear, this isn't just not liking the show, this is when you are someone who is not supposed to like the show - e.g. a childless adult complaining about Barney. Also, all the weird examples of former fans deriding newer versions would seem to be the exact opposite of this trope; they're clearly in the intended demographic. I think we need to do some serious overhauling with this page.
04:52:09 PM Dec 28th 2011
Can I remove the aspect of "Fan Dumb" from the "puritanical fans of traditional mecha"?

It comes off as if people who enjoy traditional mecha are dumb.
01:58:56 PM Oct 17th 2011
Does "Family Circus" qualify for this trope? This troper has this feeling that everyone who hates it are males between the ages of 10 and 30.
10:46:42 PM Aug 23rd 2011
Really, Tinker Toys? Girls thought tinker toys were stupid? The violent/sport stuff I get, but tinker toys? Who doesn't like tinker toys?

Clearly girls are stupid.
04:32:00 PM Aug 28th 2011
What the hell?
03:24:13 PM Sep 26th 2011
I don't know about now, but when I was a little girl, at least, Tinker Toys were never aimed specifically at boys. (It wasn't too long ago, though.) Nor are they stereotypically macho; they're practically a blank canvas! You can pretend whatever the heck you want with them. That's like saying Legos are gender-specific.

I think I knew a total of one kid who didn't like building-related toys, but she was the exception.
01:37:19 PM Aug 1st 2011
Uh, the bottom part of the "Western Animation" folder is an unorganized mess.
06:46:40 PM Aug 1st 2011
edited by hayleychaotix
Yeah, I'm confused. They're seperated when you go to edit them.
12:08:28 PM Aug 3rd 2011
It's fixed!
10:29:08 PM Oct 18th 2010
I've deleted this.

  • Despite the fact that Ebert's wife, Chaz, is black.

For the last f***ing time, having a black wife, best friend, stepbrother, whatever is not some kind of tautological proof that you're not racist. Just because you don't have a stereotypical attitude towards one member of a group does not mean you don't have stereotypical attitudes towards that group as a whole.

For comparison: Strom Thurmond had black mistresses (and a half black daughter) and also led the senate's longest filibuster against civil rights.

07:49:44 PM Oct 14th 2010
I'm confused by this bit at the top: "There are subjectives, and then there are these. While you may believe a work fits here, and you might be right, people tend to have rather vocal, differing opinions about this subject. You can add examples on this page and its subpages, but please keep these off of the work's page."

...what's subjective? No one will deny that a show like Barney and Friends, for example, is an example of this. Whether you think it deserves the hatred is of course subjective, but it is OBJECTIVE to say that it exists.
12:52:21 PM Sep 17th 2011
Yeah. I'll see if they can have that reworded.
01:11:03 PM Jun 4th 2013
I agree that this isn't subjective, because it should stay unbiased. Someone can dislike something that's not made for them and still have valid reasons to dislike the thing, or they might not, it doesn't matter.
05:29:11 PM Sep 29th 2010
Cutting this:

Consider it the difference between "horrible" and "uncool"... only it's kids and teenagers who are the most obsessed with being cool. There may be a tinge of jealousy - consider the young boys who shriek in impotent nerd rage about anything and everything designed to appeal to teenage girls, or the young girls who scoff and roll their eyes at science fiction, comics, or other stuff teenage boys like. Perhaps these young people are just jealous of anything that takes the opposite sex's attentions away from them. Or perhaps they're just annoyed that they aren't the primary demographic for everything.

Why? Well, one, it doesn't make any sense, and two, there's a hell of a sexist Double Standard. Speaking as a girl sustained by fantasy and sci-fi during my teen years, I seriously object to the implications. Given the site, I'm betting some others feel the same.
04:24:52 AM Sep 12th 2011
I think a lot of the periphery hatedom comes from the captive audience... that is to say, the poor unfortunate souls (parents, siblings, best friends, significant others) who are forced, by proximity and circumstance, to watch/listen to/read/view the material in question. Any parent who has to choose between having their house torn apart by their kids and being driven insane by endless reruns of Barney the Dinosaur or Spongebob Squarepants has my sympathy. And as the joke goes: "Star Wars was made for the little child in all of us. The Star Wars Prequels were made for the little child sitting next to all of us in the theatre...." And then there's the countless poor sods who have to tolerate constantly hearing about "team Edward" because of their sisters, girlfriends, wives and mothers....
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